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Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

Eventually enough EVs will be charging overnight that we'lll exceed the baseline power that companies need to make, but I expect that is decades off, and it will probably never occur. At that point, there will be so much rooftop solar that people will be happy to charge during the day.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

So your building owner is incapable of running power cords to the garage or having assigned parking? Almost every complex around here has assigned parking, and even 120V chargers, running off simple power plugs, work fine for the majority of drivers. We have the 240V because, well, overkill.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

That just means we need more chargers. The same thing happens when gas station lines get huge. There's no reason we can't have chargers all over the place. Simply mandate that some fraction of all new parking spaces have 240V EV charging, and write increased power requirements into code. Problem more than solved.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 1) 990

If you go over 100 miles in a day 3-4 times a month, you're in the minority. We go over 100 miles a day maybe half that often. Even then, a Volt, with 50 miles of EV range, would save you massive money. Even better, a short range EV for 80% of your driving and then a gas-powered car for the other 20% would end up saving you money. Gas, depreciation, and maintenance would more than pay for the cost of the EV, including insurance.

Comment Re:Driving yes, but charging? (Score 5, Interesting) 990

People don't have gas stations at home either. Building up infrastructure at home, work, and shopping centers can solve that issue. Every powered kiosk for street parking in urban areas can become a paid charging station. I know plenty of workplaces that offer charging during the day. As for people in dense urban areas like NYC, they largely don't have cars.

We have two 240v charging stations in the garage, for our two super-cheap EVs (Chevy Spark EV and Fiat 500e). Our rooftop solar power production offsets approximately 100% of the power we use, including the cars and electric water heating. We have two other cars that rarely get used.

Rock and roll.

Comment Re:What goes around.... (Score 3, Informative) 204

Pro-Israel pages get removed on a regular basis. Ant-Israel pages and antisemitic pages live long and strong. I'm fully in support of taking down violent pro-Israel pages. I think you'd be hard pressed to find one. Meanwhile, in Arabic, Facebook is filled with pro-stabbing, death-to-Jews messaging.

Comment Link to the paper - More info here (Score 5, Informative) 555 = Sci-hub link.

It's absolute garbage "research". Speculation layered upon speculation. It has the quality of a rant.

Victor Timmers is still getting his BEng. He was a research intern. Yay!

Peter A.J. Achten is a hydraulics engineer for INNAS.

Some gems from their trash:
"Despite the lack of direct research, there is significant indirect evidence..."
"Many studies and emission inventories suggest..."
But here's my favorite:
"It can be hypothesised that..."


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