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Comment Re:What goes around.... (Score 3, Informative) 204

Pro-Israel pages get removed on a regular basis. Ant-Israel pages and antisemitic pages live long and strong. I'm fully in support of taking down violent pro-Israel pages. I think you'd be hard pressed to find one. Meanwhile, in Arabic, Facebook is filled with pro-stabbing, death-to-Jews messaging.

Comment Link to the paper - More info here (Score 5, Informative) 555 = Sci-hub link.

It's absolute garbage "research". Speculation layered upon speculation. It has the quality of a rant.

Victor Timmers is still getting his BEng. He was a research intern. Yay!

Peter A.J. Achten is a hydraulics engineer for INNAS.

Some gems from their trash:
"Despite the lack of direct research, there is significant indirect evidence..."
"Many studies and emission inventories suggest..."
But here's my favorite:
"It can be hypothesised that..."


Comment As A Teacher... (Score 1) 289

I personally teach kids with autism. I have also been around classrooms with kids in autism. Purposeful, intelligent socialization led by an adult who understands kids with autism will make a big difference to social skills. There are little things like eye contact that make a huge different to their life experiences. I have recommended social groups many times, and the kids have found the experience rewarding. I have also given specific pointers that have made large differences, but the social groups did a lot of the foundation laying for success.

If I had a child with autism, I would certainly send them to a social group. Of course I'd look around for the best I could find.

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