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Comment Re:Bubble boys and girls (Score 3, Informative) 220

well yeah, because thought police. I didnt spin anything, i found fault with your previous poll and thats all i was going off of. I really dont care if some fringe number of people who are actually racist agree with me on some things, nore should anyone the entire concept of groupthink, everyone who agrees with X must also agree with Y is completely insane.

Some people would argue that BLM is a racist group, yet they get major love from their chosen side. All I can do is worry about me not being an asshole.

as for your new link, again you are wrong

Our new poll finds that Trump is benefiting from a GOP electorate that thinks Barack Obama is a Muslim and was born in another country, and that immigrant children should be deported. 66% of Trump's supporters believe that Obama is a Muslim to just 12% that grant he's a Christian. 61% think Obama was not born in the United States to only 21% who accept that he was. And 63% want to amend the Constitution to eliminate birthright citizenship, to only 20% who want to keep things the way they are.

NONE of any of what this poll is asking says ANYTHING about race! its about religion! i mean do you even know what the word means??? or like most americans does it simply means "things i dont like " these days???

2 up, 2 shot down, have a nice dat

Comment Re: Ah, "inappropriate" words... (Score 1) 220

i was testing whether or not the filter facebook uses understands context. My comment was something along the lines of "im having a party tonight come on over and watch the faggot burn ,we got alot of sticks so it will be a huge burning faggot"

i in no way am trying to play the victim, as i frankly dont care that much, but i learned that the facebook filter does not understand context

Comment Re:Bubble boys and girls (Score 3, Informative) 220

The findings suggest a great majority of Trump supporters hold unfavorable views of Muslims and support a policy that bans Muslims from entering the US. Most of them support proposals that stifle immigration from Mexico, and they agree with Trump’s comments that Mexican immigrants are criminals. And many — but not a majority — say that black people are less intelligent and more violent than their white peers.

the muslim and mexican thing, really isnt racist. nationalist perhaps, but not racist. As for the black folks, DOJ statistics are also not racist. I mean the findings dont support the idea that trump supporters are racist, they just show that pollsters know how to work a poll to show what they want it to show

SOME trump supporters are in fact racist, so are SOME hillary supporters, SOME johnson supporters and SOME stein supporters (if she has any left after the fact that she has an arrest warrant out for her)

wanting to protect the borders however is in no way racist no matter how hard some people try and make it out to be so

Comment Re:Bubble boys and girls (Score 1, Offtopic) 220

For example I have been repeatedly moderated down for stating the simple, obvious fact that most Trump supporters are racists.

not sure why im bothering with an AC, slow work day maybe, but the reason you get modded down for saying that is because unlike your assertion, it is in fact, not a fact. its not true, in the slightest. and only an idiot would think as such (the same could be said for those who think most "insert any candidate here" are retarded.... you might feel that to be true, but its not

Comment Re:Ah, "inappropriate" words... (Score 1) 220

it also means cigarette, words can and do have multiple meanings. just because it also means a homosexual person doesnt change that it also means other things

same with "retarded" that term gets used alot in the garages around here for one example when doing timing on the engine. words are not bad things, they are not good things, they are just things used to convey a point. Context matters

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