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Comment Re: Does this mean... (Score 1) 137

first of all, i dont support trump. hes not my guy

secondly yes, i see the trump supporters, the ones NOT being used by the media, the mom and dad and 8 year old kid riding his bike wishing the cops wont bring him home and call his parents bad parents because he was riding his bike off his property The single dad working 2 jobs to care for his children and cant afford more in taxes. I see these people

now compare them to the people on the other side. yeah, ill take trumps supporters (the real ones, not the handful that get pushed around, snap and than called evil by the retarded ass media) over the occupy wallstreet/BLM crowd that makes up the democrat whiners party

Comment Re: Whiny Fanboy... but he has a point (Score 1) 260

to be fair, the scenes are in the free trailer so.... free?

also one of the biggest reasons i dont like trailers personally is because lately they have been way to long with way to much footage, Id Aactually be happy if they used footage not in the movie, to try and get you to watch the move

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