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Comment Re:Not much luck over a two-year period (Score 1) 57

Luck is involved in the parts of finding things that others have not yet found and that hence give you a high payout. In particular, this gets progressively harder and the harder it gets, the lower the payouts. So while this person made $600'000 over 2 years, a repeat performance over the next 10 years, or so is exceptionally unlikely.

An actually professional code security review does not depend on luck. It also does not try to maximize "bugs found". It looks at architecture, design, input validation, critical data-paths, etc. and more than half of the result will not be description of bugs found, but analysis of severity and conclusions to be drawn and even things that are not directly bugs, like critical data-paths that rely on one protection mechanism, configuration options that are hard to get right and breaks security (or remove one layer of protection) when done wrong, code structure that is misleading, security functionality in surprising places, etc.

The whole focus on "finding bugs" is misplaced. You will never find them all and due to the randomization aspect of this, a different attacker may just find ones you did not find, regardless of how hard you looked. In fact, it is basically always cheaper and has a better result to re-implement with highly skilled and trusted people that thoroughly understand software security. Doing background-checks on these people and making sure they are satisfied with their jobs is actually much more important than to look at the code they produce. As so often in IT security, skewed and outright wrong ideas from bad movies are prevalent in the area of code security as well.

Comment Re:Is anyone falling for this? (Score 1) 65

So you are unable to actually understand that a temporary immigration halt that impacts under 10% of Muslims in the world (only a tiny, tiny fraction of which would be looking to immigrate anyway) is ... something that it's not? Please explain how the current Muslim ban works. Details, please.

Comment Re:This is horrible (Score -1) 83

Oh, this is a wonderful comment!

Also I suggest that people who are unusually tall should be shortened at the knees because they can move unfairly faster than others and see further. People with 20/20 vision should have their sight reduced artificially by mandatory cloudy glasses to make it fair for everybody and people who are just too damn pretty should have acid splashed into their faces to make life more equitable on this planet for all.

Comment Re:Who exactly is surprised by this? (Score -1) 103

Those are not necessities. Would you defend rich people being the first to have food and water and shelter?

- of-course I would, most obviously people with more means can get food and water and shelter faster and of higher quality than others. Wealth is a way to set priorities just as well as to do a number of other things, why wouldn't the rich have first access to food, water and shelter?

Comment Re: But $90k per year is poor in California (Score 1) 103

Secondly, and most importantly, those companies don't get massive subsidies from taxpayers to provide services to all, not just a privileged few.

And, pray tell...which group of people being considered here are paying the bulk of said taxes that fund said subsidies?

The wealthy neighborhoods or the Section 8 housing part of the city?

Comment Re:Is anyone falling for this? (Score 1) 65

You are making up an alternative meaning for the phrase fake news.

Nah. It's well understood at this point to mean, "People using widely consumed platforms to spread information they know is incorrect, and doing so while presenting those lies as facts." So, when someone on CNN says there is a "Muslim ban," they know they're lying and that they're producing and spreading fake news. You know they are, their informed audience knows it's fake, and some small number of non-critical-thinking dolts take it as fact. But it's fake news. Click-bait factories in Eastern Europe are NOT the only or even a predominant source of this. Most of it comes right out of mainstream media habitats right in the US.

It is the easiest way to make money there.

It's true. When an operation like MSNBC spends an entire news cycle hyping the fact that their head fake-news-talking-head is going to "release Trump's taxes," when they know perfectly well they have no such thing and will do no such thing (except a readily available snipped that - even by itself - undermines their own narrative) ... when that happens, and they get a big ratings boost from that lie, yeah - easy money if they don't care about the fact they have to lie to do it.

Efforts to identify and remove fake news have no political intent


Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 285

Just fly over.

We have lots of godless people in the Midwest. Where I live, we have traffic jams, but they're five minutes long and only if you leave at exactly 5pm.

In a ten minute drive, I can get Thai (3) genuine Chinese (7), varieties of Mex (11), Turkish (2) Afghani (1), Indian (7), and much much more. A good house: $115K. A great house: $250K. House in the country with pond and woods for $350K.

Gigabit Ethernet in town. International airport 45min drive on a bad day. LGBTQ+ friendly. There are evangelicals, rednecks and others who, when they're sober, are fine people. The music is good, but not great, but not as expensive as the coasts.

The universities are rated very well, and aren't that expensive. Sports is ok, major teams within easy driving distance.

You're not going to get rich here rapidly. But you might have much less stress and be happy, hedonistic and godless-- or not.

Comment Re:Journalism (Score 1) 164

The problem with the Media companies is that they have a long string of news that they tried to bury, only to have small blogs, rags, and "fake news" sites actually have the real goods.

The reason they are going after WikiLeaks isn't because of hacking, or classified or whatever information, it is because WikiLeaks basically blew the lid off the collusion to elect Hillary, and got Trump elected instead. Both Rinos and Democrats hate Trump, and want him destroyed, which is why they are shooting the messenger, to warn all the ot people doing actual journalism (which is what I call WikiLeaks).

Comment Re:Did someone say bubble!? (Score 1) 285

It isn't a bubble. it is the full extent of the Reality Distortion Field. This is why people in Bay Area have a very distorted view of the rest of the country, you know, people in "fly over country" who are nothing but rubes and hicks. They won't move, because they can't fathom living on 75K a year, when they are virtually poor making $150K. They think 4000-5000 mo House Payments is "normal".

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