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Comment Re:Pull the plug on TSA (Score 1) 96

Read my link again. The Obama Administration is talking about ICE enforcements only; the reality is that the majority of deportations are done by the Border Patrol - and the total (BP + ICE) have steadily dropped. It's a statistical head-fake by the Administration and you're falling for it hook, line, and sinker. The data in the lik I provided was hard, Government numbers from a lawsuit filed by field agents. It shows the opposite of the narrative Obama wants you to believe.

But I guess rather than hard numbers you can check as actual evidence entered in a Court case, you want to trust a blog post from Reuters... Oh well!

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 327

I'm letting the link speak for me

No you're not. You're unable to speak for yourself, even in a single coherent sentence that explains how you think your wasted vote will constructively work in this upcoming election. Why aren't you saying words of your own? Because you know it will sound like the nonsense it is, and you're trying to use someone else as cover so you can pretend you're not part of that craven charade. You're putting on a transparent veneer of condescending smugness in an attempt to avoid explaining your position, and greatly annoyed that someone isn't falling for the lazy theatrics.

Comment Re:Standard Ruling Party shit. (Score 1) 327

Wake me up when you summon the intellectual courage to form a single sentence of your own that is anything other than lazy, craven ad hominem designed to avoid speaking to the facts. Guess I'll get a good night's sleep, since your only response is to punt to someone else. Your lack of backbone in that area is right in keeping with your unwillingness to face the consequences of deliberately wasting your vote in the general election. But you just carry on, throw some more juvenile personal bile - you clearly think that's what best expresses your character and convictions.

Comment Re: Bluetooth simply doesn't work in most metro ar (Score 1) 171

I take transit (or occasionally drive) from 40 miles south of Seattle, back and forth to UW. My old Sony DR-BT101 Bluetooth headphones work very reliably with my iPhone for the entire trip, including in downtown and at the U.

However those headphones are "old" Bluetooth... when I've tried out various Bluetooth 4 devices, I've run into frequent problems (usually audio that's noticeably lagging the source - not so much disconnections). I'm not particularly enamoured with what I've experienced from newer revisions of the spec.

Comment Are you joking? (Score 1) 90

I forget where I read it but I think I remember reading an article some years ago where someone stood up a free Wifi network named something along the lines of "get hacked" and it still had many, many users...

If it's free WiFi people will use it regardless of potential danger, the name is literally nothing.

Comment Re:Headphone Jack is Pretty Crappy (Score 1) 171

I've never had that problem in 40+ years of using headphone jacks and plugs.

Actually, I have had this problem before - but not for the past 20-30 years. Back in the days when cheap transistor radios were a thing, I semi-regularly had earphone/headphone jacks break on me. Usually you could easily re-solder them, unless the manufacturer did something evil like encase it in rubber.

But with computers, iPods, and smartphones? Never had an issue.

Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 333

Why is playing games 'not useful'?

- why, sure, if you can find somebody to pay you money so that you can play games then it's useful to that somebody. Unless they are *forced* to pay you money for playing games, then it's not useful, it's useless and worse, it's oppressive.

By participating in consumption and consumption only and by not producing while consuming, your life is not in any way helpful to those, who are producing whatever you are consuming.

Let's make it easy for you: 100 people on an island. 10 are producing every single thing needed for the 100 to survive. Unless the 90 are providing sexual or other types of favours, they are not producing anything of any value to provide the 10 with a meaningful exchange for their production.

However if the 90 gang up against the 10 and the 10 do not have enough weapons to take out the 90 without dying themselves, the 90 can force the 10 to be the slaves of the 90.

The 90 then would be eating, drinking, living in houses, using energy and every resource and good produced by the 10.

You can say: without the 90, the 10 would have nothing to do. Of-course that's pure nonsense. Without the 90 the 10 would have more leasure and less worries as they only have to produce for the 10. The 90 are adding nothing except for the effort that needs to go into feeding the 90.

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