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Comment Good Is the enemy of the Crappy (Score 1) 58

No matter how good v3 is going to be in 2 years, v4, in 4 years will be much, much better.

Here's the problem though - if v2 ended up just being an incremental upgrade of the dev units, that just was not anywhere good enough compared to shipping VR units, or potentially shipping VR units...

It makes a ton more sense to keep refining not until something is perfect, but until basically it is "good" as in good enough to release for consumers. I can defiantly see why v2 might not have been close enough to good to release, though 2019 is a surprisingly long time for a v3 to arrive... there must be some hardware aspects they need developed a lot more.

Comment Not a story of sexism (Score 1) 546

This is not at all a story about sexism, instead it is a case of sexual harassment - by one guy, but also bolstered by a company that supposedly refused to address it because the guy is a high performer.

To me it's far more a tale of large companies politics and fiefdoms. This seems to shock the writer but why??? Large companies have ALWAYS had those issues. It's just saying Uber is no different than any other large company, nor would I have expected that to be the case.

Also I cannot help but get a large whiff of entitlement from the story who thinks it's natural to be able to easily transfer between departments in a company at the drop of a hat... when I worked for large companies there was pretty much no way I could move into other groups without tremendous effort.

Comment Re:If you're sending something "worth $5000"... (Score 1) 166

I work in the logistics industry and truly, whatever you ship you should ASSUME it's going to be tipped on every side. To go from point A to point B, *generally* you should assume that's going to be handled (loaded/unloaded) at least 6-7 times - from you loading onto local truck, unloaded at local terminal, loaded onto route truck, unloaded at next terminal, loaded onto local truck, delivered at local place.
All handled by people who, even if reasonable, are in a tremendous hurry all the time. Some - for example, if someone has to move your THING out of the way to unload his company's THING from the truck - doesn't give the faintest shit what happens to yours.

"Do not stack" and "No Stack", while some conscientious handlers will respect them, usually only cause one to hesitate before loading that 1000lb pallet atop your crate. If yours has a flat smooth top, it WILL get loaded on.

No, I wouldn't use fedex for such a shipment, either. I'd find a good local LTL firm where you could make special arrangements - the larger/more anonymous the freight company, the less anyone cares about your stuff: after all, if it's broken insurance will pay for it.

Comment Re:Distraction (Score 1) 129

Too bad the German government isn't as vigilant against the far more serious threat of the invasion of third world criminals.

While Egypt may be close to third world status now, I'm sure Saudi Arabia and UAE are far from it. I mean, those three countries alone have created many known terrorists. Even the French bombing was an Egyptian national in Saudi Arabia who got a travel visa from Dubai. Perhaps we should increase the "muslim blockage" to include countries known to harbour terrorists? But no, UAE, Saudi Arabia and Egypt have very important US business interests.

Money Trumps Terrorism.

Even ISIL isn't stupid enough to send middle eastern people to North America - they just recruit locals to do their bidding. (Maybe consider banning Americans from travelling to Turkey and other countries in the region as well, for good measure. They may be recruiting local US born citizens as sleeper agents).

First Person Shooters (Games)

'Counter-Strike' Gets Invaded By An Unblockable Chat-Bot ( 80

An anonymous reader writes: "At least one intruder is taking advantage of a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive exploit to flood lobbies (even private ones) with text from chat bots that can't be kicked," writes Engadget. The attack "allegedly comes from one person," according to Kotaku, which reports that "It's a similar exploit to one found a few weeks ago, where typing messages into a lobby allowed users to rank up and down as they chose." The chat bot's text includes various complaints about Counter-Strike which it claims motivated the attack, including cheaters, hackers and "bugs that break the game," and it urges a one-day boycott "to proof [sic] them that we care about the game and want them to fix it."

Comment Re:dealership only sales and service coming soon? (Score 1) 98

I presently have a vehicle with driving 'assists' and it's an effing nightmare when they trigger. There should be only one driver at the wheel thank you.

That would be an improvement over the current situation where there is less than one driver per vehicle.

Between people yakking on their phones, texting or using apps on their phones, driving is the last priority for them.

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