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Comment Re:Lab experiment (Score 1) 136

...I'm not really convinced there's much of anything to be done short of making a stealth drone so quiet and tiny that it won't be noticed (good luck with that, as there's a reason for the phrase "eagle-eyed"), or using a drone so large and intimidating it won't be attacked.

Making a camera-drone tiny may be hard, but making it big wouldn't. If you didn't need to fight the wind, hanging the drone from a balloon would increase the size without a weight penality. Perhaps a strobe at the right frequency and color would work. I agree with hackwrench. A little research would solve the problem.

Comment Re:What about the eagles? (Score 1) 136

<quote><p>.... They can chop you up ...</p></quote>
An eagle's talon may win in a match with a small plastic blade, but the contest isn't always set up that way. (BTW, searching on this subject allowed me to discover egg, claw, and talon sets https://goo.gl/qHyUsm ) Myth Busters does a demonstration https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MgeRchTHxVk
Birds are fragile. Sure, some have threatening talons and beaks, but the rest of their bodies are optimized for flight.

Comment Re:Zap (Score 1) 136

Sheesh! Lighten up, Frances. and the 'democrat' moderator should too! What kind of idiot took [props from Ginsu] seriously?

An "idiot" like me would take that seriously. It's only reasonable to speculate on the damage going the other way, that is, the drones harming the eagles. Gold prospectors aren't known for their compassion for wildlife. Their solution will probably be to use shotguns.

Comment Re:One YUUUGE reason Trump won (Score 1) 68

I don't approve of the "-phobic" suffix. A phobia is an unreasonable fear, a disorder of a sort. And it means fear-of, not disapproval or opposition.

The word "homophobic" was popularized by homosexuals themselves, And the word "Islamophobic" was crafted by Muslim supporters to imply that their critics were crazy.

Comment Re:Anonymous Intelligence (Score 2) 111

I've heard it wasn't Russians at all, but US Intel agencies that leaked it, because they (the low level agents) hated the idea of Clinton Presidency, especially once they saw the writing on the wall about the Comey investigation not going after Clinton.

Granted, that is speculation and unnamed sources. But that seems to be all that is needed these days.

I don't know who it was that revealed those emails to the American public. It could have been DNC's Director of Voter Expansion Data, Seth Rich http://www.newsweek.com/seth-r... . Whoever-it-was did us a service. And whoever-it-was doesn't really matter. What matters is the content.

Comment Re:Littering (Score 1) 106

Litter is an eye-of-the-beholder human concept. It's like junk. People are always saying my yard looks like a junkyard. But they simply don't have a cultivated appreciation for technology. Someday, should humans survive long enough, the Schiaparelli wreck will become a monument.

Comment Re:Pepper spray and vigilance are better (Score 1) 285

You didn't give off the thief vibes. Or you didn't look guilty. I had to break into my car once in a busy parking lot. Nobody questioned me.

On time I was staying with my girlfriend on the 3rd floor apartment, which had a balcony. In violation of the rules, I brought my dog in with me. I parked across the street below the balcony a few spaces away. The sidewalk had some foot traffic. Around 3 AM we awoke to my dog barking, and she wouldn't stop. She went to the balcony, and I followed. I looked out, and, seeing nothing, tried to calm my dog. But then the car alarm went off on the car in front of mine. Two black guys took off running.

Comment Re:burqha clad feminists (Score 1) 315

I fully agree w/ you - I support Trump, regardless of whether or not what he said or did. The Clinton Foundation taking money from the Saudis and other Gulf emirates is more serious, and what's more - in the WikiLeaks dump, Clinton is shown being aware that the Saudis and the Qataris are secretly backing ISIS. If it is true that they are backing ISIS, then what Clinton is doing is downright treason. She's actively opposing Russia and the Baath regime in Syria for goodness knows why, while looking the other way while her friends back somebody w/ which the US is actively at war

Trump had an opportunity to expose this in the (final) debate, but he missed it. He's probably not even aware of it. http://www.salon.com/2016/10/1... " 2014 email from Hillary Clinton acknowledges, citing Western intelligence sources, that the U.S.-backed regimes in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have supported ISIS."

Of course, anybody who is up on the subject didn't need the email evidence.

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