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Comment Re:They should clarify the article a bit... (Score 2) 98

They failed to mention that Amazon now owns Quidsi and the sub brands since 2010

Good catch. Businesses of an industry tend to agglomerate over time - like planets forming from dust and asteroids. There's even a math formula to predict the distribution member sizes tend to. Someone else probably can explain this. I can't. Except for monopolistic implications, in most industries, this is not such a bad thing. Size often makes for efficiency.

(I should note, however, in the news media industry, it's definitely a bad thing. We get deprived of alternative points of view.)

Comment Re:Jet is a real site? (Score 1) 98

... felt like a scam, I paid 30% more somewhere else rather than give them my payment info (I was worried I'd get subscribed to something).

Anytime you give your payment info to another party online, you are taking some risk. Even a trusted recipient can be insecure with the data. But that risk can be managed. (Read up on the subject if you need to. You can always just use a card with only a small balance.)

And by "subscribed to something" do you mean a recurrent automatic withdrawal from your money? If so, has that happened to you before? Did you try to correct it?

Comment Re:Also streetlights (Score 1) 230

Since there is no life-expectancy penalty for cycling LEDs on and off, much of the roadway could be dark in times of non use. Sensors detecting a vehicle or pedestrian, could turn the lights on in advance of their arrival. A "soft" turn on could be employed to avoid the abruptness of a quick on.

Also, those New Yorkers should be glad they at least have a government that lights the streets. I've been trying for years to get some streetlights fixed here in Kansas City, Kansas. (Just for accuracy, I should say, I've been partially successful. Most of the lights I've complained about are now fixed. Most but not all.)

Comment Re:What's the big problem? (Score 1) 675

One of my customers is a very high person in the telecom industry (who will go unnamed); he makes deals in the billions. I noticed he signs his name with a simple swish, not much more than a line. I figured if he can do it, so can I. Life is short. Now, I sign my name with a quick bumped line. So far, and it's been years, I haven't had a problem with it.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 769

When he was pouring money into luxury fixtures for Atlantic City casinos, the Wall Street Journal ran an article showing how dumb this was. (I don't have access to their archives.) The point is that, in financial circles, Trump was known to be dumb at business long ago. The low-brow public sees something different, though.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 1) 769

I'm now awaiting your casino. I'm sure you can show everyone how it's done and not have it as a failing venture when there's an over-abundance and the economy hasn't been doing shit hot for the last 8 years. Oh and I'm guessing you're american, so you'll be doing that on a declining wage front.

I never ran a big legal casino, but when I was a kid, I ran a poker game. It does, indeed, make lots of money. I imagine a casino is just scaling up the operation.

Basically, the house takes a cut. Eventually, this amounts to taking everything.

Modern casinos, like Trump's, prey on dumb people's dreams. It's not ethical. If you want to see the effects, look at the faces of people leaving casinos.

Comment Re: Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 769

But there won't be millions. Maybe if you were charismatic and started a major protest following, you could do it. But it still wouldn't accomplish anything.

Besides, nobody pays attention to the few protest ballots that are cast. If you are lucky, the story of protest votes may merit a brief article under weird news.

Comment Re: Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1) 769

These aren't "good points" at all. Or at lay their irrelevant. Now that the DNC Chairman has resigned, even though the DNC had not confirmed the veracity of the emails, we can reasonably deduce they are true.

Whether or not there is other evidence painting the DNC in a better light is irrelevant. Blaming this on Russia is simply an attempt to deflect, eg. It's the Chewbacca defense. Whether or not there are other emails that may somehow show the DNC people to be not so corrupt is like trying to mitigate you murdering someone by pointing to your charitable quirks helping the poor e.g. it's irrelevant to the "crime" committed.

"Shooting the messenger" is a standard practice for corrupt politicians and their supporters.

The Russian defense is so slimy, hearing it makes me want to vote for Trump. If only the guy were sane.

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