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Comment Business skills missing (Score 1) 55

What's missing with all these low-cost printers is a management team that can actually plan ahead, maintain inventory, and ship when you order. I hate the idea of having to pay a deposit, get on the waiting list, then (hopefully) get it a month or two later. Why don't they build inventory before flaunting their wares?

I ordered an Ez3D Phoenix back in May, got asked to pay the remaining half of the invoice in September, and still haven't gotten it. Fortunately it wasn't expensive. Otherwise I'd be tempted to sue for fraud just to make their lives miserable.

Seriously, these outfits need to learn how to run a business.

Comment Re:Other way around (Score 1) 711

I'll admit I bought a Nokia 920 when it came out, thinking WP8 along with the supposedly great camera would make for a great phone. Long story short, I'm going to get an Android phone this weekend. WP8 has a lot of nice ideas, but like everything MS, they managed to throw in enough lemons to make it a mediocre product overall.

Comment Yahoo going downhill (Score 2) 292

I had been a faithful Yahoo up until about six months ago. MyYahoo was great, and I liked the classic version of Yahoo Mail. Then Marissa Mayer came along and wrecked everything, adding bling and fancy colors while stripping away everything I liked about Yahoo, including the fact that I had it set up to look the same for about the past 10 years. I guess some people think it was time to spruce up the place. Not me. It's Mayer's Mayhem now.

Comment Re:Excellent (Score 1) 341

Agree. Honestly, I'm not a MSFT shill, but I do own a Surface Pro. It's replaced both an Android tablet and a netbook. With the clicky keyboard I've even used it to write code and geeky stuff, but as soon as you rip the keyboard off you're left with a fine (if not a bit heavy) tablet for watching Netflix and surfing the web. Nice little machine.

Comment Re:Price Adjustment (Score 1) 330

I've got the 64GB Surface Pro, and I actually think it's a great machine. Admittedly, I virtually always use the desktop, and the only Metro apps I have are a couple of games. It's already replaced both my Android tablet and the small laptop I used to travel with. Once you get used to it, it really is a nice little machine, if not a bit pricey.

Comment Anonymity (Score 1) 164

From the article:

"If a consumer walks into Home Depot today and pays with cash. Home Depot has no idea who that customer is, how many times they've been in the store and what they've actually purchased," said Darrell MacMullin, managing director at PayPal Canada.

That's precisely why I use cash much of the time. I'd rather not have every retailer in the country tracking my every purchase.

Comment Too Early (Score 1) 462

The election's not for 17 months, and some candidates have been going for several months already. Why can't we cut this down to a six-month cycle instead? Politicians spend too much time campaigning. Pundits are already saying we will see nothing out of Congress or the WH because it's an election year. Even for Representatives who serve two-year terms, it seems like a third of their time is spent in campaign mode. If the D's and R's are at a standstill, fine, go fishing or something. But constant campaign mode just elevates the divisiveness in Washington.

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