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Comment My modern stove doesn't make smoke (Score 4, Insightful) 1143

I have a Jotul F500 stove. It is 75% efficient. http://jotul.com/us/products/stoves/jotul-f-500-oslo When I burn dry wood and the stove is hot, there is no smoke coming out the chimney. Everything gets consumed. The stove recirculates any smoke inside the stove until it is completely burned. If you stand outside my house no matter which side you're on, you don't smell any smoke, and the gases coming out the chimney are clear. I'm guessing that many perceived problems with stoves are caused by people who don't know how to properly operate their stoves. They're burning wet wood, they have a very old inefficient stove, they aren't controlling the airflow well, they aren't burning outside air, etc. A modern wood stove is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to heat your house. You're burning renewable energy. I'm bothered by people here in upstate NY who put anti-fraking signs in their hard but who also heat with gas. Hypocrites.

Comment Good (Score 1) 241

Respect our right to privacy. Stop the snooping. I am upset and ashamed that the people of Utah have allowed this spy center to be built in their state. I had higher expectations of them. They should have cherished our individual liberties, upheld the Constitution, and told the Federal government take their spy center elsewhere.

Comment Let the free market decide (Score 3, Insightful) 1080

This should not be the roll of government in my opinion. Let the free market decide. Yes, CFLs and LEDs have their place, but so do incandescent bulbs! If people want to buy incandescent bulbs, they should be allowed to get them at affordable prices. Let me tell you two stories about how incandescent bulbs are better than CFLs or LEDs.

My father and I used to work on cars together all year round including the winter. The trouble light we used had an incandescent 100W bulb. We used it for light AND heat! Anytime our hands got cold after gripping a freezing wrench, we would just place them around the light bulb and warm them up quickly. Now, the government is stepping in and telling me that they're smarter than me and that I need to use a CFL or LED bulb instead, which doesn't output nearly as much heat. So instead of having 1 power cord to deal under a freezing car, I am going to have to have 2; one for a light, and another for a heat source. LAME.

I know someone who replaced bulbs on a airport runways. The heat from incandescent bulbs is advantageous in street lights and runways in cold climate because the heat melts the snow which would obscure the light emitted from the bulb!

I am tired of the government pretending to be smarter than the invisible hand of the free market. Rand Paul talked about this. Search for: light bulbs rand paul congress.

Comment Re:Monetary Reform needed. Bankers = Fraudsters (Score 1) 633

I would rather invest my money with people who actually do the work of creating valuable tangible goods. Namely entrepreneurs, scientists, engineers, technicians, machine operators, robots, people who make and program robots, etc. The only think banks create are debt and inflation.

Comment Re:Monetary Reform needed. Bankers = Fraudsters (Score 2) 633

The amount of money circulating is thus a constant.

False. Constants don't change -- that is why they are called constants. Bank A loans out 0.9*deposit_X, which then gets deposited into Bank B. Bank B then loans out 0.9*0.9*deposit_X. Rinse and repeat say 100 times. Money_created_from_thin_air = 0.9 + (0.9^2) + ... + (0.9^100) = 9*deposit_X.

The ideal currency is one whose purchasing power remains constant over time. That could easily be done using a feedback control loop, such as a PID controller. Whenever there is inflation, the government could tax. Whenever there is deflation, the government could print debt free money. Either way, the government gets money, but under this system it can get some of the money without needing to tax it away from citizens. There is no need for a middle man (Federal Reserve Bank) to take its cut and give it to its private shareholders.

since the amount of money in the economy is set by an agency whose authority derives from Congress

You mean "derived", not "derives". The Fed was created by a very few members of Congress who were paid off by private bankers back in 1913. Desribe it however you want, but control of the Fed by the public is way too indirect. Period.

Yeah, it pretty much *is* a coincidence. Those actually familiar with history know that the Government has been borrowing (and repaying) money since the days of the Revolutionary War.

If you are implying that the Government has always been borrowing money since the days of the Revolutionary War, you are wrong. Lincoln's greenbacks issued during the Civil War were debt free currency. Coins created at the US mint even today are also debt free currency.

I'll get on that as soon as I finish the The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

I've never heard of that book. Did you read it?

Comment Re:Monetary Reform needed. Bankers = Fraudsters (Score 2) 633

Any single bank can only lend out 90%, but the amount of money supply expansion ends up being roughly 900% after many deposit/lend cycles occur. As I was saying, the value of money is determined by the quantity. According to the Constitution, the value (and hence quantity) should be determined by Congress, who is supposed to be accountable to the public, but in reality is mostly bought off by corporations through lobbyists.

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