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Comment Re:All too true (Score 1) 255

Inefficiencies are a sign of incorrect modelling.
Inefficiencies are a sign of slack coding standards.
Inefficiencies are a sign of not knowing exactly what the code is actually doing.

Ultimately, these all lead to errors, and when compounded across multiple running programs, will have effects that are neither predicted nor likely to be desirable.

Your model is good:

Is it slowing down the users?
Are we getting hammered by the electricity bill?
Is the machine getting tired?

However, it lets dirty code slide into use as long as you can say, "It is slowing down the users, but they will never notice and besides, our electricity bill is not rising too much."

Like the real Donald (Knuth) said: "premature optimization is the root of all evil (or at least most of it) in programming".

The keyword here being "premature". Do not take it to mean optimization should never be done or even that optimization is unimportant. It is merely stating that getting optimization done before you have everything fully modeled out is a waste of time (for various reasons).

Comment Re:All too true (Score 2) 255

Who really cares if I can get a loop to run in 800ns instead of 1500ns, when the real bottleneck is a complex SQL query 11 lines up that joins 11 tables together and takes 3 full seconds to run?

To misquote a not-quite-famous Congress critter: A nanosecond here, a nanosecond there, eventually we are talking about real time (minutes).

You do not exist in a vacuum. You think your application is the only one but I have hundreds of "applications", written by people just like you, who thought that the real bottleneck is elsewhere so why worry about this particular bottleneck?

This attitude is why I can notice the delay in a particular window opening up or why I see "hiccups" in the smoothness of my screensaver.

I am sure that numerous studies were performed to say that the user will never notice and that these "minor" delays do not affect anything... but these studies are wrong. I notice.

(Granted, you seem to be addressing a server application where the application truly is the only application that matters, but my point about unnecessary wasting of CPU cycles still stands. Should you go to the extremes that ancient assembly language hackers used to go through to make something not possible into possible? No. Each programmer should be trying to be as efficient with CPU time as possible.)

Comment As a tech insider (Score 1) 118

I am not surprised that tech companies fall for this. Dealing with manufacturing in Asia is already a process that feels sketchy as hell, and we often wonder if we'll ever see the money again when we setup a manufacturing agreement because the process feels so ad hoc. It wouldn't take much for a conman to insert himself into this process without arousing suspicions.

Comment Re:never understood removing features (Score 1) 253

All you are arguing for is that the default view be simple. None of what you are saying necessarily implies that functionality be removed, despite you wording it that way.

The proper way to handle this situation is to make the default view simple so your dumb parents (your description, not mine) can use the "application" but make sure the functionality that intelligent people need is still accessible, possibly through an "Advanced View" button.

Are you saying your parents would be forced to click on an "Advanced View" button and use that as the default? Are you saying that the possibility that they might accidentally click on "Advanced View" and never click the "Basic View" button is so high that functionality MUST be removed from everyone?

Hm. Removing functionality is almost always a bad thing and the excuses you are giving are pathetic at best.

Comment Re:I use them quite a lot (Score 1) 253

The story says the engineers found it was used rarely, citing that as the reason for removal.

This bothers me. Is Chrome sending "telemetry"? I do not recall agreeing to send telemetry to Google.

What about Chromium? Who would Chromium be sending the data to? If it is sending data by default, why?

Comment Re:We're not doomed [Re:We're Doomed.] (Score 1) 353

The science is pretty solid: the average temperature of the world is getting warmer, we know what it causing it, and there will be effects, some of which will be negative.

Meh. Blowing away mod points for this but statements like this is what keeps keeps the deniers in business.

No. We do NOT know what is causing it. If we did, we could model it accurately.

What we do know for certain is that CO2 keeps heat trapped in the atmosphere. We are adding LOTS of CO2 to the atmosphere. The atmosphere is part of a chaotic and finely balanced system. CO2 is adding heat to that system (so we do actually know some of what is causing the heating).

In summary: We know that we are altering a system and by how much. We are unsure of other factors, some are even still unknown (how does the ocean absorb heat, distribute it, and eventually release it). Regardless of the unknowns, the facts that we do know indicate that our current practices are affecting the heat status of the planet.

Is heating of the planet a problem? That is not for Science to say. Science deals with facts and theory, not judgements. My personal opinion in all of this is that we need to be concerned about our "waste" products to ensure that the planet (the only place we can currently live) remains a livable location.

Comment Re:FAKE NEWS! (Score 1) 522

That makes the e-mail poison fruit. The fact that they we taken by a foreign power makes the whole event into a attack on our country. You are apologizing for the FSB attacking our core mission as a country for your own simplistic tribalism. That makes you a domestic enemy of the constitution.

Interesting way of spinning things.

The emails were not "taken by a foreign power", they were given away by insiders. The fact that a foreign power attempted to use them to their advantage is... well, let's just say that it is unsurprising.

I am unsure what you are going on about as far as "core mission" goes; however, your accusation of tribalism and then accusing the OP of being a domestic enemy... it is just an amazing example of hypocrisy.

Long story short, I have mod points and wanted to mod you down (something I rarely do) but figured offering you a reflection would be more valuable.

Comment Re:I've noticed that, but something else interesti (Score 1) 156

If I listen to the computer, I can't remember shit. If a passenger looks at the map and does essentially the same function, I can remember everything fine and well.

You implicitly trust the computer. When a human tells you, your brain does not blindly trust and tries to figure out if what the person is saying is true.

Computers never lie... unless programmed to do so.

Comment Re:Culture War Rages [Re:Something stinks] (Score 1) 379

Progressives want bigger gov't-backed safety nets and education opportunities, and conservatives believe that the private sector will make everyone's boat float higher if the gov't gets out of the way such that they don't need a safety net.

(Not directed at you personally)

Just give me my fucking money. I get it, you are the big bad brigands who took over civilization and will take your share before anyone else gets their share; however, if you do not leave anyone else a share, they will kill you.

Social safety nets and such are utter bullshit. You take my resources (as is proper, you are the brigand after all), and then, instead of giving any of it back, you promise that you will hold on to it for me just in case I have any troubles. Fuck you. You have never helped me. You never will. Give me my fucking money.

Comment Re:So what? (Score 1) 331

Water is only an infinite resource if you also assume energy (to decontaminate and desalinate) is also an infinite resource (it isn't).

Hm. The sun evaporates the water, thus removing the impurities. The evaporated water then condenses and falls back down to the Earth.

You are correct that the sun is not infinite, but in relation to humans and their timescales, it is effectively infinite.

Comment Re:What's wrong? (Score 1) 331

Bzzt. They are domesticated animals bred for a purpose. They would not exist in this form, in their current numbers without human intervention. We've disrupted their natural selection and now humanity is responsible for them. Chickens are no longer wild animals, they may have some very similar wild cousins, but those small populations are falling.

Comment Re:What's wrong? (Score 1) 331

Well good for you. I'm glad that you have pets and they bring you enjoyment in your life. But I can't really be expected to have the same experiences and feelings as you.

I eat rabbits too, and they are mammals. And lots of people keep them as pets. But I don't really see how other people's choices should be relevant to my own choices.

Comment Re:What's wrong? (Score 1) 331

I'm a collection of amino acids, just like a radish, and it's no coincidence.

And I never said we should trash the place in order to raise chickens. I don't even need to eat meat every day.

But I have no problem with the practice. And I have killed and cleaned rabbits and field dressed deer, so it's not some abstract concept to me. (I don't usually like to pluck chickens, it's really messy compared to rabbits, if I owned chickens I'd only have them for their eggs)

idfk why I have to defend my practice of eating meat. one day humans might learn to leave each other alone about stupid shit, but today is probably not that day.

Comment Re:And this is going to be just awesome when..... (Score 1) 516

Man... who doesn't read a lot of science fiction? There are lots of opportunities to discuss SF with like minded people and make friends.

Anyways, I think the courts will have to adapt with technology. They are usually pretty slow to adapt, so we'll see several years where folks are being treated unfairly before there is a course correction.

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