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Comment Re:Somebody didn't get the memo... (Score 1) 279

This whole problem could have been avoided if we had just done the sensible thing in the first place:

When you have a group of extant species, and then you discover that there are a whole lot of extinct species that are more commonly related to that group of extant species than to anything else, you generally say that you've discovered a bunch of extinct members of that extant group.

So when we discovered the relationship between e.g. Stegosaurs and Finches, rather than saying "we've discovered that birds are dinosaurs", we should have said "we've discovered that dinosaurs were birds".

Comment Re:What a mess (Score 1) 393

You know, taking the dichotomy you propose as accurate, I'd go with the sleazeball hands down. You might not like them but you can work with sleazy people if you know what they are. They are simply pursuing their self-interest and respond predictably according to realistic calculations of where that lies.

A narcissist on the other hand you can't work with on the basis of realism because he's not rooted in the real world. He operates in a fantasy world. A sleazeball won't act in a way that harms himself but a narcissist, while every bit as self-oriented and deceptive will, and then go looking for scapegoats, even when that does more damage. A sleazeball only scapegoats when it's to his advantage.

So would you rather deal with someone who is rational but selfish, or someone who is unpredictable, self-destructive and selfish?

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1) 393

It's worse than that: the law references birth certificates, so a "package inspection" isn't going to catch people who have had transition surgery. So this means they need to require everyone to carry around a birth certificate and present it when using the restroom, and they need police at every public restroom on government property to check this.

Comment Re:Justice? (Score 1) 298

How so, if they're adults? Now if it's a father and a daughter that just turned 18, yeah, I can see that being problematic as he may have been molesting her before that age and no one knew (or did anything).

But if it's a brother and sister and they're both 35, I'm sorry, that's none of the government's business or anyone else's. Really, once you get over 30, I don't see how it's complicated at all, because by that age, someone who didn't consent has had plenty of time to leave the situation.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 3, Interesting) 393

I was a Sanders supporter, and I'm neither surprised nor particularly upset. You have to be realistic. Hillary has been active and well-known in the party since 1974, when she rose to prominence as a whip-smart young staff attorney of the Children's Defense Fund. She's spent the last forty years, building contacts and networks in the Democratic party, including nationally as first lady for eight years and with nearly successful presidential run that took her across the entire country. She has a massive rolodex, war chest, and ground organization.

Bernie Sanders only joined the party in 2015. That the DNC was less than perfectly impartial towards the two won't come as news to an Bernie supporter, but to be frank the idea that long-time party insiders and activists would treat someone who joined the party last year the same as someone who's been a big deal in the party for decades is simply unrealistic.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 393

WTF??? This is patently absurd.

Klingons have a rich warrior culture that values honor above all else. They made that abundantly clear in countless episodes.

Humans (in this universe we inhabit) do not have a warrior culture, and definitely do not value honor. If we did, we would not be about to elect Trump or Hillary (or almost anyone else that was running).

The Klingons most resemble various old traditional cultures, such as the Japanese Samurai culture, which of course is long dead.

The ST race that was meant to most resemble modern humans is the Ferengi: profit above all. However, even the Ferengi had some real values; they thought it was important to properly assist underdeveloped cultures to develop economically and technologically, so that they could become good trading partners. Bombing them into submission was not part of their ethic.

No, I think the Terran Empire depicted in several ST episodes (not just "Mirror, Mirror", but also an excellent ENT 2-parter called "In a Mirror, Darkly") is a very accurate depiction of modern human culture transposed into a future with warp drive.

But I do agree with your final assessment about good humans being the tiny tiny minority.

Comment Re:What is the appeal of these things? (Score 1) 127

I think you think the text is too small because you haven't actually used one. I have, and I'm almost 60 years old and need bifocals. I generally can't read ingredients on food or vitamin packages without glasses, but I have no difficulty whatsoever with reading calendar notifications or caller ID on a smartwatch without glasses. Would I want to read a book or webpage on one? Nope. But for notifications the text size is plenty big for me, and I have weaker-than-average eyesight.

Likewise it's not particularly uncomfortable to wear a watch, or hard to remember to put one on. Some folks with ADHD might have problems, because they're always misplacing things and many of them have comfort issues with things like t-shirt tags which most people don't notice but they find distracting. But most people don't find watches uncomfortable or hard to keep track of.

This is just the usual problem with managing the tech adoption curve; the point where you've saturated the early adopter segment. There aren't new features coming in to entice thosee early adopters to upgrade and there aren't enough people on the penumbra of the early adopter community that they become hip. And there isn't really a killer app yet, unless it's fitness tracking which can be done on cheaper devices. That's the only reason I don't wear one anymore; there aren't any that are as good at fitness tracking as a fitbit, so I'd be paying more and getting less for my main use.

Comment Re:Anything incriminating? (Score 3, Insightful) 393

Hey, don't lump everyone together. There's plenty of leftists who are all in favor of FOIA, Wikileaks, etc., and still think Hillary is a corrupt sell-out. It's really the establishment-lovers who defend her.

Just like "the right" has several different camps, with some overlap (the Evangelicals, the Big Business lovers, the Tea Partiers, the economic libertarians, etc.), and sometimes these groups are opposed, leading to Trump's nomination for example, "the left" also has several different camps, with some overlap: the environmentalists, the SJWs, the radical feminists, the Big Business lovers (but they love different big businesses than those on the right), the union supporters, the equal rights supporters, etc. Hillary vs. Bernie (just like everyone vs. Trump on the right) has exposed a huge schism on the left. True Bernie supporters and other actual leftists (not Hillary-loving centrists) and anti-establishment folks are all in favor of this stuff; it's only the establishment people who are going to call this "violating privacy". These DNC high-ups are greatly affecting our politics, and quite likely choosing our next leader, so we have every right to read their emails. Even more so when you consider that these very same people are big proponents of the NSA spying on us; turnabout is fair play.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 2) 393

Yep, in Star Trek, that's the universe where most Star Trek episodes occur: the universe where humans are generally benevolent, intelligent, and ethical beings, and also highly competent at their work.

Star Trek did show our universe a few times; it's called the "mirror universe", and in it, humans are generally evil, imperialistic assholes who'll stop at nothing to gain more power.

My new ultimate goal in life is to invent a device which allows me to "slide" into that other universe.

Comment Re:Doing Trump's work for him (Score 1, Informative) 393

Wow, you guys are really, really stupid. The NC case was about government-owned bathrooms. The government has every right to dictate who uses which bathroom in a government-owned facility. Go read the NC law itself, it's about government facilities, and is absolutely about the government telling people which bathroom they have to use. This is exactly the opposite of what you claim.


Submission + - Pending bill would kill a big H-1B loophole (

ErichTheRed writes: This isn't perfect, but it is the first attempt I've seen at removing the "body shop" loophole in the H-1B visa system. A bill has been introduced in Congress that would raise the minimum wage for an H-1B holder from $60K to $100K, and place limits on the body shop companies that employ mostly H-1B holders in a pass-through arrangement. Whether it's enough to stop the direct replacement of workers, or whether it will just accelerate offshoring, remains to be seen. But, I think removing the most blatant and most abused loopholes in the rules is a good start.

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