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Comment Re: I for one... (Score 1) 49

Without banning exclusives you get a fragmented library and have to subscribe to multiple services and end up paying more. The rich Wall Street fat cat invests in both as well and makes twice the money but wait there's more! He buys tax breaks from congress for those multiple companies so you have to pay higher taxes to make up for it. Costing you more.

Comment Don't trust for profits (Score 1) 485

A for profit has one motive and that's profit at any cost. If they think they can make a profit by cutting safety to the bone regardless of meltdown risk they will. There are meltdown proof designs yet we can't get them built to replace our current time bombs and worse what did get approved recently was an old design.

I'm also against calling it nuclear power. It's just another form of geothermal power. Wake me when we turn nuclear interactions directly into usable power not steam.

Comment Re:"just a century"? (Score 1) 412

If they are capable of constructing such a structure, they've obviously mastered the process of turning energy into matter. Planets are not enough to build what's required to create a structure of this size. First 8 light minutes away means you're talking orders of magnitude larger surface area than the star itself just for our star. The first 4 planets don't have enough metals to construct a basic shell big enough to create something to dim our star by 20%.

The most difficult part is to ensure the parts remain in place. The simplest way is thrusters, there you have a system that would be converting the solar output at 100% efficiency to eliminate the pressure, or providing a thruster for counter balance. It would make sense to start as a ring around the star and keep growing it equally towards the poles. Which if the light has steadily been decreasing, that makes perfect sense as the growth of the surface are of the sphere grows so should the dimming of the star happen.

I'd love to know how they deal with CME's.

Another alternative is a floating artificial planet that can move between systems that just drains the star of it's hydrogen and they convert that into what they need and/or they use that process as part of building the dyson sphere so when it's complete they have a dwarf type star left inside that's tame enough for them to deal with.

Comment You dont really need the year off, but... (Score 1) 418

That first year your kid is likely to catch all kinds of colds especially as you introduce them to daycare or their older siblings bring back crap from school. I think all of us parents would of loved the ability to be able to either work from home with the sick child or be able to take those days off without loss of income.

Comment Re:Or... just hear me out here... (Score 3, Informative) 1197

Shotgun shot is harmless when falling out of the sky after distance takes the speed down. I've been rained on by shot duck hunting from guns across a lake.

Were talking 12+ guage and not buckshot people. The small stuff just gets slowed down too much to do any real damage after a few hundred yards. Might get in your eye though that would suck.

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