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Comment Re:Not just Southern Spain (Score 1) 87

There's currently no indication that the world is deviating from RCP8.5+. Some countries plan to reduce their fossil fuel burning (it's questionable how much will be possible - see Germany) while developing countries pick up every ton of coal they can find. The population curve still looks very alarming to me. 11 billion before the end of the century? Interesting.

Comment Re:I Almost Never Agree (Score 1) 52

But this IRS scam is so stupid and transparent that anyone who feel for it has to be so stupid that they really are a menace to society.

If you were talking about people our age, you'd be right. The problem is that these people largely prey on the elderly, many of whom are much less street-smart than folks decades younger. They're from a generation born when these sorts of scams were relatively rare, so if somebody called saying they were from the IRS, they probably were from the IRS—particularly if they have lots of your personal information. It isn't easy to teach college-age folks how to reliably recognize social engineering, much less the elderly. This goes double if they have any sort of mild dementia.

These people prey on the helpless. That makes them utterly inhuman in my book.

For[t] Lauderdale easily has over 1,000 phone rooms going on any given day.

Is it any wonder why they're all in Florida (snowbird central)?

These companies never sell in their own states.

That might have been true in the old days, before they discovered VoIP-based caller ID spoofing. These days, they can sell anywhere from anywhere. All they need is a mailbox somewhere.

Comment Re:They are publicly buying votes in Pike County, (Score 1) 141

So the while thing comes down to the definition of "influence". If I am nice to someone while wearing a campaign button, would that count as trying to "influence" their vote? It would also almost explicitly make it illegal for someone in a Make American Great Again hat to leave a tip in a restaurant. So any reasonable interpretation would mean "vote buying" in a more traditional sense, not just "being nice" to voters while representing a party.

Comment Re:Subsidies (Score 1) 313

If we have sufficient alternative energy and good enough electric vehicles, we don't NEED THE OIL or the WARS in the first place.

You can use natural gas for heating but also, heating oil isn't going to drive the price of oil to $130 per barrel alone. We may be in an oil glut for another 10 years. With smart subsidies for alternative energy and electric vehicles, and conservation (LED bulbs are cheap and pay for themselves in about 2 months now and pure profit for the consumer after that), we may never see the end of the oil glut. We may finally be at the beginning of the end of oil driven engines.

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