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Comment Re:What a Waste (Score 2) 847

Lobbyists go around the people, to have your representatives work against you.

Bad media goes around your representatives, to have you work against yourself.

Maybe they're the same in that they're your adversary, but they're also pretty different. It's like saying an enemy fighter plane and an enemy tank are the same. Yeah, they're both the enemy's forces, I suppose...

Comment Re:maaaan (Score 1) 382

To play Devil's Advocate, though, wouldn't that mean that it would be 'easier' to impersonate him, in terms of a username?

Sure it's easier, as long as nobody really looks at it. That's why "This is the CEO, and I need this info immediately!" social engineering scams work.

But now people are looking at it, and might say "hey, I think this user is you. Is it?" So he's on the spot: he can either admit or deny it.

And if he denies it, then there's always risk of followup questions, like "the DHCP logs say the imposter connected from the same address that your house had that day. Did you notice any strangers in your house?" Or "There was a security camera at coffee shop from which the imposter connected, and the imposter looks just like you! Did your mother ever let slip any hints that you might have an evil twin?"

Next thing you know, he's driving his dead fiance's parents to see his house in the Hamptons. By all means, let's pull over and buy him a housewarming gift. Take it up a notch!

Comment Re:North Caroliners (Score 1) 222

As to voting out their legislators, consider that this is one single issue

The "one single issue" is corruption, not Internet access. Corrupt legislators affect everyone in the state. Whatever you happen to catch them on (today, it's this), is just going to be the tip of the iceberg.

not one that is .. on the radar of most of the state's voters.

Of course you're right about that. Hence the story and public discussion: to help get it on peoples' radar. Now, it's the job of any NC nerds reading this on Slashdot, to tell NC non-nerds about it, so that it'll be on all the right radars.

Comment Re: Don't blame the courts. (Score 2) 222

There is no right of privitization. Despite what conservatives think, capitalism is not enshrined in our Constitution and if we the people decide we want to provide something absent some fatcats making money off of it then that is our right.
In all the furor over states' rights everyone is forgetting peoples' rights.

If I were a federal judge, I would that we the people decided to not provide the something. This has nothing to do with conservatism or capitalism. It's a result of a state law, passed ostensibly by the will of the people. Upholding states rights which conflict with unelected federal regulator is seen as respecting peoples' rights.

Yes, duh, I get it: everyone knows that it's not really true. The state's legislators and governor (unless he vetod and was overridden) were actually trying to work against the will of the people. But a judge will never say that. Democracy is always presumed to exist. (And that's actually the best presumption; I would never want to change that.)

Repeal the ridiculous law, and you solve the problem. Vote out the people who got caught enacting that law.

Yes, it's easier said than done. But if you can't do it, then you have no reason to expect courts and judges to uphold the will of the people either.

Comment Re:It's his own fault (Score 1) 248

People prioritize their concerns. It's not that people don't care; it's just that there are more important/interesting things to talk about.

And keep in mind who Trump's biggest challenger is: another powerful person. They're expected to be involved in some occasional organized crime (regardless of whether or not it's even true) and that part of their image might even be part of why you'd vote for them.

Comment We're going to have to have an adult conversation (Score 1) 168

Maybe depriving adversaries of the ability to watch you makes good sense, but what if your adversary is law enforcement? You mighty have a reasonable expectation of privacy but that right is not absolute when law enforcement has probable cause to believe that your camera might provide evidence of a crime.

I think the American people need to have an adult conversation with Comey, about his criminal-aiding advice and whether or not cameras (including Comey's own camera) should be allowed to "go dark."

Comment Re:...and why would they care? (Score 1) 284

The two hypothesis have the same exact amount of validity and come from the same kind of unscientific thinking. It's not surprising they could be compatible.

Both are totally made up, plausible, unfalsifiable neat ideas. We have no reason to believe these things might be true, but we also can't prove they're false. Science isn't happening here.

Sure, you can speculate it. Nobody ever complained about speculating creationism either. It's a good thing to do. It's a fun thing to do! Each is a great basis for many great stories. But, yeah, it irritates me when they use the word "theory." That word means something, and these things aren't theories.

And it's a little infuriating when some dickhead says "n% likely" as though this isn't a totally arbitrary shit-dripping number pulled from his reeking ass. That's where they crossed from "neat idea" or maybe "illiterate person who doesn't know what a theory is" to being dishonest sacks of shit. They are lying (not merely speculating) when they assign a probability. Anyone who tells this lie knows he can't show his work. That's not merely an error or mistake, unless you wanna call it an ethical error.

Comment 0% of the web (Score 1) 273

It was worrying to hear that Zuckerberg deleted the image, but then I found out something that I think everyone else missed: He only deleted it from Facebook. So it's missing from (approximately; I'm just rounding to the nearest percentage) about 0% of the web, but there's still the other 100% where Zuckerberg didn't touch anything.

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