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Comment Re: because Photoshop doesn't exist (Score 1) 114

The secret ballot worked for the first 100 years of the USA (failed during a time of open rebellion, but worked fine with a stable country). Still not used in the Legislatures. Would you accept a secret ballot in votes for laws? Then why do you want to mandate it in the election of those same lawmakers?

Comment Re:That's absurd. All Macs & iPhones have blue (Score 0) 118

iphones do NOT have bluetooth anymore!

note, BLE (low energy) is NOT AT ALL even CLOSE to what BT was. its a totally new thing, not interoperable and sharing only the stupid name for marketing reasons.

apple is STOOPID for abandoning bt classic. yet another reason I have no desire to own any apple product. time after time, their control-freak nature rubs me the wrong way.

Comment Spoofing numbers (Score 4, Insightful) 38

It's technically trivial to block that type of spoofing. The only hold-back is that there's no penalty for the phone companies that sell to the scammers. Charge their US provider with accessory to the crime, and fine them $100M and this could never happen again. Require that all CLID sent be a valid call-back for the number sent.

Yes, I know that this will be annoying for the outsourced call centers, where HP sells their call center to India and the Indian company calls an American with the CLID of the 1-800 number for HP, so the call looks like it's coming from the US, and if called back, gets to the right queue. But those edge cases don't justify allowing free range for the scammers.

Comment Re:Adjusting the tempo of Slashdot? (Score 1) 216

Lately it feels like looking for insight on Slashdot has become quite difficult, though I miss the humor more. I think that may be a problem with tempo. Not certain, but I speculate that the traffic volume is down, but the story tempo has remained unchanged. If that speculation is correct, then most stories fail to reach critical mass for discussion before they fall off the front page and effectively become invisible. Even worse, it would appear to be a negative feedback loop, in that less interesting discussions drives the traffic volume even lower.

I've seen the same. Slashdot has too many stories per day for the size of its reader base. Post count is starting to look like Soylent these days.

Comment Re:Fastest that you know of (Score 1) 93

Latency is mostly the speed of light from the location to the surgeon. Which is why modern telepresence surgery robots have a buffer to handle that and complete operations locally with guidance from an assistant. The question is more how much information is presented to the surgeon over the pipe, and at what speed it's resolved for imaging. Imaging files are pretty huge, at least the ones I've seen.

You remember the surgical robot in that SF movie Ender's Game? That was one of the surgical robots here on campus. It actually exists.

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