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Comment Re:Why would anybody live in a city? (Score 1) 44

Because cities have a lot of different kind of people, different kinds of shops, art spaces, restaurants, performances and so on. Suburbs are far more homogenous. They're like that bar in Blues Brothers that have "both Country and Western".

And cities are a lot more accessible; when you get older you may no longer be able to drive or get around easily, and you will certainly start to appreciate the closeness to various medical specialists, nursing facilities and emergency services.

One major trend here in Japan is that as the population grows older, so does the move into urban centers accelerate, and that's exactly for this reason. Baby boomers are selling their suburban homes and rural houses to get convenient, accessibility-adapted apartments in the city.

Comment Fairly easy to defeat (Score 4, Interesting) 49

Face dazzle paint in team colors, reversible pattern hoodie and scarf, fake nose and or eyebrows (team colors).

Hit ratio drops from 50 percent false positive to below threshold.

Basically, if it worked during WW II, it still works. That's how inaccurate facial recognition actually is. It's even worse for women than for men.

Comment Re:Correcting myself (Score 1) 660

In Texas, the speed limit must be set by engineering standards. If a private person wanted to pay for an actual traffic study on their road, and the results differed from the speed limit set by the city (who posts the signs), then the private study would be valid, and the posted signs would be "illegal" (as in not legally binding, but fully legal to post invalid signs).

There was a big stink about this in Dallas in the '90s. The limits on the interstates were set too low, so all tickets were "invalid" as the speed limit not being properly set and displayed, the burden of proof for every ticket was that the government needed to prove the speed was unsafe for the conditions. I looked, but couldn't find a reference to it. It was before all the articles were stored forever online, so lost to time, it seems.

Comment Re:work till death (Score 1) 323

However, a mortgage on a $50k tiny house means you can get a mortgage deduction, and use the tax refund to invest in an IRA or 401(k) with a full or partial match. Which is way better than paying rent, other than land rent. The options range from house and land held free, house and land held mortgaged, house held free and land leased or rented, house mortgaged and land leased or rented, to the worst version house and land rented.

Comment Bull (Score 1) 323

Oh please. This is just more insurance and investing firm Fear and Uncertainty.

Look, just save and invest - in stocks, forget bonds - 10 percent of your salary before taxes in the lowest cost retirement ETF or mutual fund. Low expense ratio like 0.07 percent S&P 500. Do that before any matches.

You'll be golden.

If you "can't save", just start with the amount for a full match or half match then increase by 1 percent total salary whenever you get a pay increase.

It's not hard.

They just want you to think you have to pay 1 percent in fees when you can spend 1/10th of that, for no better returns.

Comment Re:Save 30%, retire early (Score 5, Insightful) 323

Actually, it's hardly that simple. While you espouse a perfectly reasonable plan, there are lots of things that can get in your way. That job that concentrates on happiness (whatever that is) just laid you off. You run through your savings in 9 months looking for another job. Then your wife comes down with breast cancer.

I see this stuff all of the time. It's not just American Hedonism that is going to screw the Millenials - it's hedonism, no safety net and an economy run by those nice people that brought you 2008. If you're of the Buddhist persuasion then you can sigh, work some more on your karma and hope next time you get reincarnated as a housefly. The rest of us just get depressed.

Comment Re:jail / prison has better healthcare then the ER (Score 1) 323

No, it doesn't. It's a popular meme around here but completely untrue. In jail, they will offer you some base level of care for serious problems but prison officials get to determine how serious it is and if it gets treated. Jail providers tend not to be on the right side of the bell curve, so even if you get to see the doc or midlevel, you may end wishing you hadn't.

If you need to be treated for a psychiatric illness, your choice of medicine will be significantly limited since many of those drugs can make you feel good (and thus have a marketable value in jail and are heavily restricted. If you hurt, well, too fucking bad. You get a tylenol or, if you're very lucky a tylenol and an ibuprofen.

The major downside of going to the ER for care is that the guy next to you might be strapped down to the gurney and being rather vocal about it. He's the one that got the bill from the last time he was in the ER.

Comment Re:Update: Testing EnergyStar by GAO resulted in: (Score 1) 227

GAO submitted a few non-existant products to test the EnergyStar program. Some notable results:

Gas-Powered Alarm Clock: Product description indicated the clock is the size of a small generator and is powered by gasoline.

Product was approved by Energy Star without a review of the company Web site or questions of the claimed efficiencies.

I'd buy one of these. :D

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