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Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 1) 1297

America's strength is that it allows the people to Democratically decide who will represent them, causing our society to sway towards the majority view.

Rule by the majority is a flaw in any system. It was never the point of America's republic-style democracy, saving only for the origination of spending bills. Instead, the point of democracy is to overthrow tyrants without bloodshed, and it works very well for that.

but once you start saying that "diversity of culture" is the reason an individual person living in Wyoming has a vote that is worth 3-4 times that of an individual in Ca

Individuals? The federal government represents the states.

Comment Re:It's a start! (Score 1) 137

4) create a secret shopper program where well-qualified 'testers' apply for jobs and if they are turned down, an OFFICIAL (and expensive, if the company is found to be fraudulently rejecting locals) investigation would occur. one that has PUBLIC RESULTS POSTED for anyone to see. public shaming, big-time, for violators.

without a secret shopper program, there's no good way to keep the fucking companies honest. they'll continue to pay lawyers to find loopholes. but if they are publicly shamed, they'll stop. guaranteed!

Comment I'll probably keep it (Score 1) 24

We canceled our cable subscription about a year ago, and while I was OK with it my wife hated not having certain live TV channels. We'd tried Sling, but it was hit-and-miss on the stuff we wanted. Some channels, like BTN, aren't available at all on Sling. DirecTV is only a little more and actually covers the live programming we want.

Make no mistake, the launch was rough. I don't think they allocated enough hardware or bandwidth to handle their initial demand, so streaming cut out constantly. It's finally getting to be pretty solid, though, and I'd much rather pay Sling a few bucks than have anything to do with Comcast.

Comment Don't care. Never did. (Score 1) 363

The future is not 3D TV.

The future is not Virtual Reality.

The future is near field power devices.

(caveat: I was one of the IPO participants in startups for both 3D TV and Virtual Reality companies in Hong Kong)

Comment Re:Wait who's computer is it again? (Score 2, Insightful) 135

Just yet another reason to uninstall Windows 10.

While I agree, I get just as pissed at Google that I have to close a advertisement for Chrome any time I use gmail or youtube for the first time from a new browser. It would be one thing to use the normal ad space to hawk their own stuff, but no, they have to be more intrusive.

Comment Re:Connector (Score 1) 363

(BONUS point : this setup gives dual-viewer capabilities (viewer A and B get to watch 2 different channels thanks to the glasses) which might be popular in some market with cramped living rooms ? Japan ?)

My understanding is that it's for videogames, where two players can sit on the same couch and each will see the game from their own perspective. I don't know how many games actually support it, though.

Comment Re:Not ready for "Prime" time (Score 1) 22

Concur. How do I opt out of this?

It'd be nice if it were relevant, but they seem like VERY poorly targeted ads. I buy none of that shit (mostly cosmetics). My wife may have purchased some years ago in the past, but honestly, I get all order in my email, and perusing my folder show like zero hits in the past 4 years.

WTF Amazon?

Comment Re:already exceeding expectations (Score 2) 1297

America's strength is the diversity of cultures. Having the culture of any one area dominate the country is bad. The electoral college does a good job of balancing this - to the extent that state boundaries reflect cultural boundaries, which is reasonably close.

As far as comparing states - compare Cali and Washington. Similar culture, totally different tax scheme and implementation. Sure, Cali is bigger, but taxes and services are per-capita to begin with, so that doesn't seem to matter. You can have the government services you crave without Cali's amazing taxes and overbearing government intrusion into life (local as much as state).

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