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Comment Re:They did the same thing for dual booting Linux (Score 1) 152

I still dual boot -- but I almost never use Windows, which is kind of the point. I don't use it enough to justify paying for a virtualization compatible license, and it's just a static waste of resources to boot in Windows to run Linux under a VM.

I suppose one solution for those instances where you have to boot Windows yet also access stuff in your Linux partition is to use raw partition access in a virtual machine and serve the data over a virtual network server. I know it's possible but it's been so many years since I've had to do it I couldn't comment on how other than to say read the virtualization platform documentation.

Comment Re:Nope. This involves active sharing and consent. (Score 0) 48

Does not matter, The morons in Congress will call it a terrorist action and put him in Gitmo for 60 years.

This is the problem when laws are passed by dimwits that can barely tie their shoes in the morning, let alone understand something as complex as a computer or twitter.

Here int he USA we have a major problem. WE allow the very uneducated to be the ruling class, this causes tons of laws that are absurd and applied badly.

Comment Re:"Business People" (Score 2) 185

Curious if you bought Cyanongen, Inc (or whatever it's called)?

Nope. I have evaluated trading, and have found that it's not for me. I did it for a few months, and didn't like the results. Compulsive reading, trouble sleeping, and a return of 10% per month wasn't worth it. It's so much easier to get a good salaried job and put 10-20% of that in mutual funds. The stress is zero. And the returns match the market. It might delay the date at which I can retire completely, but I'll certainly live longer.

I have a friend making good returns playing the news. Wait for something to hit the news, then buy on bad news. never sell short, never use options. The market generally over-reacts. Stay in the market in something like Google or Apple. You need the money in the market because the market is constantly on an upward trend. Because individuals are last to get the news, the reaction at the time she gets the news is bad, the others are already selling out of the falling stock. Her orders to sell her "base stock" then buy the target stock are slow. By the time she gets a buy of the target stock, it's near the minimum, and the investors start buying back in. She gets a jump as people buy back in after the dip recovers. Beats the market consistently.

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