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Comment Re:Bring this smog back to America! (Score 1) 77

Exactly! Remember L.A. back in the 70s before California said enough is enough and required cleaner cars? And how, thanks to them and Tricky Dicky we all breath better? Nixon also signed the Clean Water Act too, if I recall.

Oh, and that whole opening up China thing.

Fuck, I never thought I'd be nostalgic for him.

Comment Re:for all you apple fanboys and fangirls (Score 2) 73

Not four core but back in the mid 80s I was using a CMOS 6502 that would do 4MHz (HC65C02P4) from Hitachi. We were building a product that had internals very closely based on the VIC20 (okay, it would run VIC BASIC) that we built our own boards for. On my development board I had built out the I/O for the 1541 disk drive, the problem was the CPU was too fast to talk to the drive. I put in a clutch and gearbox. The clutch was a push button that would ground the HALT line on the CPU (CMOS, so we could get away with it and all the RAM was static) and the gear box was a switch that threw in a 74LS74 TTL flip-flop that would divide the clock by 4. To use the disk I would engage the clutch, down shift and let off the clutch. Then I could access the disk. Once the code was loaded I would shift back in to high gear and test the code. It was a nice board for the day, 4x 6522 PIA and 88KB of EPROM/SRAM space and would map like a VIC-20/C64.

Too bad it was used for telemarketing.

Comment Re:Too much eggnog? (Score 1) 84

Today I had to head from a bit north of Everett to the top of Snoqualmie Pass to meet family to exchange gifts. Instead of going through Seattle or Bellevue to 90 I headed to Monroe to SR203 and south to where 18 meets 90. In the last three years the only reason I've been through Seattle was to get to SeaTac. I can't handle that city anymore and I'm an old hippie that spent years in Fremont/Wallingford, I use to worked in the Westin Building for a decade. Nope, can't handle it anymore. Now I just 'commute' from Tulalip to downtown Everett for my tech job. I get paid a bit less but the extra 2 hours a day is worth it.

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