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Comment Re:"Anonymous platform moving away from anonymity" (Score 1) 68

Because of the geographic boundaries, it's useless for any of the 'connecting with other enthusiasts of my weird and potentially embarassing hobby/fetish/etc' applications of anonymity, since you can only interact with people in a fairly small area around you;..

So that's why I never heard of it in the ham radio forums.

Did they try to make an app out of FRS radios?

Comment Re:That's one way to increase adoption :-) (Score 1) 280

.. wonder why kind of idiots would build a language like that.

Bruce Payette is a founding member of the PowerShell team at Microsoft. He is a co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the language implementation. Prior to joining Microsoft, he worked at Softway Systems and MKS, building UNIX tools for Windows.

I highly suggest his book:

Comment Re:This is a BAD idea support wise (Score 1) 280

You do not speak for myself, yeah. Us admins run Linux and *BSD ;-P

I'm a BSD head too but I did find that there is a lot of unixness in Powershell. Bruce Payette, co-designer of the PowerShell language and the principal author of the language implementation is also a Unix guy.

Try ls, cat, rm,mkdir, echo, more, chdir, etc in Powershell and you'll see that they are already aliased from the factory.

PowerShell is different but a very powerful tool when used on a networked system. You can fire off commands and inquires to the whole network with a single line. The add-on for Exchange can do some really cool things.

  It's really one of the better things to come out of MS if you in an Active Directory environment.

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