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Comment Re:Better yet (Score 1) 102

We've been hit with a crypto at work. Some "engineer" thought it would be a good idea to open the company computer and pull a SATA line out for his portable eSATA box. He ran a program that he got off a torrent and bang, crypto took off on all his drives.

The problem was that he, being an aerospace engineer, had R/W access to almost all the mapped drives on his box (think mounts for you *nix types.) So it hit the main file servers and ran for about four hours before we got notice of it. Yeah we got recovered from backups but it still killed us for about a day. The cost of 100 odd (yes they are mostly odd) aerospace engineers sitting at their computers without access to the fileserver is a lot of money. More than the crypto ransom demand in the final reckoning.

Comment Re: Israel abuses human rights (Score 1) 278

It looks like the site is run by Davis Lewin who is linked to the Henry Jackson Society A.K.A., 'Scoop' Jackson (D), a Washington State Congressman and Senator from 1941-1983.

From the wiki:

"A Cold War liberal and anti-Communist Democrat, Jackson supported higher military spending and a hard line against the Soviet Union, while also supporting social welfare programs, civil rights, and labor unions.[1] His political beliefs were characterized by support of civil rights, human rights, and safeguarding the environment, but with an equally strong commitment to oppose totalitarianism in general, and communism in particular.[2] The political philosophies and positions of Scoop Jackson have been cited as an influence on a number of key figures associated with neoconservatism, including Paul Wolfowitz and Richard Perle, both of whom previously served as aides to the Senator.[3] The Henry Jackson Society is named in his honor."

He was also known as the Senator from Boeing.

Growing up I remember that Scoop and Maggie were the Senators-for-life in Washington State.

Comment Re:Interestingly... (Score 1) 91

That's why I'm making about $20k less than I could, if I went to Seattle or the East side. I live in Tulalip and commute to Everett, about 15 minutes, with a stop for coffee. I worked the dotcom boom and bust in downtown Seattle, it was hard enough back then to commute from Edmonds. I just couldn't do it anymore even with the Sounder train that sometimes runs.

Having those extra 3 hours in my life, each day, make the reduced rate worth it.

Comment Re:Hardware isn't expensive (Score 1) 75

After $dayjob got bought by a multinational we did a "refresh" of our fully HP shop (aerospace) to Dell. CFO let us give away the "old" HP desktops and laptops to employees. Many happy campers with i5/16GB/480GB SSD machines now that will last them, and be very usable, for many years. Of course IT kept the i7 and Xeon boxes.

Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 208

Yeah, I have a few of the tier 2 guys send me ani-gifs in Sametime (part of the IBM Domino Notes package.) I'm sorry that you are stuck in ITIL hell, so am I. I have Messaging for a 100+ year old French company running 70 odd Domino servers. Oh, did I mention we also have to track out tickets and projects in kanban? I'm almost willing to learn Windows servers to get out of this! But the pay, bennies & commute are worth not having to drive into Seattle or Bellevue.

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