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Comment Re: Wonderful! (Score 3, Interesting) 110

Agreed. We don't find much US TV that is all that interesting to us. I would say about 70% of our watching is UK or AU and most of the other 30% is PBS. We're really sad that DocZone is off the air now, our favorite CA show (I miss Corner Gas too.) Replying to this I'm actually watching Selling Homes Australia. I think the only mainstream US show we watch is Deadliest Catch, but we live in a small native fishing village on the Salish Sea. Our ISP is run by the Tribes so I'm not really worried about a copyright notice.

So we don't have cable, our one big screen is just a monitor for the old linux box that is our torrent host. We have Amazon Prime but to be honest, it just as easy to torrent the show and not worry about buffering.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 2) 141

It was explained to me like this: Domino is a database that tried to become an email system. Exchange is an email system that tried to become a database.

I'm just glad that I'm not supporting 30k users over 100+ sites with sendmail/exim/postfix and whatever for calendaring and a pile of shell/perl scripts written over 20 years. There really is no freeware solution for a desktop client based system. As bad as IBM and Microsoft can be, at least they are there after you've paid hundreds of thousands to them for licensing.

But if you want to have 'fun', try to find a book on the current version of Domino (9 or even 7.) I would much rather be running an Exchange system, there are so many more resources out there for it. (Powershell and Exchange can do so much!) Domino just doesn't see Active Directory at all, hardly does LDAP. My mail/calendar/trouble ticket/CapEx/whatever system doesn't play with my DHCP/AD/file systems at all. But that's what I get working for a 125 year old French company, at least I get 4 weeks of vacation.

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