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Comment Re:Terms and conditions are generally obnoxious (Score 1) 85

As a lifelong Democrat I object to the donation line... except for the part about Jay Inslee. I supported McKenna in that one but that was a wonk vs jock vote for me. Never did like Jay even when he was over in the 4th district. The guy is just a jerk.

McKenna would have been like Gary Locke, decent and fair for the most part.

Comment Re:Um, what? (Score 1) 86

The classic lament; "Where are my mod points when I need them!"

The FCC is also having fun with software defined radio (SDR) and very cheap but good radios from China. Another major paradigm shift.

Google "baofeng uv-5r" and see what they are being flooded with. At a tenth of the price of "standard" ham radios that one would have to open up and solder something to get to work outside the ham bands. Check the pictures from the Oregon wildlife preserve standoff, lots of those puppies around.

Comment Re:The wheel (Score 2) 397

The indoor toilet would be my choice. It even takes care of some of the issues of not having refrigeration. I think you could call John Crapper's invention a gadget.

Plumbing (sanitation) and refrigeration are my two main things I'm thankful for having been born in this era. To think it took the earth 4.5Gy to come up with hot showers and cold beer. Add electricity into the mix and we're golden-age.

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