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Comment Re:wow (Score 1) 171

Yeah, I have a few of the tier 2 guys send me ani-gifs in Sametime (part of the IBM Domino Notes package.) I'm sorry that you are stuck in ITIL hell, so am I. I have Messaging for a 100+ year old French company running 70 odd Domino servers. Oh, did I mention we also have to track out tickets and projects in kanban? I'm almost willing to learn Windows servers to get out of this! But the pay, bennies & commute are worth not having to drive into Seattle or Bellevue.

Comment Re:This is Slashdot, so... (Score 1) 118

I hear you Ratzo. My old '98 Volvo V70 wagon with ham radio plates is damn invisible to cops. Bought it for $1700 with a few minor dents and have put about 50K miles on it now. One of the most comfortable cars I've ever owned even at 200k+ miles, just getting broken in for a Volvo. Much nicer to drive than my old '89 Ranger with 430K miles on it.

Don't get me wrong, I love driving a new car but I let the company pay for the rental when I travel. But buy a new car? No, much better things to do with that much cash.

Comment Re:not really... (Score 1) 224

It sure does take place on Windows Professional 64 bit if not connected to a domain controller that is pushing out the right settings. Due to a refresh at dayjob I have a pile of HP desktops and laptops that once dis-joined from the domain will happily GWX if left to their own devices. Even with a fresh Windows 7 Pro install they will do that. So for the hand-me-down computers that we're giving to employees I need to install GWX control panel in the clonezilla image that I'm using.

Comment Re:Terms and conditions are generally obnoxious (Score 1) 94

As a lifelong Democrat I object to the donation line... except for the part about Jay Inslee. I supported McKenna in that one but that was a wonk vs jock vote for me. Never did like Jay even when he was over in the 4th district. The guy is just a jerk.

McKenna would have been like Gary Locke, decent and fair for the most part.

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