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Comment Re:massive parallel processing=limited application (Score 1) 79

Also, there is caching, and also, some loads are heavy on longish FPU operations.

So... it doesn't quite work out that way. Also, multicore designs can have separate memory.

One example of multicore design that's both interesting and functional are the various vector processor graphics cores. Lots of em in there; and they get to do a lot of useful work you couldn't really do any other way with similar clock speeds and process tech.

Comment Re:Amazon...paperweight (Score 1) 229

Reading problem? Many people have reported in earlier posts that this had worked fine with their systems before the update.

Others have reported that this happened for awhile, then they got another "Windows 10" update, and then it stopped happening.

So clearly the problem was a defect with Microsoft Windows 10 which they have since fixed.

Comment Re:What has Pokemon Go really go to do with this? (Score 1) 165

Except that games are designed to hold attention more firmly than is, e.g., text message reading. Since they are more immersive, it actually *is* a different phenomenon, if only by degree. I'll agree that this isn't unique to Pokemon Go, but it's more like playing pachinko while driving than texting while driving.

Comment Re:Solution: Buy legislators. All of them. (Score 1) 187

You cherry pick the bad ones.

Well, I cherry picked the high end devices, yes -- because they were sold claiming the feature sets that were compelling. Now, the fact that those feature sets were incomplete, and/or buggy, and/or mischaracterized... that's something I didn't pick. But it's been very consistent, and the higher end the device, the more consistent it's been.

It just sounds like you do business with shitty companies.

Well, Canon for the camera. Marantz for the pre-pro. Kenwood for the radio. I totally agree they are shitty companies. And they won't be getting any more of my money. It's not like I can't learn.

The bottom line is, these devices have, and were sold trumpeting, the mechanisms that would allow them to be fixed and/or improved. They aren't fixed, and they surely aren't improved in any significant way. I'm just reporting it, and drawing a general (and accurate) conclusion about considering "network upgradable" to be anything more than marketing hype.

You don't like what I'm saying, okay, more power to you. I'm still saying it, though. And I'm still right, so there's that. :)

Comment Re:pathetic (Score 1) 415

The point is that portion where he said "As the ocean gets warmer, which it is getting, it expands. Molecules spread apart," is just scientific babbling. Neither ocean expansion nor "molecules spreading apart" are explanations for increased water evaporation at higher temperatures. The fact that Nye talks with confidence as if these were relevant to evaporation tells you that he isn't just "not a scientist", it tells you that he is confabulating even when reporting on science.

Comment Re:New last mile problem (Score 2) 144

How about the joy of finding a way to tell a fully autonomous car to dart into a gap at the airport arrivals/departure scrum?

There is no scrum, the traffic computer scheduled everybody's access already and instead there is a timer on the dash telling you how long the car will be stationary. The scrum is caused by two things, ignorance (of where everybody is and where they are going, etc) and indecision. Traffic computers will solve both of these.

Even in the shorter term, where there won't be an airport traffic computer, and there will be a mix of human and computer drivers, there won't be much problem because generally you will be waiting in a line for the next available spot, and the computers can probably handle that situation fairly easily. There might be edge cases where your car wouldn't take the first spot because somebody kicked a traffic cone into it, and a human driver wouldn't car about clipping the cone, or driving near it. But those won't be major frustrations to somebody reading a book or jeejah and waiting for the car to tell them that they have arrived.

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