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Comment Re:that's what's supposed to happen (Score 1) 119

If/when wwIII comes along, you might be very grateful that the US still has farms and has not turned them all into subdivisions and water parks.

Ah, yes, a desire for autarky, common among fascists and other believers in totalitarian ideologies.

Sorry, I don't care about autarky either way. Markets should decide how much farmland we need and that's it.

If WWIII is in the offing, people will naturally switch back to agriculture in time anyway.

Comment Re:La Niña is about to bite us in the arse (Score 1) 133

Be fair, "the greatest climate disaster" started long before Trump took office. It might even be before Lincoln. It's just that nobody noticed it at the time, because it's taken a long time to build. Trump may, however, be president at a point of inflection (a point, because you can't even roughly model it with simple quadratic function). Things are, indeed, likely to get worse quickly for a bit, but Trump didn't cause that, he's just been refusing to ameliorate it.

Comment Re:OMG Fuck apple (Score 1) 28

Sorry, but it's a reasonable request. It may also be reasonable to deny it, but it's a reasonable request. There's no way that a "driver" who's just been sitting there playing a game on his phone will be able to take over the driving in 10 seconds, so the steering wheel is useless in emergencies.

Comment Re:Next item on News at 10 (Score 1) 89

I think you're wrong. This is my perspective:
  - - - - - -
Sorry, but it's really "expect leaks". Every place has leaks. If your staff considers your actions immoral, then you should expect damaging leaks. If they are supportive, then you should expect supportive leaks. (They may actually be damaging, but their intended purpose will be to bolster your image. Similarly the "damaging leaks" may actually be harmless, or even useful, but their intended purpose would be to injure you.)

People are lousy at keeping secrets, even when they intend to...and they'd often rather seem to offer proof that they "know what's what".

Vetting your staff is supposed to ensure that they consider what you are doing as just and moral. The same as any criminal gang. (Note that I didn't mention legal.) That way when they leak it will be generally supportive.

Comment idiot (Score 2) 105

"It's completely unacceptable. There should be no place for terrorists to hide. We need to make sure that organisations like WhatsApp, and there are plenty of others like that, don't provide a secret place for terrorists to communicate with each other,"

It is completely unacceptable that history majors like Amber Rudd, who evidently has not the slightest understanding of technology, end up in positions like Home Secretary. or "Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change". Rudd seems to be an object lesson in how money and political connections trump competency and skill.

Comment Re:that's what's supposed to happen (Score 1) 119

All of those well-paying IT jobs are being automated, too.

No, not all of them. But, of course, IT workers become more efficient over time as well, so you need fewer of them to do a given task over time, or, equivalently, the same number of IT workers can do more work over time.

Increased efficiency is the only way humanity can make material progress.

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