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Comment Re:analogy in higher education (Score 1) 206

No, that's not what I'm saying. What I am saying is that it is likely that diversity goals may have played a role here. You know, I'm stating an inference of a probability, not a fact. We usually do that when talking about accidents, deaths, etc.: what might have caused this and how might we prevent it in the future. That's the responsible thing to do. And the responsible thing here is to remind people not to let diversity goals trump skills, because whether it actually played a role in this case or not, it often works out badly.

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 329

've provided multiple citations and links and you spin them around and pretend they are the opposite of what they say.

You provided a bunch of links about white people doing bad things to black people, and then you conclude that those white people must have been "conservatives" because progressives and liberals would never do such things. What you have proven there is your ignorance of history and your bigotry, nothing more. The fact is that the progressive movement is primarily responsible for racism in the 20th century.

I've given you a couple of links where a Harvard-educated, highly respected black economist and political scientist explains to you how you are wrong. I suggest you read them and try to understand them instead of continuing to wallow in your ignorance.

Here is the link again:

There are tons of other sources you can read that make the same point.

Comment Re:Certainly job stress can contribute but... (Score 1) 206

He went from happy engineer to suicide in less than five months?

If you get hired into a job you can't handle, face losing your $170k/year salary, and are stuck with your family in a city surrounded by the ultra-wealthy? Absolutely. Job changes are extremely stressful even without all those added pressures.

Comment analogy in higher education (Score 1) 206

If he was so stressed out that he committed suicide, it means he wasn't a good match for the job. But he must have been quite a bit above average to even make it that far and he could easily have found a well-paying job elsewhere.

It seems likely, given the nature of Uber, Silicon Valley, and San Francisco, that diversity goals may have played a role in his hire. We know from academic environments (where this is easier to study) that this kind of mismatch harms its intended beneficiaries. Success at technical jobs is, after all, not just a question of privilege and knowing the right people.

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 307

Lynchings are different then Riots, but I also linked to RIOTS that not only did property damage, they completely destroyed black towns.

Yes, you did. Your reasoning was something like "(1) white people attacked blacks, (2) white people attacking blacks must be conservatives, (3) therefore conservatives riot". Your error was in premise number (2). So, no support for your claim that the Tulsa riots were riots by "conservatives". Based on history and circumstance, it seems more plausible that they were whites angry at the economic success of some blacks, which would make them progressive rather than conservative, but we simply don't know for certain. Your example didn't support your point, but it reveals your ignorance about the history of racism in the US.

And what we were discussing your the claim that slavery in the 19th century caused blacks in the 21st century to be disadvantaged, which your example had nothing to do with.

I'm not commenting on this further. Your stating clear falsehoods and someday someone will find your comments and assume they have some basis in reality. You don't deserve any further opportunity to post your lies.

Look, I understand where you are coming from: I used to be a progressive and moderate leftist as well: it was the obvious choice as a gay, atheist immigrant, but that changed when I actually started reading history and political science (I'm an independent now).

There is tons of stuff you ought to read, but a good start might be Sowell, who grew up poor in the South and was started out as an ardent leftist:

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 2) 329

It is the taxes paid by hedonistic godless coastal states that keeps the fly over country afloat.

If that were true, then the coastal states would be conservative and lobby for lower federal taxes and spending while fly over country would be liberal and lobby for higher federal taxes and spending. But it isn't true, which is also why you see the opposite ideological distribution.

The only steady jobs there are the ones funded by the federal government.

You're welcome to try to scare up some data to support that ridiculous statement. But it is true that there are a significant number of federal jobs in Western states and the people who live there would like to get rid of them.

Social security forms 30% of the purchasing power of those states.

That's because smart retirees move to places with low cost of living and mainly live mainly off social security and leave their savings untouched. It's certainly what I'm planning on doing. That is hardly an indictment of those states.

Comment Re:It is so unfair. (Score 1) 329

All those hedonistic godless people are showered with such high incomes, while the God fearing folks in the fly over country are getting very low wages. Why, God! Why are you testing your faithful believers so much?

In my experience, God's faithful believers are happy in flyover country, and their primary political concerns are that they don't want their nice little corner of the world to turn into San Francisco or Detroit, and that they don't want to be taxed in order to pay for the lifestyles of the "hedonistic godless people" in those places.

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 307

Many lynching

We're talking about riots, not lynchings.

Lynching is an extrajudicial punishment or a means of political oppression.

Riots are a form a civil disorder.

Lynchings are overwhelmingly a Southern and 19th century phenomenon.

But since you brought up lynchings, you got those wrong too.

there are photos of people picnicking with their families, with lynching victims in the background.

So, not a riot then.

were due to minor social transgressions (conservative issue) and fear of interracial sex (conservative issue)

The overwhelming justification for lynchings was rape and murder, not "minor social transgressions" or consensual "interracial sex". People were also lynched for theft and political beliefs. And both blacks and whites were lynched for these reasons.

Furthermore, anti-miscegenation laws were pushed by progressives, based on what they claimed was the scientific consensus at the time, a leftist and progressive cause; Christian churches have been marrying people of different races for 2000 years. And Southern whites were angry at blacks because blacks were willing to work for less than union wages, another leftist and progressive cause. Rape hysteria and elimination of due process for those accused of rape can still be found today among leftists and progressives; look at Title IX and Hillary's "all rape victims deserve to be believed".

It was truly seen as a legitimate extension of the will of the people. It was truly a conservative phenomenon.

So you are saying that conservatism represents the will of the people, while progressivism and leftism does not? Interesting.

Heck, the vaunted Boston Tea party was essentially a conservative riot, destruction of property and all.

People who fight against an existing aristocracy are "left-wing" pretty much by definition; that's where the term comes from. So, the Boston Tea Party was a left-wing riot, destruction of property and all. The fact that these people now seem conservative to you only shows you how extremely left wing Democrats and progressives have really become.

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 307

I see your knowledge of the Civil Rights movement is as sound as your knowledge of fascism and the rise of Hitler.

I see, as usual, you avoid making any factual statements or arguments.

When you can identify specific statements you believe that are wrong, feel free to correct them.

So far, you haven't even been able to state clearly what you actually mean when you talk about "socialism".

Comment Re:you're free to have unlimited services (Score 1) 423

I have no idea why you think socialism is a totalitarian ideology. Marxism-Leninism certainly is, but there's lots more to socialism than that.

I think I was pretty clear about why. Let me repeat again:

(1) All the forms of socialism I experienced were, in fact, totalitarian.

(2) All the major philosophical and political works advocating socialism (e.g., Marx, Engels, Zinn, etc.) describe a totalitarian ideology, as do the political programs of socialist parties in Democracies.

(3) There are numerous books actually explaining why socialism ends up being (effectively or explicitly) totalitarian (e.g., Hayek, von Mises, Schumpeter).

So far, you haven't been specific about explaining how your ideal form of socialism actually is supposed to operate or what it means. You don't even need to explain this yourself, there are probably thousands of books and hundreds of thousands of papers and essays describing variants of socialism, just pick the one that reflects your views.

Then explain how it deals with the economic calculation problem, how it deals with people who refuse to comply with the economic directives you need to impose in a socialist regime, and what new mechanisms it employs so that people like Stalin, Honecker, Castro, Mao, Ho Chi Minh, Ceausescu, or Tito cannot get into power as they have in other socialist regimes.

Comment Re:a little late to the party (Score 1) 98

I can't quite figure out why anybody would want to use Microsoft SQL Server.

Want to retract that now?

Absolutely I want to retract it! I now understand that there is still a vocal population if Microsoft zealots out there to whom "integrates with Windows domains" and "has a Windows GUI" are actually desirable features that trump "has predictable long-term pricing and availability" and "doesn't lock you into one vendor".

venting your anger here or some such by trolling [...] A successful career has no room for zealotry and willful ignorance

Good grief, look who's talking.

Comment Re:a little late to the party (Score 1) 98

I would suggest, rather than assuming you know it all and making sweeping comments about products you do not understand

I didn't make "sweeping comments", I asked a question.

you say you want to learn, but you're not listening

I am listening, but you haven't told me anything I didn't already know: MS SQL Server seems to be a reasonably good and stable product on Windows. It doesn't seem to be open source (despite your claims) and only seems to have Linux pre-releases. Saying that it can "easily hold it's own against Oracle and PostgreSQL" means that it isn't substantially better than either even on Linux. So, still no compelling reason to use it, and two very compelling reasons not to use it: incomplete Linux support and lack of source code.

then hating people and childishly making them your foe

I don't "hate you", the "foe" tag is simply my "has nothing substantive to say" marker. It means I'll preferentially skip your postings in the future. In the dim past, one could automatically downrank people like you. I wish Slashdot had killfiles.

Comment Re:seriously? (Score 1) 307

Those weren't conservatives marching to Selma for Civil Rights.

Indeed, they were a mix of mostly leftists, although there was probably a reasonable number of libertarians as well. They didn't clash with "conservative rioters"; they didn't clash with rioters at all. Who they clashed with is police and white supremacist groups.

The 1960's rioters were the conservatives trying to stop progressives from integrating.

That's ridiculous. The 1960's rioters were generally the same people as the 1960's protesters, namely leftists. Aggressive defiance of authority, civil disobedience, and provocation was a hallmark of the 1960's leftists movements. You see the same thing today: when BLM protests turn into riots, it's the protesters themselves becoming violent, usually in response to police action. And the police acts not because they are "conservative", but because the neighborhoods that the protesters go through are tired of the disturbances. Conservatives are simply not involved in most riots.

Comment Re:isn't this pretty straightforward? (Score 1) 313

I started commerical programming on Appe ][ with age of 16 in 1982. I studied till roughly 1999, perhaps 2003

You were a Master student until age 37 and you didn't even finish? Seems like your education matches your ridiculous technical views.

Insulting other software engineers is not fine.

Well, I'm not a software engineer. Come to think of it, I don't think you're either.

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