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Comment Grey market. (Score 2) 187

Back in the day, I could get grey market Novell packages for less than the local Netmare distributor's wholesale price.

The world is a global market. You can get a genuine Chinese Fluke DMM for the price of a cheapy. They are blowing their peckers off to serve a market that mostly ignores brands in any case.

Comment Re:Well, good (Score 1) 54

In my experience, at least half of working DBAs are just vastly overpaid backup monkeys.

Even among the 'good ones' you'll find a lot more competent SQL programmers then competent security specialists.

Of course 'security specialists' aren't, as a group, all that useful either.

The real problem is hiring and HR. It is a critical role and is almost always filled by someone who wouldn't know a competent computer geek if he was chewing her.

Comment Re:Job security (Score 1) 54

An example will have to be made.

Yahoo was/is looking like a good one. They have already lost a cool billion in valuation due to lack of security, ignoring the real payday they passed on a decade or so ago.

Verizon should slowly rake them over the coals, drag it out as long as possible while _punishing_ the shareholders and employees.

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