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Comment Re:How else to learn? (Score 1) 153

When I was a kid we had things rough...

I remember boot tracing Apple ][ games to crack the disk encryption. Copy the read boot sector code, mod to drop to monitor rather than running boot sector. Disassemble boot sector, mod read boot sector code to write jump to monitor instruction over 'start game' or 'start secondary loader' instruction. If 'secondary loader' repeat: (disassemble, and add more 'self' modifying code) until 'file system' is working. Copy files over serial port to another computer with unencrypted file system.

One game even had the next eight levels available for undelete once at a monitor prompt.

Comment Re:"Marijuana is a gateway drug" (Score 2) 153

I wasn't born with my contempt for the law. It's a million pointless and/or unenforced laws that grew it over time.

My life's ambition continues to be 'invent a new crime' will be made illegal after I do it. Harder than it sounds. Damn 'Computer Fraud and Abuse Act' makes anything a federal judge doesn't like illegal, after the fact. Ips post facto, shmipspostfacto.

I realize that getting some bendejo judge to make something illegal after the fact technically completes my life's ambition. There is an implied 'get away with it' and a strongly preferred 'make a bunch of money'.

Comment Re:How is this different from any university? (Score 1) 327

Same thing happens in many fortune 500s. Reward for the corporate CEO that collects the most is a turn at the United Way president tit.

Terrible pass through % for a corrupt racket that does nothing.

You can use it to your advantage. Checking if a prospective employer is a 'united way partner' is a quick and easy way to filter out political hell holes. Fish rot from the head down, if the CEO is participating in that racket, (s)he is rotten. So is the rest of the org chart and almost certainly the board.

Comment Re:No one likes (Score 1) 637

See also: The Iran/Iraq war. Which was managed by a state department very similar to Bush's.

Sunni/Shia stalemate is the obvious strategy. It has worked for something like 1000 years. Kicks the Saudis and Iranians right in their weak spot. Bleed them of cash and young men.

Balance is the key, every crazy muslim going into Syria is a victory. they would be much more dangerous if they stayed in the west.

The problem for western politicians is they have to pretend to be 'against it', which means they have to pretend to be incompetent, which makes it hard to get reelected.

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