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Comment Re:Is there an actual shortage of energy? (Score 1) 269

They don't just pretend to compete. Do you know how a power pool dispatches units?

Owners bid into the market (the default bid is the unit's marginal cost), the system stacks the bids up against the load, cheapest first. Tells the units what to do, than pays them all their generation times the highest price unit running that hour.

All done in an auditable and transparent way. They are competing and they all make independent decisions regarding capacity expansion. The intention is to shake out the 'fat dumb and happy' nature of the government sponsored monopolists and have the most competitive organizations take over. They don't really want 7 parts, but likely expect 4 of them to fail and be bought up by the successful (hopefully from neighboring regions to promote more competition).

Of course that description is drastically simplified, ignores transmission, capacity charges and operational issues (where in 'emergencies' economics are just ignored until after the mess is handled).

We might have met, my client at the time was ETSA.

Comment Re: Where are big pharma's recreational drugs? (Score 1) 415

I did gallon milk jug gravity bongs of Ozark mountain retardo soaked in honey oil back when my tolerance was joints of mexican swag.

The second one was definitely an O.D...I'm glad nobody had phone cameras (or cell phones) when I was a kid.

These days, every year or three, I cook all my trim down in olive oil. People make stuff, brownies etc. I always warn them, but they never titrate their doses. O.D.s are more common than they should be. Nausea, claustrophobia, sweats, dizziness, paranoia, can last hours. Solution is 'eat your buzz': Get one saltine cracker down. Then a second. Repeat. Starchy things are best.

I don't like edibles. Boring long sleepy buzz.

Great for chemo patients and anybody who wants to be out of their head for 10 hours, sometimes even wake up hungry.

They need to sneak up on their dose. Buying random edibles is crazy. Poor quality control and consistency. Even if you find the same product two times.

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