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Comment Re:Theory without any empirical data to back it up (Score 1) 281

Be fair, the EIT and PE have nothing to do with those skills. PEs aren't any more likely to be 'well rounded individuals' than any other technical person.

The hubris you mention isn't limited to techs, need I point out...Lawyers and politicians. 'We write the laws, let's see about changing the laws of physics.'

What you describe sounds more like the business/systems analysts fell on their faces. It isn't the programmer's job to know the industry in detail.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 758

LOL, no.

Sanders only got that close because the Rs were supporting him, like the Ds supported Trump.

America won't be electing any Castro loving commies any time soon. Trump was a once in a lifetime boob with the nomination, engineered to give the victory to the worst candidate ever to run for president.

Sander is in a basket with 'what's his fuck' ('frothy mixture of shit and lube'). If you think he's a good candidate, it says more about you than anything. You are just as on the fringe as an evolution denying bible thumper, you just thump 'das kapital'.

Comment Re:Theory without any empirical data to back it up (Score 1) 281

You can get a PE in software engineering in the USA.

Of course to take the test you have to be under the supervision of another PE for a number of years, and the software engineer PE is new. So some interdisciplinary work is required.

Won't be a problem for those who will take it. They are all destined to work in aviation or power.

Most 'software engineers' couldn't pass the EIT. (To start their training period prior to taking the PE.) Most 'software engineers' can't tie their shoes and wave by-by.

Comment Re:Shocking (Score 4, Informative) 281

On the other hand, you have EEs like me.

Engineering runs a spectrum. From near cookbook, long practiced, design processes owned by PEs to prototypes hacked up with three opamps, a FPGA, a breadboard and a coat hanger.

Design of consumer product batteries is 'near cookbook long practiced'.

Even I could do it. Samsung wouldn't have given me the authority to tell the PHB they _needed_ volume Y for X mWh. I guarantee there was an Engineer or ten that knew this was a bad idea, but couldn't penetrate the layers of management between him and the person dictating required features.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 1) 758

Here, though, where Bernie Sanders - who's a 120 leagues left of any other elected Democrat - smeared Hugo Chavez as a "dead communist dictator". Here, where Chavez is 360 leagues to the right of Castro....

You're onto something. Castro is exactly in line with Chavez (as you say 360 degrees, one full turn).

The only one that's off is '120 degrees to the left of any other elected democrat'. Which is, again, pretty much right on top of Castro, 'authoritarian asshole with a justification', going further left of that takes you back into right wing.

Comment Re: EU is not Democracy (Score 0) 369

Threatening to 'tear off the GPs head and shit down his neck' is so far over the top it's silly. Threats that involve 'hanging someone by their intestines' are similar. Internet tough guy trolling.

Not remotely a 'true threat' unless the poster also knows the actual identity of the other, even then, really?

Doxing someone then threatening them with a flash mob at their employers/home is a more typical 'realistic threat'. But since it doesn't rise to direct calls for actual violence is 'protected'.

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