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Comment Re:Loss prevention is more interesting feature! (Score 2) 85

That the umbrella pairs ... that's a feature possibly worth $105.

Not when a $5 bluetooth-LE proximity tag will do the same job. And when your umbrella is wrecked, move the tag to the next one.

The tag can even beep if your app detects you are leaving and rain is forecast. Sorry to wreck the slashvertisement.

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 1) 1054

Gay? I was responding to a post mentioning gender. Did not realise you were talking about gays.
My point was that men and women are biologically different, and no amount of "rights" will change that.
It was a Monty Python reference, in case you missed that:

Comment Re:Twitter, aka @Jack, doesn't care about hate spe (Score 1, Insightful) 1054

The hate speech was in claiming people to be inferior ...

What does that have to do with hate? Most people don't hate their inferiors.

not entitled to the same rights as the rest of us because of their skin color or gender.

Whats the point of having the right to have babies if you don't have a womb?

Comment Re: Abdul Razak Ali Artan (Score 1) 1054

Yeah, we've seen presidents like Lincoln being the go-to example that have done things that aren't too constitutional.

Lincoln went to war, killing a million people (out of a 31m population), rather than letting some states cecede (who would have come crawling back in a decade or two when their economy failed). That is something I hope Trump does not emulate when California votes for independence.

Comment Backup or mirror? (Score 1) 106

Does this do actual backups like Apple's time-machine?

Or just another cloud service like Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc etc. , bundled while a standard 1TB HDD?

Because a mirror is quite useless if you want to recover an old version of a document, or those photos you accidentally deleted 3 months ago.
You still need to do real backups.

A shame Slashdot can't find a more interesting way to monetise the site.

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