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Comment Re:Why not covered by insurance? (Score 1) 194

And yet countries like Canada where I live have a lower healthcare spend per capita, we have a longer life expectancy, and nobody here goes bankrupt from medical conditions.

I think you just described all other developed countries too.
While true that US healthcare is exceptionally expensive, there is not evidence it is to blame for the lower life expectancy in the US.
More road accidents, violence (notably guns), racial mix, and obesity do appear to be factors.

i.e. US healthcare is very effective, just horrifically expensive, both to individuals, and as a percentage of GDP.

Comment Re:Expect conservative meltdown. (Score 1) 367

but you've provided a great example of one that doesn't.

He was just trying to lighten the mood, but you are shying away from the facts. Blacks do, on average have longer penises, and asians shorter.
The differences are statistically quite significant, but much smaller than people imagine. Less than a centimetre.

You might say the bell-end curves have a large overlap. (thankyou)

But if it follows a normal distribution, even a small difference in average means you are going to have a lot more black guys at the extreme porn-star end of the distribution. So I guess if you are not paying much attention to penises, and only notice the exceptionally well hung ones in the shower room. it would be easy to get the impression that the average difference is more than it is.

By downplaying the difference, and not even mentioning which way it goes, you provide a good example of a subject where liberals avoid facts (though not outright denying them). Penis size is a good example, because its not especially controversial, and everyone likes to talk about dicks.

Comment Assume all are vulnerable with physical access. (Score 1) 95

This is good. A way to make unlocking the bootloader easier.
We should all already assume that a person with extended physical access to a phone can get control over it.
The only protection is full-device encryption with a strong password. (Or PIN with crypto chip done better than the iPhone the FBI was recently in the news over.)

We don't want to have to enter that every time we unlock the screen, so a compromise is to use the encryption password on boot-up, and a fingerprint/PIN/pattern on screen unlock.

Comment Re:Only surprise is that it has taken so long (Score 4, Informative) 221

Its economics. A consumer drone costs $1000, compared to RPG grenades which were selling for $100, but now $500 according to the CSM:

As the war drags on, and munitions prices rise, alternatives become more attractive.

how could you even shoot it down? And in a city, would you even be able to try shooting it down?

Shotgun. And seriously? Afraid of disturbing the peace in Aleppo?

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