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Comment Imagine (Score 1) 103

Imagine a real free market.
Imagine effective regulators creating a marketplace where anyone can contribute content, and set their price per view. And conditions such as allowing adverts to be inserted or overlayed, or to refuse permission.
Where any distributor can source content from anywhere, add value such as links to reviews, parental filters, extra language subtitles, whatever ... and choose their own cost margin.
Imagine a world where consumers can choose their content independently of the distribution and local display device.
Where filmakers get paid on the popularity of their product, and consumers willingness to pay, not on arcane backroom bundling negotiations.

No strong DRM needed, just digital watermarks and signed serial numbers to allow oversight and make cheating harder.
All this is possible, except the lobbyists would never allow it.

Comment Re:Since neither is getting elected (Score 1) 240

They routinely pass law that violates the constitution,

You mean the same US constitution written by men who had waged war against their own parliament and king?
And who allied with that nation's enemies, the French?

Maybe the constitution needed a firm preamble: "Do what we say and not what we do.".

Comment Number portability (Score 2) 147

In Australia, and presumably other countries with number portability, SMS authentication is a joke.
While a SIM has strong crypto, and cannot easily be cloned, it is trivial to steal someones phone number by 'porting' it to another SIM.
The only 'secret' you need is their account number (dumpster dive, emails, social engineer or mailbox) or date of birth for prepaid.

The only thing less secure is those password resets, that ask for the make of your first car, etc - something guessable or found on your facebook profile.

Comment Re:Cheesy 80's movie excuse (Score 1, Insightful) 769

WikiLeaks has shown great interest in anti-US material, and comparatively very little interest in anything that disparages Russia.

You have some evidence that Wikileaks has been receiving and withholding Russian documents? What is this material disparaging Russia that they have been rejecting?
Being against the American invasions of other countries hardly makes him pro-Russian. Unless you subscribe to the idiotic "you are either with us or against us" mentality.

Comment Re:Suuure (Score 1) 56

took one phrase out of context,

If you want context, don't quote without attribution.

I didn't say that either of those phones were low-end.

No, you equated "better value" with low end.

should concentrate on value rather than features (i.e. make cheap, low-end phones).

There! You just did it again.

Comment Re:Why would Putin fear Clinton? (Score 3, Insightful) 769

That's the part I don't get. Putin has to know from experience that he can walk all over Hillary.

RTFA. Even if it is Russian GRU, they have other plausible motives. It could be simple tit for tat on recent leaks that have embarrassed Putin.
There is no reason to believe they prefer Trump. The Russians would be more comfortable with the devil they know.

Comment Re:Suuure (Score 2) 56

Not "low end" - the Moto-G and Moto-X represent good value mid and high-end phones.
The X competed with the iPhone 6+ and Galaxy flagship at a substantially lower price. High hardware specs and unadulterated Android.

The Z (Zee or Zed?) does not represent the same value.
And the clip-on modules? The only one making the slightest sense over wireless accessories is the power pack, and they've never been hits compared to general-purpose portable USB power-banks. The Moto X fast-charge made it even less useful (claims "up to 8 hours of power in just 15 minutes of charging" using a QC2 charger).

Comment Re:Thank god for Trump! (Score 2) 382

But what happened to all the good Republican candidates?
I'm a long way away from the US, but trying to make sense of it. There there did not seem to be one Republican contender of the calibre of John McCain or Mitt Romney.
The party was able to select those two strong contenders in previous elections, but now the best they could find was Jeb Bush!?
I know the party has capable intelligent leaders in state politics, so why did none of them run for the presidential nomination this time?

Comment Re:Treason? (Score 3, Interesting) 300

apparently, you have no idea what how treason is defined by the US Constitution.

Of course, that document was written by a bunch of guys who had just willingly committed treason, justified or not, against their former country and king ('a man do levy war against the king in his realm') by so they should know exactly what they were talking about.

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