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Comment Re:Minor damage (Score 2) 133

Pedantic note: The bomb dropped on Hiroshima wasn't "nuclear", it was "atomic".

They are all "nuclear". Fission splits the nucleus in two.

> uses nuclear fusion to achieve most of its yield.

Not necessarily. In a big bomb, most of the yield can actually come from fission of the U238 tamper in the secondary.
The "Tsara Bomba" was only 50MT instead of 100 because the replaced the U238 damper with lead.

> "Atomic" bombs are fission-only devices

No, not always. They can be fusion-boosted single-stage weapons.
You're not real great at this "being pedantic" lark eh? :-)

Comment Re:How to get it in future? Where is it lodged? (Score 0) 397

"Gender Dysphoria" is not a mental illness. Unless being gay is a mental illness too, ...

There is no simple definition of mental illness. You have to look at the impact of the condition. Does it stop a person from being happy and functioning in society?
If a man likes to put on a dress when he goes out partying every Saturday, that could be seen as a harmless eccentricity. But if you get to the point of wanting drugs and major surgery for your "condition", I'd call that a serious mental illness. Especially since the treatment is not very successful as resolving the dysphoria.
Many gays on the other hand seem to get by just fine as they are. Its only an illness if one takes a Darwinian viewpoint.

Comment Re:So medium is now a small? (Score 4, Insightful) 177

Because readers paid the newspapers and that money was used by the newspapers to pay journalists

No it was not. The cover price was not even enough for printing costs. What paid for those journalists was classified advertising, called "rivers of gold" by Rupert Murdoch.
Of course the internet killed the classified ads, and online subscriptions can never replace that.

Comment Re:NIMBY in full effect (Score 2) 445

I can see the logic in preferring people who donate, but if you go down that route you have to start thinking about people who smoke and destroy their lungs, or drink and wreck their liver

We already do. Alcoholics don't get new livers. Smokers are pushed way down the list of transplant recipients for anything. You want a new kidney? Then stop smoking and lose weight if obese. We do not hold patients responsible for past sins, but we do for current ones.
    So by analogy, you would not consider how long someone had been on the organ donor list, just if they are on it at the time they find out they want to be a recipient.

Comment Re: Fairy Tales (Score 3, Interesting) 205

The reality is that there isn't really a way to CONFIRM the existence of Jesus after 2000 years,

Many people would find this a revelation! They regard Jesus as a real historical figure like the prophets Mohammed or John Smith.
They think Jesus is as real a Julius Caesar or Socrates, but it turns out to be a story that may or may not be based on a real person.

The Jesus we know is from stories written well after his death by people who never met him. How many Christians wrongly think the gospels were written by the apostles? The stories were circulated verbally for decades before being written down in something like their current form.

The oldest books in the new testament are by St Paul (who wrote about half of the letters that are traditionally ascribed to him), who also never met Jesus. He is the main source of the Jesus character, and we have no way of knowing how accurate Paul was, how much of his version is invention. But there are certainly many similarities between Paul's Jesus, and previous figures of legend. At the least, Jesus of Nazareth is a composite character.

Comment Re:Hypocracy (Score 2) 236

That's just not true. More often than not, there's no invasion, instead of group of puppet opponents are trained and funded by the USA. Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Nicaragua, Argentina, Chile, Zaire/Congo, Cuba, Colombia, Panama, El Salvador, Ghana, Haiti, Honduras, Uruguay, Guatemala. Probably many others.

Not just 3rd-world countries. Some have seen the CIA fingerprints on the US's closest allies.

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