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Comment Re:That's the big problem... (Score 1) 65

Backups are good.
For anyone using google, they make it very easy to download a copy of *all* your data.
If you use Android, that's probably your email, photos, calendar, location history, search history, contacts, medical records, DNA sequence, and sexual deviations, ...

They will bundle your whole life up into one little insignificant tar file.

Go here:

Comment Re:minwage $11.40-$9.90 (Score 1) 496

It basically has no impact on employment.

The 50% "tax" rate will have an effect, surely?

> A single person could receive up to about $17,000 a year, minus half of any income he or she earns.

Will they be paying tax on top as well?
For a person on minimum wage (which is very low in Canada) that might mean only $5/hr net. Not much incentive to do legitimate taxable work!
Instead they will be pushed to cash-in-hand work, or be better off out of the economy and spending time doing their own cooking, repairs, hunting for used goods, etc.
Either way, it will show up on the books as a reduction in employment, no matter how hard they are really working.

Such a high effective tax rate is dooming the trial before it begins. Its almost like they want it to fail.

Comment Re:19th and 20th century powerhouse (Score 4, Insightful) 206

now that the first world has exhausted theirs and no longer needs it.

Most of the world's coal exports are from developed countries, notably Australia, USA and Russia.
You are twisting facts to your political agenda.

Maybe Britain would be less full of shit if they started contributing to building of the infrastructure of Africa,

Britain build a great deal of Africa's infrastructure. Unfortunately most of it has fallen into neglect and decay since independence.

Comment Re:American problem is American (Score 1) 438

I was just in the UK and did not see a lot of laundry hanging outside,

Too cold and damp for that now. They'd be hanging them indoors, possibly in the closet with the central-heating furnace.
I'm in Australia, where we all use a Hills Hoist in the back yard, and keep a cheap tumble dryer for rare wet spells. Hardly used, so efficiency is unimportant.

    Only the poor people in high-rise blocks of flats use dryers, so kind of the opposite to the US. Laundromats have dryers of course, but are almost as extinct as video libraries now.

Comment Re:When did it happen? (Score 1) 83

Nope, read the article again. You were making fun of Stan as if it was all so simple, but you got it wrong. His question was legitimate.

"11 billion light years away" is nowhere near the same as "11 billion years ago" due to cosmic expansion.
I think TFA got it wrong too. The galaxy is *not* 11Gly away.

Though I'm also tempted to make fun of Stan, given his terrible spelling and grammar, I know if I did I'd a mistake make too.

Comment Re:great disturbance (Score 1) 83

Too soon. ... You joke, but it may well have wiped out one or many advanced lifeforms.
Perhaps regular events like these sterilised planets and prevented complex live from developing for the first 10 billion years of so of the universe's history, and only now are a few of us getting lucky enough to make it this far.

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