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Comment Re:Too late (Score 1) 269

Until it does not work due to a networks error

Do you really think merchants don't have manual backup for the extremely rare occasions when that happens?

or you forgot your pin.

So you can't remember a 4-digit number? Must suck to be you.

Also, you are a bit of an arse if you use your card on anything less than 5 bucks these days.

And why is that, exactly?

FWIW, I usually carry the equivalent of US$20-30, and use it for little things like a takeaway lattè. But plenty of people here just use their card for that sort of thing, and I do, too, if I happen not to have cash. And nobody so much as blinks at that. Which leads us back to the question above--why should they?

Comment Re:That's absurd. All Macs & iPhones have blue (Score -1, Troll) 164

iphones do NOT have bluetooth anymore!

note, BLE (low energy) is NOT AT ALL even CLOSE to what BT was. its a totally new thing, not interoperable and sharing only the stupid name for marketing reasons.

apple is STOOPID for abandoning bt classic. yet another reason I have no desire to own any apple product. time after time, their control-freak nature rubs me the wrong way.

Comment Re:Vote-flipping Evidence (Score 2) 147

There are already a lot of videos circulating that show vote-flipping, where you vote for A, but the machine records B. Making selfies illegal would make the evidence that this has happeened inadmissable in court.

Are you a cop by any chance? Because you do not understand the rules of evidence. Evidence gathered by a citizen during the commission of a crime is still admissible in court. It's evidence gathered by a police officer that isn't.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 1004

You need some sort of hybrid approach, where you convince easiest 99% of people to be peaceful, but retain enough military capability to dissuade the remaining stubborn 1% from doing anything nuts. Which is more or less what we're doing today.

Rather less, I should think. What we're doing today is radicalizing 1% with bombings, drone strikes, interference with democratic elections, etc etc so that we can have excuses for endless war.

Comment Re:The foxes own the hen house (Score 1) 79

Before you make that claim you need to prove that location tracking is somehow incredibly detrimental to the life of people.

If you were to emerge from your little bubble of safety with eyes open and brain engaged, I think you'd very quickly find plenty of cases in which it could be incredibly detrimental to some people.

Comment Re:English losing its elegance (Score 1) 79

Contrast that with Mandarin, where you could have a sentence where carelessly raising, then dropping, the pitch of some word in the middle of the sentence instead of simply dropping it could transform it from something a parent might say to their child into something that could be interpreted as crude, inflammatory sexual slang that would make guys in an American locker room cringe because it's *so* bad.

Not nearly as likely as it might seem. (To my relief, I might add.) For one thing, although each Chinese *character* represents a syllable, Chinese *words* are not necessarily monosyllables. While there are pairs that can be easily confused (e.g. mãi "buy" and mài "sell"), these tend not to be used in isolation for just that reason ("buy" is usually gòumãi, and "sell" is often shòumài). In addition, there's a lot of variation--even amongst Mandarin speakers, some words are spoken with different tones in different localities, so Mandarin speakers tend to have a very forgiving ear, just as most English speakers have no trouble recognising any of "ai", "ah", and "oi" as the first person singular pronoun that all English speakers write as "I".

(I'm using the tilde to represent the low tone, BTW, because fucking Slashdot won't let me fucking use anything with a fucking caron. Idiots.)

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