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Comment Re:Austin 16 minute commute? (Score 2) 177

A good friend of mine lives in Austin and his commute is less than 10

When I worked for Tivoli it took me five minutes just to walk across the Arboretum (at which point I was at work, because I was in the nearest possible apartment complex.) I call shenanigans. Even then it was unusual to have less than a fifteen minute commute. All my friends say the 35 is now a parking lot any time it's vaguely near commute time. If you live in Austin, and you actually have a commute worthy of the name, you're not making it in ten minutes.

Comment Re: Austin 16 minute commute? (Score 2) 177

Who lives in Stockholm and pays less than $1500/month for an apartment? (Or did they exclude second hand rent, which is 300% of list price?)

Stockholm isn't exactly cheap, granted, but if you're paying that much for a flat there, you're doing it wrong. My mortgage + maintenance for a 105 kvm (almost 1100 sqft, which is huge for Stockholm) 3BR ("fyra rum + kök") is about half that, it takes about 5 minutes to walk to the nearest stop on the Tunnelbana and it's about 15 minutes to ride the train from there to Centralen.

ProTip1: You do NOT have to live on Kungsholmen or Södermalm to have a nice home in a nice neighbourhood with easy access to downtown. I'm right next to Nacka Reservatet, too.

ProTip2: The rental market in Stockholm is the most completely fucked up I've seen anywhere, and I've lived all over the US and 4 other countries. Buying is heaps cheaper, and that way you get equity as part of the deal.

Comment Re:"Shows Why We Can't Have Nice Things For Cheap" (Score 1) 238


You just can't make a ball "too good". Any sport is highly regulated. Screwing around with the elements too much will be viewed as a rules violation. There just isn't that much to invent here.

This is just more of the usual "patents run amok" that we see in our own domain. It should not surprise anyone that it happens with "physical stuff" too.

Comment Re:Where's the news? (Score 1) 238

> There's nothing about a golf ball that makes it unworthy of patents.

This statement is most likely false. Golf is an old well established sport with set rules. The ball itself is a very simple item that's at the center of the game. The idea that there is any "secret sauce" in any sports ball is on it's face absurd. You have a high bar to reach to argue to the contrary.

This is more likely than not a manifestation of the bullshit we see in the parts of the patent system we are intimately familiar with.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 3, Interesting) 276

Performing a banked approach is a standard procedure taught to all student pilots and is simple maneuver.

Great, now do it on a curve, which (as has been pointed out elsewhere) will change your relationship to the wind as the process occurs. Maybe not a big deal for a little bitty plane, unless there is much wind. Definitely a big deal for a bigger plane. It's just adding too many factors when most problems already happen on takeoff or landing.

Comment Re:Only viable if all planes land themselves (Score 1) 276

I don't think it is that hard. Then again I am not a pilot, and I am guessing you are neither,

Okay, have you ever landed a 747 in a simulation? I did it on a Mac IIci with a mouse at about 8 fps, so it's not very like real flying, but it's a nice illustration of how complicated it is — especially since it was non-trivial even with all hazards turned off.

Comment Re:Is it roleplay, or an actual lifestyle? (Score 1) 561

If that strictly personal belief did not negatively influence the quality of his work,

The Drupal project's "work" is more than simply producing Drupal. That's why their mission statement or code of conduct or whatever explicitly states that they seek to promote equality. If you don't believe in promoting equality, you shouldn't work for a place whose mission is promoting equality.

Their concern is probably twofold, one is hiring people who promote their values, and the other is having someone who doesn't believe in their values on staff makes it look like they don't believe in them either.

Dries also said in his blog post that there were other considerations which he is not going to discuss. Everyone in this thread is assuming that isn't the case, when Dries explicitly said that it was.

Comment Re:In the name of tolerance (Score 1) 561

Acceptance of abuse is not tolerance. It is just abuse.

When it comes to BDSM the line becomes murky. The basic guideline is "Safe, sane and consensual" but all of those words mean different things to different people, even consent. This is why communication is critical in all relationships, but even moreso in BDSM. I've had someone come in from out of town to play and then refuse to communicate with me. They had some fantasy of me simply doing things to/with them. But that kind of bullshit leads to people being hurt. Or hell, incarcerated. No communication, no play, because there is no consent.

There are lots of "BDSM" relationships which are simply abusive, with a partner being coerced and manipulated into maintaining the relationship. Probably more of them are healthy, but that doesn't change the fact.

Political correctness often urges us to treat all belief systems the same, but all belief systems are not the same. Some of them are inherently prejudiced. People cannot participate in them without being inherently prejudiced. Some of those prejudices are harmful. As a species we are in the process of realizing that women are not inferior to men. Some of us have gotten stuck.

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