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Journal Journal: Last log entry

I'm leaving my excellent karma here (probably worth shit nowadays, anyone has now excellent karma but I had it before it was cool): I've seen beta and it is what pushed me over the edge. /. had been going bad for a while now but beta added the rotting smell.
Goodbye, thanks for all the fish, and hop by at
Signing off.


Journal Journal: Cheap DVD

There I was, cleaning up my HD because I wanted to 'evaluate' a torrent of Buckaroo Banzai, when I decided whether it was for sale an lo and behold: EUR 6.99 for the DVD, including free P&P. Why bother the download then? Now I only have to convince the she-boss that it's a bargain, and then I'm a happy bunny :) I wish they did that for more movies from a certain age, I would do things way more legally.
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Journal Journal: Hidden comments 2

I always browse at -1, that's what I do and I'm fast scroller enough to skip through the copypasta of for instance the GNAA. Since a couple of weeks though I notice abou 10 in 350 comments are hidden (on average) and there is no way I can un-hide them. Any suggestions or explanation?

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Journal Journal: going going going

Gone to Greece, be back within a fortnight. (no, no internets, no keyboards, just a petite Java-book hidden between the Penthouses)
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Journal Journal: career move 2

Having worked in a school as a servicedesk-employee, after the holidays I'll start a job as teacher in MediaTechnology to 17+-yr olds. Already for the last 3 months I've filled a position there, to add a 'tech' odour to the classes, and it appears they appreciate it. Oh well. And the G3 had been replaced by a G4 1gHz, so that problem has been solved. Still not installed Ubuntu though. BSD is very likeable too, pretty live-cd's..
Wireless (Apple)

Journal Journal: iPhone? shows a picture of an iPhone. Now there are some things that are a bit... weird:
- the name on the back, should not be necessary
- the red an the green button: too generic, not quite apple-like
- headphones? No option to hold the thing against your ear? Bluetooth headset? Dunno...
- memory-slot on the side: looks a bit smallish

Resuming: nice try, but too ipoddish. By the way: do I read '20GB' on the lower back?

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Journal Journal: Accepted entry! Forgive me for not being able to stop grinning.
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Journal Journal: Haute cuisine 6

Simpel question: what ingredients belong in an Irish stew? Not a quiz, just want to know how to make an original stew that would be recognised as such by an Irishman. Can't find convincing stuff on this subject on the internot.
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Journal Journal: achtung

When children of young age don't drink at least two pints of liquid a day, within 2 days they might end up in a hospital with nose-probe and IV.

After 2 days the child may die, or be lucky.

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Journal Journal: again: no googling!! 3

Two this time: yes weekend started early for me :-) No multiple choice, and 'Celine Dion' is none of the answers.
1)Remember 'The Doors'? Where does the name come from?
2)The United States of America: where does the 'America'-bit come from?

Nothing to lose, nothing to win, just some satisfaction.

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