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Comment Plugins are not Extensions... (Score 5, Informative) 106

Important distinction:

chrome://plugins/ is where the internal PDF viewer is enabled or disabled.
chrome://extensions/ is where you put uBlock, or your corporate overlords install WebSense.

Plugins are moving to chrome://settings/content

That's it. INTERNAL PLUGINS ARE GETTING MOVED to a new menu location.

Comment Re:Sys-Admins? (Score 1) 332

The software is available and it does work.

In some environments, access to your servers might happen only from a jump box where everything is recorded.

This sucks when someone wants to fire you, and it's great when the people who implement it know humans make mistakes and want to be able to fix fuckups because we have visual records of changes.

Comment Cox HAS a three-strikes policy and uses it. (Score 3, Informative) 97

Trust me. I have two strikes.

On strike 1, they captive portal, and you can press an "I'm sorry, I won't do it again" button and restart your router/computers.
On strike 2, they captive portal, and you have to call customer support and get a lecture, where they tell you about strike three.
On strike 3, it's a one year ban in service.

Comment Privacy Aside (Score 1) 195

....most posts are about privacy, but here's a few that make my life enjoyable in Chrome that aren't privacy related.

General items:

Fireshot - sort of a snipping tool for webpages.
OneTab - a good tab saver and restorer.
Context Menu Search - adds configurable context searchers (IDMB, Wiki, Magic Cards, whatever)
Visualping - takes snapshots of webpages, checks them for changes.

Fun items:

Destiny Item Manager - for, well, Destiny item management.
F.B. Purity - cleans unwanted items from Facebook, since it's an evil I must tolerate.
Reddit Enhancement Suite - vastly improves Reddit.

Comment Re:My brain hurts (Score 1) 183

A Leaf will not hit 100 easily, short of freefall.

It's speed limited to IIRC 93mph, which is simple factor of the electric motor's top limited RPM and the size of the tires. [I actually believe it's actually 90, with the typical speedo adjustment for liability purposes.] Math says 90ish. Nissan says 90's. One guy on a Dyno said 97. Reverse is electronically limited to 25 :)

Here's the details:

On level ground, about 94mph indicated.

The motor is turning about 10,300 RPM divided by a 7.8 reduction gear box is 1320 RPM of the wheels, which are about 23 inches in diameter.

23 * pi = 72.25 inches multiplied by 1320 = 95,378 inches per minute multiplied by 60 minutes equals 5,722,720 inches per mile divided by 12 equals 476,893 feet per hour divided by 5280 equals 90.3 miles per hour ground speed, which is about 92-93 indicated speed.

Too much rounding. The gear ratio is actual above 7.8, but I don't remember off the top of my head and the tire may be slightly larger. Motor speed is slightly above 10,300 RPM also.

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