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Comment Re:Makes perfect sense (Score 1) 333

I am not trying to sound like an apple apologist but really is the headphone jack that big of a deal?

Yes, it is. I listen to smooth jazz and blues in my 2012 Lamborghini.... okay, its a 2012 Honda Civic. Do you know how many station are on the radio that plays Jazz and Blues? Not many.

To hear music in my car I have to use a patch cable that goes from my phone to my car. Now I could have gotten a car with blue tooth or I could get a Bluetooth adapter,

So yes. If I couldn't drive to work listening to Jazz on spotify then my coworkers would really hate me.

Comment No Surprise here (Score 1) 471

This shouldn't surprise anyone. Explorers have been doing since the first "man" left Africa. When you are going where no man has gone before, the prospect of dying there is a real possibility.

Especially when space travel is involved. Armstrong and Aldrin actually had pretty low chances to return from the moon. They actually expected they would die there. That didn't stop them from going.

When boldly going where no one has gone before, death is always a possibility. Just let some one else wear the red shirt. Why tempt fate?

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