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Comment In other news... (Score 1) 464

... Hardware bought from costs even less than Macs because it's pre-vetted by their 3-man company to "Just Work". the only "support" calls that they get are down to flaky USB host chipsets, BIOS DRM/whitelisting which prevents certain WIFI cards from being recognised, and the *very* very occasional request for driver support for OSes that are getting on for 15 years old. they sell ACM dial-up modems because they get calls from people who have upgraded from windows xp only to find that their old conexant softmodem is "so old" it no longer works. they buy and sell printers that don't require firmware uploads and have "generic" drivers - postscript, PCL and so on. we don't *have* to live on the treadmill: it's a choice, to tolerate the pain, cost, stress and distress of living with hardware that's designed for obsolescence, trapped by our own desire to pay less for less.

Comment Re:Were the users randomized? (Score 1) 464

Okay, I'm going to assume you are not working in IT since you don't know what a domain controller (DC) is. If you are working in IT, you should find some other line of work.

Yes, Mac and other computers, need to be plugged into a DC just like any windows box in a working environment. I'm sitting 5 feet from a mac on a DC just like all the windows and Linux boxes in this organization. Modern computer administration is all about central management of resources. And that is usually done from a domain controller.

Comment Re:And the devs and engineers... (Score 1) 464

What I find is when people are trying to get "real work" done on a Mac in a "production" environment they are usually doing that work in a VM running Windows. I wonder if they took the cost of having to maintain Windows in side a Mac as apart of their analyst?

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 505

Your argument has a major flaw. You claim vaccines are a fraud, yet there are literally mountains of evidence that prove you wrong.

You are correct that the can'ts are a threat, but the more we can limit the number of vaccinated the stronger herd immunity becomes. The won'ts hurt this through a conscious decision, their only reason is they don't want to. Their selfishness puts more people at risk.
If you cannot understand why we forgive the ones who cannot be vaccinated and blame the ones who choose not to then you are probably the same kind of selfish ass who would choose not to.

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