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Comment Re:Release it with source code unde GPL (Score 1) 237

Quake 1 isn't nearly as popular as StarCraft though. I remember playing a Gundam TC that worked with the Broodwar expansion, so even if they don't release assets, there'd be a few versions of alternative assets ready to go on day 1.

On an unrelated note, the source code will probably be a good educational tool for people trying to study video game programming.

Comment Re:Even simpler, increase the wages (Score 1) 619

If the US isn't going to let them in, they'll just go somewhere else, like Europe. If they were the kind of people who would go out of their way to help their own kind, then you wouldn't need to force them to go back.

Sending those smart people back won't do any good anyways. Almost all poor country problems are political. South Africa had a good run until the black-on-white racism went overboard. Somalia was also doing fine until it got fucked by Islamists. But Nigeria is growing rapidly because they kicked out the junta and established a stable government. It doesn't take a very smart person to figure out that constant civil war hurts economic development.

Comment Simple solution (Score 3, Insightful) 384

There's a simple solution: fix the training data. The AI cannot learn about humans except through its training data. It doesn't interact with men or women and has no idea what those words represent, except in relation to the other words it was given. If we give it racist data, it will learn to be racist, as Microsoft's chat bot learned last year. If we give it PC data, it will be PC. In the end it's the fault of whoever trained the program if it became biased.

Comment Re:What most people don't seem to get (Score 1) 399

Obviously $2 a day is not possible in places with higher CoL. I mentioned it because anyone can use those people as inspiration. I met a cab driver in India who made $23 a month. That's his total income. The government does nothing for him. Plus he has a wife and 2 kids. Yet somehow he shows up to work with a clean shirt and good manners.

Comment Re:What most people don't seem to get (Score 1) 399

What makes this so difficult for many people is that their expenses are nearly as much as their income with little to no room to decrease expenses.

I really doubt that. It's easy to say your expenses are fixed and you can't get by with less, but that's almost never the case.

Unless you are:

  • * Eating rice and beans for every meal
  • * Sharing a room with 3 others
  • * Driving a car that costs $3k
  • * Sharing an internet connection with your roommates
  • * Wearing clothes bought more than 2 years ago
  • * And paying for absolutely 0 subscription services

You absolutely have room to reduce your "fixed" expenses. If you find it hard to live like that, go take a look at how billions of 3rd-world people survive on $2 a day. Their ingenuity might surprise you.

Comment Re:Numbers (Score 1) 575

If you were in a car accident, crawl to the class on bloody stumps to hand it in or find someone to do it for you, but there would be no leniency for a late submission.

What if I have ebola and am bleeding from all orifices?

Comment Re:Yeah, well... (Score 1) 903

For the annual military budget of $600 billion, you can buy 450 nuclear submarines

Yeah, but who is going to operate those subs?

I guess it never occurred to you that I could spend a quarter on the subs and the rest on maintenance?

And great job on missing the point entirely, which is: $600 billion is far too much for a defensive force. The US is perfectly safe with just a dozen nuclear subs, which could be had for $20 billion, plus a few more billion per year for maintenance.

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