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Comment Re:American exceptionalism (Score 1) 297

If the US politicians ever decided they wanted unrestricted open warfare against a country there are only a couple of countries (Russia and China, mostly due to their nuclear arsenal) that would be able to stop the US military from simply steamrolling over them.

Right, because we totally won in Vietnam and Korea.

Comment Re:We need "detente" between employers/employees (Score 1) 622

If new hires aren't immediately productive after spending 16-20 years in the educational system, then the educational system is fundamentally broken.

A university education is not job training. Every industry has a diverse selection of tools they use and they differ from company to company. If universities taught students how to use every single industry tool, then students would waste even more time studying. So instead, universities teach the underlying theory, which is the essential part that's common to everything the industry uses. Students don't really need to know all the tools when they graduate. They can pick up the details once they start working and they only need to learn the tools that a particular company uses.

The other problem with job-specific training is that it needs to be redone every once in a while, whereas a university education lasts a lifetime. When new technologies come out, someone who understands the theory will pick it up very quickly. But someone who only had training on a particular tool will need to spend a long time learning to use the new thing.

Comment Re:I am Jack's total lack of surprise. (Score 3, Interesting) 249

The problem isn't just some 0.X% being over charged, it's being over charged and being unable to do anything about it. The power company's response is always "you used more this month", and there's literally nothing you can do about it. It's in the same problem category as cops shooting black people. Nobody is saying we can avoid all the accidents, but everyone wants justice system to stop shielding the cops from any and all liability.

Comment Re:It is not the hour, it is the change (Score 1) 352

I honestly don't understand why it matters which time zone we end up in. Businesses that want to open early will open at 7 AM if we go with UTC -8:00 and 8 AM with UTC -7:00. If a business needs daylight to do work, then they can adjust their own working hours throughout the year. If dawn is 5 AM in the summer, then start work at 5 AM. If it's 9 AM in the winter, then start work at 9.

If you want people to have more daytime after work, you might as well just make a law that says work must end no later than 3 PM. Or better yet, end overtime exemptions. That'd prevent people from working 80 hour weeks.

Comment Re:Interesting proof of concept (Score 2) 88

I have a hard time believing their costs. I'm sure everything is cheaper in Russia, but can you really build a foundation for $277? I mean, they're generally $5-10k here in the US. They also don't take into account the design cost, which would be pretty significant, given how frequently people want to customize their homes.

Comment More human work? (Score 4, Informative) 440

There might be more human work at some locations. Faster service using kiosks might bring in more customers in that restaurant, but the total number of meals people eat always stays the same, which means other non-automated restaurants are losing customers. Since the automated restaurant is serving more people with the same number of employees, the overall effect is a decrease in labor.

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