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Comment Re: This needs to stay (Score 1) 268

you're dumb enough to esteem the judgment of a guy who hired someone dumb enough to take money from foreign sources and not report it

Oh, you're referring to the guy THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION gave a security clearance to in 2016, following a review of his business dealings in Russia? That guy? One of the reasons he didn't get even more scrutiny while being considered for that job was the fact that the previous administration had just vetted him post Russian involvement and considered him worthy of an unsponsored security clearance. Which you know, but you're pretending you don't so you can spew your usual phony ad hominem. Thanks for tending so carefully to your ongoing hypocrisy display. Continue!

Comment Re:EE Degree (Score 1) 184

Ever studied dynamic systems? The journey from Newton's first principles to the Hamiltonians and Lagrangians too a couple hundred years for a reason: the math of modeling the evolution of a stateful classical system is very distant from the math that describes that system in some elegant way. The connection between the two is non-obvious, to say the least.

State in programming is very straightforward, though I guess it's equally distant from the elegant mathematical systems of the lambda calculus and combinator logic.

Not to mention the fact that the best programming is only frugally stateful anyway.

That's certainly the current fad. The best programming is "whatever approach keeps things simple", which is never going to be the same tool for all jobs.

Comment Re:No keyboard? That's nothing! (Score 1) 95

Ever had this thing called eclipsed files with ClearCase? Ever received a huge E-mail with fifty "element"-lines as reply "can you give me your branch so that I can help out with your feature?". Ever didn't know what version of a file you were looking at because the config_spec has some magical order in that it processes said element lines (making me call ClearCase the SchrÃdingers Cat Management - you have to open the box to know if your code was dead or alive, and opening it kills it).

Ever saw compilation performance drop to 500% or 600% or more slower due to fstat being called on each and every header file in a preprocessed .cpp file's output over the network? (so, network latency is killing your compiler's speed). Ever had a SCM that required you to rewrite all your Makefiles in some absurdly stupid format so that some omake thing understands it?

Ever had to head time and time again that it's all your fault because "you don't use ClearCase right". While when you ask the ClearCase fanboys "so then how do I use it?" you basically get IBM this and IBM that and IBM is great and no answers.

I'm going to stop.. before I mental because of thinking about the horror I've been through.

Sorry. No keyboard. Poor guy.

Yes to most all of this.
We had a *dedicated* CC management team of about 20 people.
Seriously, their *entire* job was manage CC and related bullshit.
So I didn't have to deal with the "you're not doing it right, but no help for you either." I got "you're not doing it right, use this tool we created that takes the input you gave and transmogrifies it to CC brainfuck".

Comment Re:So what's the issue? (Score 1) 202

So you're telling me that they should have owned the issue that they caused, and worked around it instead of putting the burden and blame on the customer? Why, that's like an airline unexpectedly needing 4 seats to get its employees to another airport on time, and thus putting them on a turboprop or in a company car instead of calling the cops to beat up the passenger who won't give up his seat!

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