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Comment Re: Prepare to be (Score 1) 407

Dark matter/energy does exactly that, un-observable theoretical concepts to explain contradictions between reality and physical laws

You got that backwards. Dark matter and energy are things we observe that can't be explained by existing theory. That's why they're "dark": no accepted explanation for them.

Why can't dark energy explain emDrive then?

Dark energy has been quantified, and it's really weak. Vastly weaker than gravity, and that's saying something. It's only the dominant energy in the universe because it's present in empty space - even the very empty space between galactic clusters - which makes up most of the universe by volume.

Comment Re:SETI is a waste of time and money (Score 1) 96

SETI's cost is minimal. Not minimal in the governmental "a billion here, a billion there" sense, but in the "operating budget of a moderately successful mcdonalds" sense. We spend tens of billions on all the other things on your list, so saying "that SETI money could be better used over here" is simply not a credible statement.

Comment Re:Perpetual motion machine of the first type (Score 1) 407

I don't follow - are you talking about the GR red/blueshift caused by the Earth's gravity? Over the length of the box? The claimed effect is tiny, but not that tiny.

From the description it seems like a very inefficient sort of vacuum tube - not "creating" x watts/s of power, but making use of x watts out of the 1000x watts fed into the thing (with the ratio being related to the redshift). I think actual vacuum tubes also work this way if you accelerate them enough.

Comment Re:Translation: (Score 1) 178

Music ... Between all the online streaming sources available, why? Eclectic tastes? Online Streaming has really opened up my sources considerably, something a stock library cannot do.

Photos? That's what my Camera is for. I don't take a lot of photos with my phone, because it is really inadequate compared to a real camera.

Videos? Same as Photos. My Camera does way better video than my phone. In the times I do need to snap a video, I live stream it in case I get arrested for video taping it .. and SD doesn't cut it for security.

Comment Re:Perpetual motion machine of the first type (Score 1) 407

A working EM drive has a massive power draw. It's only a source of energy while you feed power into it. In order to make a perpetual motion machine, you'd have to arrange it so that you were generating more power than you're putting in. Given the efficiency of this drive, that seems quite the far-fetched assumption.

Comment Re:Perpetual motion machine of the first type (Score 1) 407

You seem to be confusing the conservation of energy and of momentum. This drive seems not to conserve momentum (which, if this drive is not BS, then we know that really means there's some new physics here, that when understood restores conservation of momentum).

There's nothing about a drive like this that violates conservation of energy. As long as waste heat plus kinetic energy gained adds up to input energy (and no reason to think it doesn't), energy is conserved.

If it released energy out one side, that counts as reaction mass.

Photons, BTW, explicitly do not have mass. That's kind of the defining characteristic of particles that move at the speed of light. They have momentum even so. Relativistic energy is the sum of two terms: a mass term and a momentum term. The mass terms for a photon really is 0.

Comment Re:Wow, Commiefornia! (Score 2) 222

My company opened another office in the Houston metro, and when we were looking for locations, one of our candidates was in a new industrial park that was literally across the street from a group of multi-million dollar homes (and not in the California sense where an 800sqft shithole sells for half a mil, but in the rural US sense of a 5k sqft mcmansion on 5 acres). I had someone explain the zoning laws (or lack thereof) to me and had my mind blown. NIMBY definitely does NOT seem to be a thing down there.

It's rather mind boggling to me, but it seems to work for them.

Comment Re:Why would you want tech companies in the downto (Score 1) 222

> Wall street is downtown.

I wouldn't consider anything past Canal as 'downtown', that's financial district.

Manhattan has three basic divisions, "uptown," "midtown," and "downtown." The financial district is contained within the geographic area of "downtown" (which starts at the Battery and has a nebulous northern border somewhere between the Village and 34th St).

You're essentially claiming that "Times Square" is not located in midtown, it's in the theater district, or that Harlem is not "uptown."

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