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Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 585

Or we could just not make people suffer through that out of some vindictive "I did it so you should too" attitude.

That attitude is in your head, not my post.

I get this bullshit a lot. I explain some situation and how I or others found a way out - real world answers actually done. And people come out of the woodwork to complain in the way you did. WTF? Do you object to any useful advice in life? Not every bit of advice will worth for everyone. We get that. But everything that actually worked for someone will be useful for someone else!

Some people can't be functional adults, and obviously need charity, whether physically or mentally disabled. For the rest, yes, they need to find some path to skilled work. We as a society need to make that path easier, but it's clear there will be no unskilled jobs by the end of the century.

Comment Not quite (Score 1) 85

There's no voice, only text and data. Reason voice is excluded has to do with archaic regulations as best as I can tell. Things are changing in that regard so it'll probalby change at some point. However right now you get talk to and from the US, Canada, and Mexico. Everywhere else voice is extra charge. Text and data are available in most countries and are included with no extra charge.

Comment Re:So it you watch someone draw the pattern... (Score 1) 132

I don't know, but I'm working on configuring my phone to use fingerprints, but perma lock the print sensor and require only a passphrase after 5 bad attempts (so just bounce on it with an unregistered finger if in danger of compromise).

Haven't quite gotten there yet, but trying.

Comment Re:And they're improving, too (Score 1) 163

Well, when you make hyperbolic claims with no supporting details or evidence, expect skepticism.

And Microsoft was in fact paying people to do the very same with Linux back in the day, when the term "astroturf" was invented and Linux had a similar market share on the desktop to DDG's. Also, Google does all evil things, so I'm sure they're doing this evil thing.

Comment Re:I don't even like Uber but (Score 1) 585

Hate to break it to you but most jobs, by the numbers, require "almost no skills." 40% of US workers are unskilled. Should they all starve to death?

Today many of those jobs do pay a living wage, because "unskilled" is a broad category, and some of those jobs are just hard work. But there also need to be "first jobs", and those don't need to pay a living wage. I don't think Uber counts as that, though, but they still sound less sleazy than taxi companies.

When I was poor and working those sorts of jobs, you made a living by working 60+ hours a week. Because overtime kicked in at 40, no job would ever give you close to 40 hours: mid-30s was the most you could hope for. So you worked 2 jobs, and commuted between them, often with very inconvenient gaps between the jobs. I used to hate the idea of overtime pay, as it destroyed what little time might nave been left most days, and still no one in my circumstance got overtime pay.

It sucked, but you find a way to move to something better.

Comment Re:America! (Score 1) 585

You're right, they are connected. In our economy, people need to go places and services exist to serve them. Cities decided there were "too many cars" and established medallions/licenses to create artificial scarcity. So the market sensed the damage, and routed around it. Now it's even messier, isn't it? It's almost as if it's more complex than the enlightened socialists would claim. Perhaps they should take their arrogance and shove it up their posteriors, and let the adults clean up their mess.

Comment Re:"They" don't have to understand anything (Score 1) 585

Why don't you skip a few steps, have the government buy Uber, and then you control their wages directly? I'm sure that will work perfectly.

I mean, since you believe you, the government, are entitled to dictate to everyone how they will live, why not keep it simple, and make them work for you? Then there is no guesswork.

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