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Comment Serves them right (Score 4, Insightful) 312

I would have loved for Netflix just to have become a place where I could watch recent and older hollywood movies, completely replacing video rentals. But I get to be frustrated that new movies aren't there to watch and old movies aren't there to be found.

But hey, whats this, its a Netflix original show? Hey it isn't half bad. Well I could watch more of this.

Hollywood, you had the chance to box Netflix in and have them just BE the rental market. You could have just banked fewer dollars from rentals but still retained a lot of control.

But nooooo, you had to block the access to your catalogs of movies to try and cripple them. Now they're creating content that is very often better than what you are coming up with.

Cry me a river, hollywood. You deserve to go down, hard. You've never really played fair with your customers and now we're buying entertainment elsewhere....

Comment Law mandated technology (Score 2) 269

I love how political types think that we just need to mandate using less power, oh and this time at ever increasing rates because that worked for a few decades for transistors.

Ironically, computers are one of the least regulated industries on the planet.

If you want to see what mandated goals do, check out your health insurance bill, the government has been regulating that industry for 40 years.

Comment Add more fuel to .... (Score 1) 303

Add more fuel to the concept that there is a "talent shortage". Companies are just completely unwilling to pay what workers are worth or offer them any training flexibility or even kindness.

Modern employers feel completely entitled to perfect workers for dirt cheap pay and completely unfulfilling work.

Then they whine "labor shortage".

Comment Re: If it's unzipping encryption it has to re-zip (Score 1) 102

Yep, the IT group continually sends employees emails telling us how much they don't trust us, THEN the decrypt our SSL sessions and expect our Complete trust in them... no dice, you made it completely clear that No One could be trusted. How does your newfound snooping power change that concept?

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