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Comment Re:America hates Hillary Clinton (Score 1, Informative) 1069

I so look forward to the day if the National Popular Vote legislation gets enacted... of a Republican winning the popular vote and all those Democrats having to vote for the Republican....

It would be almost assured that every one of the Democrat electors forced to change their vote by that law would not do so because....well its all really about Democrats always winning.

Collectively Democrats have been an absolute embarrassment this election. They are whiny sniveling, pretentious, condescending, toddlers. They should be ashamed to call themselves a political party. They already were ashamed to call themselves Americans...and that is why they lost...

Comment Re:Good start (Score 1) 280

Good luck convincing your manager that you should code an algorithm 4 different ways and see which one works the best. I actually believe this is a viable strategy to find the best code and it fits your analogy to a T.

The only problem is, your manager is only willing to pay for 0.75 the cost to create a good quality stable efficient (i.e. evolution winning algorithm).

Or to put it another way, instead of arguing whether Software Engineers believe in biological evolution we've got a ton of work left to do to evolve our own discipline towards methodologies that actually work.

BTW I get you believe in evolution and commend you on that, but do you believe in capitalist free market principles, or on On-high authority making the laws and rules....

Comment Re:Not (Score 1) 272

Yeah, dang, I remember after 9/11 happened when everyone was all "9/11 Truthers are Fake News!!" was being touted everywhere. Oh wait, it wasn't.

We saw the 9/11 Truther shit and people advocated it, and you know what, most people came to understand it was complete bullshit, all without some government agency (TM) having to point out to voters that it was fake.

The fake news shit is a quest for totalitarian speech and press control. Too bad fake news == free press == free speech.

People gotta figure shit out for themselves. The citizenry are not infants....

Comment So (Score 4, Insightful) 1430

So my rural state will get basically no political say in picking a President?

Yeah, there's a reason things like the electoral college were set up and it was to give states good reasons for being part of the union.

If we want to keep dividing the country up into two coasts, and "flyover country", then shit, why talk about getting rid of the Electoral College? Maybe its time to get rid of the entire union.....

Besides if the country is now made up of groups that hate each others with nearly unbounded passions, an amicable breakup is possibly the best bet.

Oh and don't worry Millenials in "flyover country" the east and west coast have loads of sanctuary cities and open borders, so you're totally free to go there....

Comment Well (Score 2) 624

That free speech thing is a bitch to deal with...

If everyone gets to say what they want interpreting what they say becomes harder.

But that's just tough shit. It's the work you have to put in to live in a free country.

People who want rules and laws to "stop fake news" can just go to hell.

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