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Comment Re:Too bad Muslim terrorists don't go on strike (Score 1) 80

Terror attacks are rare in the US because we've kept the terrorists out.

Because the United States is hard to attack. It's surrounded by the world's largest oceans and two large, friendly nations.

Now there's a concerted effort to ship terrorists to the western world.

Oh, do go fuck yourself, racist Western Exceptionalist. It's not Muslims invading, overthrowing and bombing countries on the other side of the planet from them for bullshit reasons- that's what you are doing to them. And all the 'Islamic terrorism' you can wank on about is either:

1) Directly sponsored by the United States, as when it funds and arms ISIS and Al Queda in Syria or Yemen
2) Blowback from your imperalistic shitbaggery. Want to know how to create a 'terrorist' in one simple step? You take a man who's done nothing to you and murder his family with a drone strike or a regime change.

Comment Re: Too bad Muslim terrorists don't go on strike (Score 1) 80

umm Muslims have been pissed at us long before drones, Iraq, etc.

For good reason, as western imperialist assholes have been fucking with them for the last century. Overthrowing Iran's democracy, installing despots like Saddam and the Shah, killing half a million kids with sanctions and calling it 'worth it' - your shitbaggery started long before Predator Drone strikes.

Comment Re:OK in Barstow, but ... (Score 1) 77

Any conduit not pulled and sealed within a year or two of laying will be worthless. You typically need a junction/pull box about every 1000'. At each of these access points each conduit needs to be sealed off but very rarely are because the guys pulling the conduits expect the guy pulling the cable through will do it. Even if you seal them up you've still got the issue that because you didn't pull a line through it right when you laid the conduit you don't know if the conduit's got to much variation that will prohibit a pull (you cannot lay this stuff perfectly level and straight, you end up with it going up and down and side to side and if it has too much of that you won't be able to pull a cable due to the friction).

When you pull the cable during construction you can verify and fix the conduit before you install the asphalt and close it all up. If you wait you have no idea if the conduit is good until someone tries to pull a cable. Rat's or other rodents will build nests, they'll fill with water and sand, etc, etc, etc. After about 3 years without any cable being pulled you won't be able to get a cable through them and the conduit you installed is worthless. It's far better for cities/counties/states to plan these networks out and use them themselves for traffic operation. Locally our DOT puts in 4 or more conduits every time they lay them for their traffic network and the DOT typically only uses 1 or 2 of them. They then rent the extra conduits to companies. Because the DOT pulled a cable through the conduits during installation and the conduits are in a duct arrangement they know the other conduits are good. In addition because they pulled they also sealed up all the other conduits so critters and debris can't plug the conduit.

I support what the congress critter wants to do but a blanket requirement to install conduits is just dumb, the locals need to be involved and supporting the installation. Forcing a DOT or city to install conduit they themselves won't use is just a plain waste of money,

Comment Re: No complaints here (Score 3, Informative) 237

Antarctic sea is is NOT increasing. Every single person that says this has no fucking idea what they are talking about. Much like the rest of the world Antarctica has winters and summers and ice increases in the winter and decreases in the summer. The winter limits of Antarctic sea ice (ice floating on the ocean which contributes nothing to sea level in either melted or frozen state) are increasing and the summer limits are ever smaller every year with some of the largest calving off of major floating glaciers ever seen in recorded history. In fact we're on the verge of losing an ice shelf that's as big as Rhode island that's been there for 4000 years.

Winter sea ice is increasing because the increased melt water coming off Antarctica has decreased local salinity making it easier for it to freeze. The large winter ice limits are in fact an indication in SUPPORT of global climate change. 99% of people that quote this winter ice limit think it's contradictory evidence to global climate change and they are so misinformed they think they are making some sort of point. The reality is they are actually showing evidence that support it.

This is what scientists deal with, ignorant people with out even the most basic understanding of any of the science let along scientific basics quoting things they heard on talk radio as if it's proof and a valid point of discussion.

Comment Re:Huh? I use these all the time. (Score 1) 204

This gets down to something that used to be a common UI design principle before software became so feature-ful it became impractical: manifest interface.

The idea of a manifest interface (which also is a principle in language and API design) is that if the software has a capability you should be able to see it. You shouldn't have to root around to stumble upon it. Tabs follow this principle; there's enough visual and behavioral cues to suggest that you need to click on a tab. The little "x" in the tab also follows this principle.

But context menus you access by right-clicking break this rule, which means that there may be millions of people laboriously clicking on "x" after "x", unaware that they can make all the extraneous tabs in their browser disappear with just two clicks.

This, by the way, is why Macintoshes were designed with one button on the mouse. But even Mac UI designers couldn't get by with just single and double-click, so you have option-click too, bit by in large you could operate most programs without it.

Anyhow, to make sure people know about this kind of feature, your program is going to have to watch their behavior and suggest they try right clicking. But that way lies Clippy...

Comment Re:John Deere has too many non farmers (Score 3, Informative) 443

Since the arrival of the automobile several federal laws have been passed. The earliest laws prohibited manufacturers from requiring repairs by the dealer, required manufacturers to make parts available and prevented manufacturers from restricting access to repair information and diagrams and also probhited sales contracts that required dealer repairs. In the 70's the Magnuson warranty act prohibited manufactures from voiding warranties for repair work not done by the dealers. In the 90's these laws were expanded to prevent manufacturers from using software as a partial weapon (the software rules should have went much further and prevented any DMCA enforcement and even voided copyright restrictions on modification to equipment you own) to get around the previous restrictions and was included in the emissions law.

Tractors were included in all of these laws excepting the emissions requirements up until a few years ago when the Republican controlled congress deliberately exempted farming equipment with a small change (as part of a unrelated government funding bill) from the prior federal laws. This allowed John Deere to start enforcing all these draconian restrictions that congress had prior to this deliberately prevented and Deere can now can even force purchasers to sign contracts during purchase forcing them to use dealers and even allowing the manufacturer to disable the equipment at a later date as part of these contracts. Prior to the laws revision these contract terms would have been illegal and unenforceable.

The only low information voter is you and your ignorance of federal law that protects you from being forced to use the dealer for your car service. I'd blame the Democrats for this if they'd been involved as I'm NOT a partisan tribalist which to assholes like you means I'm with the opposite tribe. I'd be a millionaire if I got a $1 for every time I'd been accused of being a Democrat or Republican because I've got an opinion on an issue and the relevant tribe is on the other side.

Submission + - Trump team communications intercepted w/o foreigners in conversation (

bongey writes: The intelligence community is coming clean. Telling congress there was "incidental collection" of the Trump transition team from Nov-2016-Jan-2017. The intercepts included reports of communications between Trump team members, with team members being unmasked that were wildly disseminated throughout the intelligence community. The intercepts had little to no foreign intelligence value, and the intercepts had nothing to do with Russian investigation.

Comment Re:They own the networks and content (Score 5, Insightful) 122

When I cut the cord, Time Warner kept pestering me with bundled offers, including one that basically gave me cable and internet for the same price that I'm paying now for internet only. When I turned the offer down, it drove them nuts. They clearly wanted to be able to still count me as a cable TV subscriber even if I wasn't even using the cable TV. I suspect that offers like this keep the number of cable subscribers artificially high. There are probably a lot of cord cutters out there who only still have cable because cablecos are basically giving it to them for free.

Comment Re:If it ain't broke... (Score 1) 204

Removing features is what made Firefox great. Firefox became a well-known piece of utter shit when it had added feature after feature and bloated to an enormous, complicated hulk of options lost in hundreds of options. Then alternate browsers came along with their slimmed-down feature sets, and people moved.

Chrome is ditching menu items few people use. It might not die of featuritis.

Comment NOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Score 1) 204

That's actually a feature I tend to use quite often, especially when researching something - when I finally find the page that (best) tells me what I want to know, I can get rid of all the others that led me there. What exactly is the horrible horrible overhead that the maintainers have to put up with to keep these features in the main branch?

Meanwhile, another thing that drives me crazy is that Chrome will close a window with 19 active tabs without a single complaint. At least Firefox will ASK if you want to close a window with multiple tabs. But in Chrome, a single brainfart/mouso will cost you bigly.

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