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Comment Re:Uses? (Score 1) 54

The company I work for uses a similar device in a tablet computer (really more of a brick computer, but anyway)... At the time it was developed the Pi Compute didn't exist, which is unfortunately because they one we have turned out to be a pain in the arse.

They are likely to be used in a lot of industrial applications where the designer doesn't want to build and support their own ARM system and software environment, they just want something they can plug in and run an OS on out of the box, with a few peripherals of their own.

Comment Re: Note that what's large... (Score 1) 39

Venus has multiple "tropopauses" and "stratospheres", depending on how you define them. The atmosphere is like a layer cake with multiple convection zones (like Earth's troposphere) separated by areas of dynamic stability (like Earth's stratosphere). And again, ~50-70km is an awfullly long way from the surface, and surface winds are weak. But, there's a lot about Venus that we don't understand.

Comment Re: Only a fraction of US munitions... (Score 1) 143

Dude, we did fuck it up. Big time. A century ago I could have agreed with you, but we spent the last 100 years or so messing the place up in ways that even their religious bullshit couldn't. British mandate in Palestine rings a bell?

We started by arbitrarily drawing lines on a map without considering who is living there. We basically divided the Kurds up (who were, by the way, our allies in that war and we promised them if they bash the Turks we'd hand them their own country) between three successor states and didn't give a shit about where which tribes wanted to live together or couldn't stand each other. Then we fucked them over again with Israel. It's easy to hand over land that ain't yours, granted, but it's still bullshit. And when oil became interesting we pumped the juice out of their soil without even really asking whether that's ok.

Iran (back then Persia) until 1979, then the Iran-Iraq war 80-88, then the whole bullshit with Afghanistan 'til the 90s, then turning our back on them when we made peace with the Russians... Let's face it, folks, we have been bullshitting them for about a century now, I can understand that they're kinda pissed.

Comment Re:Won't be long now (Score 1) 143

But that's how the game is played now.

Colonies cost money. You have to run them, police them, defend them, and all for what? Ungrateful peasants that only want to revolt. It's far more profitable to let them run their own country (under your supervision and tutelage, of course), have them pay for all those expenses and pay for those expenses with their raw materials, sold at a price that you dictate.

Why do you think colonies have fallen out of use? Because we're above that now and we're so much better and more civilized now? Please.

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