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Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 1) 1127

Feel free to correct the record.

My first encounter would be that one lawyer guy from Great Expectations who suggest the main character invest in some capital, ie, gold rings.

Capital gains tax is a tax on something you sold which increased in value, which applies to stock, cars, and Mt:G cards.

There's all sorts of capital-This or That-capital like capital punishment or capital goods. The "capital" in capital punishment refers to "the head" as in beheading, so that doesn't help us much. And the "capital" in capital goods specifically means tangible physical things as opposed to money.

So that's adorable that you have your own personal bubble of reality where words have special and exclusive meaning, but it doesn't help the debate much.

Comment Re:reduce revenue? are you kidding me?! (Score 1) 637

My uncle inherited the family farm by Carrol Iowa. Pigs, corn, and soybeans. He's had to get out of the pig business as 20,000 pigs wasn't a large enough operation to compete with the big boys. He's had to buy up a lot of land as the tools have gotten bigger and the overhead is getting slimmer. There's been a lot of consolidation and there are certainly large corporate megafarms, but don't imagine every farm in the midwest is that way.

Get some perspective. Most farms are family owned. But the ones that aren't are HUUUUGE.'d be interesting to see what percentage of US farmland is corporate.

Anyway, the fucking point is that small boutique farms can own their equipment, while the bulk of our food is grown by people who don't. And this issue with property ownership, right-to-repair, and license agreements is more tricky where the status quo is that most farmers lease their equipment and don't actually own it.

Regardless of what type of farm it is, how big it is, or if the vehicle isn't even associated with farming, I would say that this system of selling/renting with attached strings and license agreements is fucking bullshit. They're selling you a piece of luggage with a locked container inside that you don't have the right to open. Fuck that noise. And if the big name players get into the habit of preferring to rent and control their walled garden of equipment, then that sort of rent-seeking needs to be shot down.

Void all warranties. Open all locks. Power to the people. You have the right to recycle. If you don't actually own your property, why did you buy it?

Comment Re: Don't care (Score 1) 161

Ask for details instead of vague hate-mongering and I typically get two things: They run away like this coward, or they dive off the deep end of crazy.

"It's all the GAYS fault!"

"What's the gay's fault?"

*poof gone*

And very occasionally I get an insightful critic. I've come to accept that treating women like real people and equals is the cause for the raise in divorces. And this is a consequence of the sexual revolution and hippies and women's rights movement. A "casulty" would be an accurate description. And it's an acceptable one. It sucks, sure, but the alternative is to re-instate half the populace as second class citizens, which sucks MORE.

So far though, I'm really not seeing any negative consequence to treating gay people like people. It opens the way for the next even more fucked up group to get the limelight, but as long as it doesn't affect me, so what? And maybe we'll see rich dudes marrying each other not because they're gay or in love, but just for the legal purposes or tax benefits. We'll see.

Comment Re: Don't care (Score 1) 161

You mean, back when creating the next generation of mankind was considered to have social value?

No, in the 1970's, there was neo-Malthusianism which worried about overpopulation. Creating too many of the next generation was a worry and all sorts of crazy people had crazy ideas about how to fix it. Except that there's no need. Educating women and developing the nation staves off the birth rates and all the developed nations without sizable immigration now actually have a worry about declining population.

When marriage was a mechanism by which society supported this valuable task?

That's still in effect. A lot of people still marry and have kids.

  And the divorce rate shot up and peaked by the end of the 70's. So if you were trying to appeal to some sort of "death of marriage" vibe, you need to back BEFORE the release of the Star Trek TOS.

But go figure, treat women like they're people and you have more divorces.

Before the economic support of marriage became something people are simply entitled to?

Before the whatnow? People can still file jointly you shmuck.

Before the important role of wives and mothers was completely devalued,

Wow. What happened between you and your mum? Or was it something with your wife? How exactly has motherhood been devalued?

and treated as offering no more social value than a young man who takes it up the bum?

Lots of old guys take it up the bum too. But yes, gay couples should be treated the same as straight couples. How does that affect the worth of your wife at all? Did you read in a paper that some gay dudes were married and you looked over at your wife and declared that she was worthless now?

You know what? I think I will [rewatch the original Star Trek]

...You realize that it was, and IS, a raging hard-on for a liberal utopia. They had a russian, an Irishman, a jap, and a BLACK LADY on the bridge of a ship. Working together. What madness. It was a post-scarcity society, no more money. The Federation is an idealized United Nations. It was officially hands off towards pre-warp civilizations, ie, don't be colonial asshats to the natives. But OH NOES, gay people. That's just one step too far.

Comment Re:That huge cost (Score 1) 1127

UBI should cover your needs

Right, that's the goal. But I don't think people really understand what what constitutes human "needs". Your "needs" aren't anything more than an efficiency apartment in a massive housing complex without heat or A/C, and 1500 calories a day via pasta, rice, or soybean paste plus a multi-vitamin. And all this is in a place that's cheap to house people. If you want the luxuries of flavor, entertainment, communications, or choosing what part of the country you live in, you're going to have to work for it.

$10K doesn't cover rent in San Francisco or New York. But you can buy a house in Detroit for $18,000. It might be real nice to be able to head out of town and walk in the mountains outside of Denver, but that's a nice thing that other people want and that raises the price of those homes. Hawaii is a great place. And while everything is more expensive, they still have a lot of bums.

If you take a look at that Maslow chart of needs, and price out the minimum, it's not that much. And it's REALLY not glorious.

And one of the arguments against UBI is that it will fail to encourage people to spend their money (and government money) on useful things like education and nutrition. It will be left to them to buy what they want. Because with UBI, pell grants, college subsidies, and all the other welfare programs go away. Individuals are smart, but maaaaaaan people can be dumb.

Comment Re:That huge cost (Score 1) 1127

The USA taxes income, property, and sales. (And a special low rate for capital gains). And others, but the bulk is income tax. Wealth all by itself is not taxed. Although you can expect to lose a portion of it every year due to inflation. Since that's bloody stupid, most people with money have some sort of investment portfolio.

There's no reason to think that would change. The money you have in the bank has already been taxed. If your "asset" is a house, then sure, property taxes can go up. If it's all in Apple stock, then sure, capital gains taxes could go up.

Anyone talking about confiscating your money (or "the means of production") should probably be shown the door.

Comment Re:Money the Fantasy (Score 3, Interesting) 1127

What the fuck are you smoking?

The lie inherent right from the get go[; that] money is a resource[. I]t is not, capital is an illusion,

First off, "money" and "capital" are separate concepts. You're talking about money. Capital actually DOES refer to real things. Goods, machines, roads, schools, and ALSO money. I get what you're saying, you're just technically wrong on this.

Second, yes, money is just a placeholder. A tool to help mange it all. The US$ is backed by nothing but hopes and dreams and 11 carriers and a bunch of nukes.

The resources are there, an administrative means of allocating and distributing those resources just needs to be found.

...We HAVE that. The "administrative means" we use to figure out who gets what is called "capitalism"*, with a healthy dose of taxes and socialism and welfare because we're not the monsters from the robber-baron era. You even mention this because you know that it's the

*The -ism portion is important. Capital and capitalism are two different things. Related, of course, but it's the difference between saying a friend is fucked up, and saying friendship is fucked up.

but wealth is only fun if it is based upon fairness and generosity

HohoHO! Said like someone who has never been wealthy. No kiddo, the vast majority of history shows us that most wealthy people have PLENTY of fun regardless of how fair and generous you'd consider their source of wealth.

Sweet jesus. ALL of that rant can be boiled down to "I don't like capitalism". The rest is a mad ranting of a laughable caricature of rich people. Even the actual robber-barons weren't that monstrous.

It's not constructive. Do you get that? This sort of stark-raving-mad soap-boxing doesn't help tear down capitalism. It doesn't support socialism. It doesn't feed the hungry or raise up the poor. (Poor as in actually physically poor. The group that don't have the resources they need and not some pseudo-intellectual "everything is a metaphor and the fault of capitalism" sort of poor). To be blunt, you're hurting the cause. The catch phrase "Eat the Rich" is supposed to be humorous.

No, not all rich people are psychopathic monsters. There are certainly monsters out there. Real-deal psychopaths that are so focused on climbing that corporate ladder that they don't pause to think about what the thousands of unemployed will do when they liquidate. There is a sector of business where those people excel. But they do not represent all rich people any more than dirty hippies strung out on heroin represent all socialists. The vast bulk of all of us want a stable functioning society. A good swath of them, they vote republican, they don't want to hand out money to people who aren't working for it. Another good swath of people, like you and I, see that we are really wealthy as a whole and there's no real reason people should be so screwed by technological improvements and shipping jobs overseas, and helping people down on their luck will end up helping all of us in the long run. There's currently a debate about which group is more correct and what kind of society we want to be.

But the answer is not to tear it all down. We've seen how that goes in the communist states. But the current system of welfare and subsidies and grants and scholarships and services are CERTAINLY not in the philosophical camp of capitalism. We've ALSO tried a more pure form of capitalism in the late 1800's. It sucked for most people. Dear god man, we've got to learn from the big lessons of the past. Take a look at the Nordic countries. Very socialist, but they STILL HAVE MONEY and they still operate by people working and getting paid in cash. MONEY, as a placeholder for wealth, WORKS.

Get your shit together. You're making us look bad.

Comment Re:Well Mondale was the bigger idiot (Score 1) 236

"The US space program.. inspires ... white supremacy" - DNS-and-BIND ( 461968 )

Ah, there's a good reminder that some people are simply crazy and disconnected from reality.

Frankly it's good to have these sort of people. Imagine if we censored him. Every post you'd see would have SOME semblance of truth. It's like that sanitary paradox. Kids gotta get a little dirty to develop an immune system. People have to come into contact with sheer balls-in-the-blender levels of crazy just so they maintain a certain level of skepticism.

Comment Probes are discredited? (Score 2) 236

how President Jimmy Carter saved the space shuttle program.

I like Carter. But I guess no one is perfect.

tl;dr: They told Carter that the shuttle would help spy on and verify Russia's compliance with arms treaties.

President Carter was not all that enthused about human space flight to begin with, adhering to the since discredited notion that robotic space probes were adequate for exploring the universe.

...what? Robotic space probes are most certainly adequate for exploring the universe. At least they are now. In 1978, they had just launched Voyager 1, which was a huge success, right? So it was looking pretty true THEN as well. Jimmy was right on the ball. Just how and when was this crazy notion of sending tools into space discredited?

But ANYWAY, the space shuttle program was a bit of a boondogle. It wasn't worthless, and it achieved a great many things. But all in all, there were better solutions and it never delivered on it's big selling points:

- It wasn't cheaper and faster

- It never captured Russian satellites and brought them back to earth for reverse engineering

Back in 1970, to win Department of Defense support at the program’s outset, NASA had redesigned the shuttle to launch national security payloads. Now, that decision paid off

...Why put the payload inside of the shuttle on top of rocket and not just put the payload on top of a rocket like before and after the shuttle?

Comment Re:Arguing over the subjective (Score 1) 523

The *only* advantage to object oriented design is more intuitive code organization,

Code modules are .c and .h files in a folder. As packaged and organized as C++ classes. The namespace collision issue never seemed that big to me. If they collide, your naming scheme sucks. For the love of god don't name anything as generic as Init(). Names are important, in any language.

There is no problem that one can solve with object oriented design that cannot also be solved with structs and function pointers.

Yeah, that's called a Turing Tarpit. It's definitely possible, but you probably shouldn't do it.

C is pretty terrible at making GUIs. The GTK can do it, but MAAAAAAN is it more of a chore than the C++ GUI makers. Which is so far the only place I've really seen OO shine. I've heard the mantra that it can be useful all over the place, but so far all I've seen is clusterfuck after clusterfuck.

Comment Re:read the polls (Score 3, Insightful) 644

Inside the Democratic Party? He's barely a member himself. He only registered as a democrat in 2015 so he could run on the ticket. The 30 years before that he was an independent.

And I highly doubt he's going to try and fracture the Democrats by forming a new party. I mean, that's turned out SO WELL for the GOP and the TEA partiers.

I've little doubt that once Hilary gets into power, she'll simply ignore him. Hell, now that she has his endorsement, and the primaries are all but over, it's the traditional time to flip your party the bird and move yourself on over to the moderate center to appeal to the swing voters.

What I want to know is what does a political mover and shaker do once they reach the top? When there's no longer anyone you have to kiss up to.

Comment A saying (Score 4, Insightful) 66

Oracle, where tech goes to die.

It's big business that's in the business simply because they're big and locked into a lot of big clients that can't conceive of doing without them. Why would they innovate? That's hardly part of their business model. Let me put that another way: Their sales team is more important than their engineers. But at least they're not SAP.

It was a death knell for Java when Oracle bought Sun.

Comment Re:Stop laying people off at 45 (Score 1) 171

new software languages (Pascal, C, C++, Objective C),

...None of those are new. In the least.

new programming models and notation (flow-charts, data-flow diagrams, UML)

No one actually gives a fuck if you use a dotted line or a dashed line. UML, while marginally useful, is overblown. (And all of those are UML diagrams).

"Staying current" is essentially like doing the final year of university non-stop.

Eh, more like doing a final year of uni every 5-10 years.

And yeah... Do it at work. "Hey boss, remember $THATHORRIBLEPROBLEMWEHAD? How about we try $NEWTHING to fix/avoid it?" Get paid to learn.

What kind of tyrannical sweatshop doesn't let you talk to people outside of work?

Comment Re:What a complete... (Score 1) 171

Do you know what "Primary School" is? Because in the USA, it means grades K-8. Secondary education is the last 4 years of compulsory school. "High school".

My high school was doing alright in 1998 before new math, when it offered AP calculus... to SENIORS.

No, there was no calculus in 6th grade. What the fuck are you smoking?

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