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Comment Re:Supply and Demand - where is the demand? (Score 1) 417

Please tell us when a consumer firearm is needed?

When I want to have some fun. This is the thing the pearl-clutching gun-grabbers consistently overlook: lots and lots of people think that hunting or target shooting at the range, or plinking, or simply going out in the woods/desert and shooting the fuck out of old washing machines or whatever is a ton of fun. Sure, sometimes we tell ourselves it's to protect our homes and families from home invaders or the zombie apocalypse or big government run amuck, but the real truth is simply that it's a fucking blast (no pun intended) to go out 3 or four times a year and waste $50 worth of ammo. Lots and lots of people spend an equal amount per annum on fantasy football or a dozen other equally harmless pursuits; and they present an equal danger to society as we do, which is to say: none whatsoever.

That's why "assault weapons" (which is to simply say "any modern semi-automatic rifle") are so popular, because they're fun to shoot. The much-touted violence in places like Chicago (and I live nearby) are the result of out-of-control gang members using ALREADY ILLEGAL 9mm pistols, NOT any kind of "assault weapons". Convicted felons possessing firearms is ALREADY another felony and no "common sense gun safety" (can you say "lipstick on a pig?") legislation is going to make that less likely to happen. When the gun-grabbers tout this kind of "common sense anti-assault weapon" talismanic-thinking crap, they're specifically targeting law-abiding gun owners, AND THEY KNOW IT. If they were serious about the issue, they'd spend a tenth of the money on gang-unit intelligence and get far better results. And they'd stop being disingenuous by not counting suicides (~63%) in their "OMG gun death!" statistics. Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in the country; Rahm Emanuel (mayor of Chicago) has been cutting gang unit budgets and police retirement replacement hiring for YEARS, and then blaming the resulting upswing in violence on a lack of yet-more draconian anti-gun laws.

Now, a couple of caveats: 1) being a responsible gun owner (to say nothing of being a responsible parent) means NOT leaving a loaded handgun lying around (with the safety off and one in the chamber FFS) where a toddler is likely to get their hands on it and kill themselves, and 2) I'm under ZERO delusions that the SWAT team (much less the US military) are outside my house saying to themselves "We better not risk it men, he's got a shotgun in there".

Comment Pfffffftt 800,000 years??? (Score 2, Funny) 167

That's not climate, that's weather. I'm really sick of these so-called "scientists" pulling this alarmist "research" out of their statist asses to garner yet more of that sweet sweet government giveaway grant money. This isn't "science" -- reproducible results or it didn't happen. Until then, I say we drive it like we stole it.

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