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Comment Re: SIGH.... it's like being out on a playground (Score 1, Troll) 170

Which sounds really interesting and plausible until you admit in another post that you work for Red Hat and are a big SystemD/Potterling supporter. So what you're really saying is that it's only OK when it's Red Hat leading the Linux community around by the nose. It's Linux: "Be reasonable, do it my way" is a way of life.

Comment Re:On target (Score 1) 1023

Wikipedia says:

He is remembered for a famous exchange with a Ford executive when Ford was automating its production lines. Leading Reuther into a great hall filled with machines, with just one or two human workers programming them, an executive joked, "How do you plan to get these boys to pay your union dues, Walter?" Reuther looked around, shook his head, and said, "How do you plan to get them to buy your cars?"

Raw Deal: How the "Uber Economy" and Runaway Capitalism Are Screwing American Workersby Steven Hill (via Google Books) relates the same (doesn't allow copypasta, or I would have) story, so 30 seconds of Googling proves it almost certainly did happen.

Comment Re:Les Nessman (Score 1) 264

I went to a (programming) job interview many years ago, and did really well at it. Afterwards, the interviewer wanted me to go to lunch with the rest of the gang, to see "how well you'd fit in with the group". OK, fine, whatever. So on the way to lunch with half a dozen guys in an SUV, they're talking about softball leagues and whatnot, and I've got nothing to say. I don't even remember what cued me, but I go: "As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly" - and NOT A SINGLE FUCKING ONE OF THEM (and they were all age-appropriate) knew what I was talking about, they thought I had Tourette's or something - that's when I knew it wasn't going to be a "good fit".

Comment Re:radiation compared to what? (Score 0) 144

"Evidence of radiation still exists" ... "while orange and red signal a higher radiation dose"
Heh. We can't even be sure he moved through the pictures at a uniform rate.
I'd like to see a similar photo essay of a trip to the local supermarket:

... and here's the cooler with pork ... OMGOMG!!
... and here's the canned vegetable aisle ... OMGOMGOMG!!!
... and here's the fresh banana bin ... OMGOMGOMGOMG!!!! <clutches pearls, swoons, lies down on fainting couch>

Comment Re:How can you expect something that is soooo haaa (Score 1) 187

I wish I had the mod points or the time to write an epistle about how right this is. Since the 90's the telecom industry as a whole has received approximately 42 trazillion dollars in tax breaks and outright gubment kickbacks to "improve infrastructure", which, of course, they scrupulously (as a consortium) haven't done. Instead, they've used that money to buy each other, and more lobbyists to collect yet more "incentives". Meanwhile, customers are saddled with more fees, bandwidth caps and piss-poor service in general.

My ${DEITY}, Mexico (FUCKING MEXICO (not being racist or anything, just sayin')) has better phone service than we do.

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