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Comment Define "non-conventional" (Score 5, Funny) 135

A young girl marries an older Greek sailor. On her wedding day, her mother warns her, "These Greek sailors can be pretty strange, if he suggests anything out-of-the-ordinary in the bedroom, you tell him No Way!". Sure enough, after about a month of marriage, one night, he suggests something different, and like a good girl, she shuts him down. He says "But darling, don't you want to have children?".

Comment Re:Not the first time they've done this (Score 0) 124

Taxation is theft. He has every right to be angry at the government.

No. No it isn't. If you don't think so, keep off the roads, and keep your kids out of the schools the rest of us have paid for. Starve alone in the dark, you rugged individualist, you*.

*Unless, of course, you inherited enough money to not pay any taxes, like our Fuhrer-elect.

Comment Re:Not the first time they've done this (Score 2) 124

I recall the IRS doing something very similar in Nevada (Reno & Vegas) back in the early 80's; before gaming was a nationwide phenomenon -- even Atlantic City didn't have casinos in those days. Blackjack dealers were (overnight) told the amounts of tips they were "estimated" to have made, and that they would have to pay taxes on those estimated amounts. "The IRS deals seconds" (Google or YouTube "dealing seconds" if you don't know what that is) was their rallying cry. Ronald Reagan was president, and all the air traffic controllers were out of work. The more things change, the more they don't.

Comment WOW. Just. WOW. (Score 5, Informative) 303

A few things, after 5 minutes of Googling, in no particular order:
1) That max range was 100 km, not 100 miles; so, 53 miles. It's only been tested to 83km/45mi. And that's just the "let's see how far it will go" test.
2) Yeah, it's 155mm, but not compatible with any other 155mm munitions.
3) The elevation is 70 degrees, so it's really a guided missile launcher, not a "gun".
4) There's so much guidance and propulsion crap onboard, there's hardly any (24 lbs) room for the High Explosive for the warhead.
5) Most of the lethality estimates involve using the Multiple Round Simultaneous Impact theory. So the plan is to have half-a-dozen rounds land on target, at the same time. Good luck with that.
6) So, $80,000 per shot was the pie-in-the-sky target cost??? From a glorified cannon?

Comment Re:Awesome satire. (Score 1) 457

I thought that's what I had said. I thought that

Verhoeven's Starship Troopers is based on the book in the same way that Monty Python's Life of Brian is based on the Gospel of Mathew.

was completely unambiguous. The absence of power suits was an Instant Loser for me, in terms of faithfullness to the book, philosophy be damned.

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