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Comment Re:Surprising? Not so much. (Score 1) 36

It's often just laziness. Sexting children is a hard problem to solve, requiring more than 2 minutes of thought... So screw it, pass the problem on to the social media companies. Just say they can fix it, people will assume you know what you are talking about and no one can accuse you of not doing anything.

Comment Re:Ok with porn or not, that was genuinely stupid (Score 1) 218

If course we can include women as part of the problem. That's why feminists trend to talk about it in terms of patriarchy. It includes women and acknowledges that they are often part of the problem, just like many women objected to suffrage and pretty much everything else.

Feminist porn is fine because the participants are genuinely willing (not pressured into it) and because the sex is respectful.

I don't like sex negative feminism either.

Comment Re:The antipodal evidence here is terrible (Score 2) 227

Who even cares about wifi cards any more? Seriously?

I carry a separate wifi/mobile data receiver and attach it to my laptop via USB. If there's signal, it works.

My receiver happens to be made by Samsung, but there are lots of other manufacturers to choose from.

As a bonus, I can also use it to make phone calls.

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