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Comment Re:No it can't (Score 1) 92

They have made similar claims in the past. Back in the 90s I seem to recall that their fancy new computer would make predictions super accurate. In practice the Met Office seems to be one of the worst, far inferior to AccuWeather and the like.

In fact, the BBC recently ditched them, although I think it was mostly due to the cost rather than them being inaccurate.

Comment Needs improvement (Score 1) 45

I'm a long time Truecrypt user who recently tried Veracrypt. It's okay, some nice new features, but as this shows the devs don't seem to be security experts or even skilled at writing secure code.

It's also a little less stable than Truecrypt. I've had some system lockups that don't happen in Truecrypt with SSDs.

Comment Re:What a dumbass (Score 1) 140

Now the Ruskies will be patching the server (and maybe other insecure servers) like crazy.

I wouldn't count on it. People in Russia are just as lazy and arrogant as Americans, and twice as drunk.

That's why Russia has an economy about the same size as Spain's.

When we try to put forward Putin as some sort of brilliant super-leader, let's not forget that it was guys like him who got his country bogged down in Afghanistan and allowed his country to get head-faked into flushing their economy down the toilet trying to keep up with a non-existent "Star Wars Initiative", which led to their collapse as a superpower. They can't even field a respectable Olympics team any more.

Comment Re:Wasn't a "hacker" (Score 1) 140

My Russian friends tell me they know nothing of such a tradition for marking Den' Rabotnikov Reklamy (the Day of the Advertising Workers). (No, I'm not making that up.)

And I somehow doubt that the 60th anniversary of the Hungarian Revolution is being celebrated with much fanfare in Russia, either.

Nice try, though. Quite inventive.

Comment Re:Yes, selecting the US president isn't "gossip" (Score 1) 299

This is a dangerous way to think.

It's similar to who people in the Soviet Union thought. Their leaders were liars, they told everyone things were great and look here's a circus to keep you entertained. Everyone knew they were lying because when they went to the shops they were mostly empty. The leaders knew that the people knew that they were lying, but everyone just carried on because they felt helpless to do anything about it and were so deep inside the system they couldn't imagine any way that it could work.

Western politics have become the same way. Politicians lie. We know they lie. They know that we know they lie. It's become the new normal. Instead of trying to deal with that, people turn to very obviously biased and obviously lying media outlets that seem to reflect their anger and frustration, while also telling them that they can't do anything about it.

I don't know how to fix it. The USSR had to collapse, but after a while went back to the same old ways under Putin.

Comment Re:Immediately turn phone off (Score 3, Interesting) 318

If your turn your phone off/reboot the moment the police turn up it means you can't film them with it. So you have to choose between filing and risking them grabbing it, or protecting your privacy.

Phones need a panic button. Say tap the power button three times quickly and it goes into a locked down mode where it records video as long as you hold the volume button down, and the moment you let go it reboots and all data is safety encrypted.

Kinda sucks that we need to use suicide bomber tactics now.

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