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Comment Old =/= Insecure (Score 1) 400

Mathematics is either flawed or not; math doesn't tarnish or rust or break. It was either secure to begin with, or insecure all along. The only difference is that if it's insecure and new there's a chance no one knows the flaw yet and perhaps you fix it before anyone finds it. But it could be secured (eg by sufficiently advanced firewall rules), and if it's secure it's secure. On that note, I wouldn't mind reading the Trump emails if anyone has them. I'd bet either Wikileaks or the New York Times would be willing to publish Trump emails, if someone were to get them off that supposedly insecure server.

Comment Ellen Pao should cut ties with the American public (Score 4, Insightful) 610

Ellen Pao should cut ties with the American public, because a large portion of them support Trump and therefore she equates them with "advocating hatred and violence" and "Giving more power to someone whose ascension and behavior strike fear into so many people".

Incidentally, Hillary also strikes fear in the hearts of many people, and makes them feel unsafe.

Comment Re:What a coincidence (Score 1) 365

But seriously, this is how it has to be. The software is not yet advanced enough to intentionally cause or exacerbate accidents, in the absurdly rare circumstances where that might be a good idea. Because you know that if they tried that it would crash you into a tree to save the life of a flying paper bag or something.

And if the software ever does advance to where it could do that, it's still more important to entice the dangerous psychopaths who prefer their own safety over that of all others to use the autopilot.

Comment Re:Rediculous (Score 1) 206

Make sure you remember that "it's only money" next time a pension fund is looted. After all, it's not like losing money causes people to experience stress, take more risks with their health/safety to save money, or die before their time. IMO the real problem is that the primary fraudsters (seriously, who thought it was a good idea to let high frequency traders steal a bit each time someone makes a trade?) not only got no jailtime, but get to keep millions.

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