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Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 1) 616

If you think a lawyer (using this occupation as a placeholder) in Mississippi and a lawyer in New York don't have largely similar standards of living when compared to lawyers in the rest of the world, then we are both using English but not using the same language.

You were talking about free trade in the post that I replied to. You seemed to imply that you find it acceptable, within the context of the EU, because the member-states have similar standards of living and labor laws. This is false. As I said, we do not even have similar standards of living and labor laws within the United States. Indeed, a lot of corporations go out of their way to locate their facilities within so-called "right to work" States, where wages are lower and the legal balance is tilted more in the employer's favor.

The same trend has been happening for years within the EU. Most of the Nokia phones I purchased over the years were made in Romania. Why? Wages are cheaper there than they are in Finland. Romania is the South Carolina of the EU and Nokia moved production there for the same reasons that Boeing built their new plant in South Carolina rather than Washington.

You're right to say that a lawyer in Mississippi will have a similar standard of living to a lawyer in New York. He may even have it better; he'll make less money than the New York lawyer, but the cost of living is significantly cheaper, so much so that he may effectively be richer than his New York counterpart. That doesn't change the fact that New York has it better when we look at average metrics, things like educational attainment, life expectancy, obesity rates, etc. And if we want to talk about labor laws and regulations, well, there's no contest between the Northeast and the Gulf Coast.

Comment Re:"Green" technologies aren't sufficient. (Score 2) 229

not because they think it's genuinely the optimal solution for any real world problem

Three words: Base load power.

Even the most optimistic assessment of solar and wind do not envision them as a replacement for the base load. I'm only aware of two carbon-neutral sources for base load power: nuclear and hydro. The latter doesn't have much room left for growth, certainly not enough to replace coal and natural gas, so what does that leave you with?

Frankly, I don't see how anyone that accepts anthropological climate change can be against nuclear power. If you believe the impact of climate change to be as bad as many say it will be then the economics of nuclear power are irrelevant. It's a necessary investment to bring down carbon emissions.

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 3, Insightful) 616

This isn't "globalist", it is exiting a regional trade pact. I have misgivings about free trade, but almost none of those apply to countries with similar standards of living, similar product safety requirements, similar financial rules, easy migration, and similar worker protections.

We don't have similar standards of living, worker protections, educational attainment, or health outcomes across the 50 United States. What makes you think the EU can claim such outcomes between members? The anti-EU crowd was bitching about internal EU migration years before they started bitching about the Islamic "invasion." Imagine a New Yorker getting pissed because someone from Mississippi moved next door and took his job....

Comment It also sucks your cap (Score 1) 218

[H*R's and Weebl's] solution was to put the toons on youtube for HTML5 compliance. It works, but it kills their easter eggs.

The size penalty of rendering the vectors to pixels also kills viewers' monthly download quotas.

Comment Re:But can it app apps? (Score 1) 218

and coding is annoying if I don't plug in an external keyboard.

I figured that much. But there are people in Slashdot's comment section who claim that a tablet with a USB or Bluetooth keyboard could replace most or all uses of those 10" laptops that were sold from 2008 to 2012, including lightweight programming.

Comment Re:Then what for vector animations now? (Score 1) 218

With ios and android the osk is fully automatic

Not always. At my day job, we have a Samsung tablet with a barcode scanner to scan EANs on product packaging and Code 128 barcodes on warehouse bins. But because Android sees it as a Bluetooth keyboard, it doesn't automatically pop up the on-screen keyboard when it becomes necessary to key in things that aren't barcodes.

Comment What free alternative to Animate CC? (Score 1) 218

we finally realized we need open protocol, open source protocols to do what Flash, Unity, etc did

By "Unity" I hope you don't mean the desktop environment with an open source shopping lens that defaulted to sending every single search on your computer to Amazon's server.

Its better to have an open protocol and do it with open source code in the browser.

By this measure, the free counterparts to Flash Player are Gecko and Blink, the engines of Firefox and Chromium respectively. But what's the free counterpart to Adobe Animate CC (formerly called Flash)? Is Synfig any good?

Comment Re:no , I dont think so (Score 1) 218

single player flash game [...] Flash should never had had access to the microphone

How would one make a game inspired by Seaman or Hey You Pikachu without the microphone? Making it for one desktop operating system would have severely limited its audience.

Comment Then what for vector animations now? (Score 2) 218

1) Flash video clips, both recorded video and video animated with Flash shared on Newgrounds and the like.
The first group largely shifted to YouTube

YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, and the like are fine for "recorded video" but inefficient for "video animated with Flash". Rendering a vector animation to pixels and then compressing the pixels bloats file size by a factor of 10 in my tests.

Adobe's replacement for Flash as a vector animation authoring tool is Animate CC, which can create vector animations for HTML5. The difference is that one can buy a used copy of an old version of Flash, but Animate is available only as a rental. So which other timeline-based* graphical applications, either free or purchased, can people use to create vector animations for HTML5?

* Typing coordinates into a text editor is not "timeline-based".

Comment Re:What would have sucked less? (Score 1) 218

After the end of H*R, what tools should be used to make and efficiently deliver web animations? I guess it'd be possible to use a used copy of Flash to make an animation, render it to pixels, and compress it to H.264 and WebM. But in my tests, that produces a file 10 times the size of the corresponding SWF. This in turn means a user on an Internet connection with a given monthly data transfer quota can view only one-tenth of the videos using MP4/WebM that he could using Flash.

Or are you of the opinion that after the end of H*R, web animation itself "no longer had a reason to exist"?

Comment Windows, Chrome, and Firefox too (Score 1) 218

When I did support the two things you could be guaranteed would need a patch EVERY MONTH were the Java Runtime and Flash.

That and Windows itself, with the "Patch Tuesday" habit of Windows Update. And the web browsers, once they went to a rapid release mentality since Chrome 1 and Firefox 4.

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