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Comment What OTHER reason to go there? (Score 1) 168

Am I the only one who THAT is the reason you went to IMDB?

The message boards is where you could find people discussing when the next season of a show was going to premier, talk about how the filming of an upcoming movie is going and if it is delayed, discussion about a recent episode, talk about a plot, alternative theories on what something in the plot meant, news about long lost actors/actresses, tidbits about a show/movie etc..

Other than looking up the list of actors which you can just do on Wikipedia, the message boards WAS THE REASON you went to IMDB.

Now there will be zero reason to go there, and just go to wikipedia insted.

Submission + - FBI never examined hacked DNC servers ( 2

schwit1 writes: “According to one intelligence official who spoke to the publication, no U.S. intelligence agency has performed its own forensics analysis on the hacked servers. Instead, the official said, the bureau and other agencies have relied on analysis done by the third-party security firm CrowdStrike, which investigated the breach for the DNC.”

Comment What is in it for them? (Score 1) 250

My employer is going to start remote working (from home) 3 days a week next year.

What I don't get is what is in it for them? We will still have cubes, and have to be on site for 2 days a week (M/F) at least so they save nothing really on space/utilities etc.. about all they will save is probably on free coffee costs and plumbing.

They say they are doing it to be more competitive because younger employees expect this in comparison to other employers.

Call me paranoid but I can't help wondering what is in it for them?

Comment Re:So many important unaswered questions (Score 4, Informative) 269

>Is the docking station what gives it the console-level power?

Nope. Watch the video and freeze the screen. The tablet is all you get, what you see in the tablet is everything.

The docking station is a small cheap plastic thing with not connectors or ports or anything much at all it is clearly just used for charging and video out.

This is not a 'console' its a portable, and it will probably not be anything like console gaming or anything that can compete with Xbox or Playstation. Nintendo is clearly trying to compete here with iPads, not consoles.

Comment Nintendo OFFICIALLY has left the "console" market. (Score 3, Insightful) 269

This announcement means Nintendo has officially left the console market and is now competing with ipads.

This device appears to be nothing but a 7" tablet with a little plastic charging/video-out docking port that can use external wireless controllers.

This might be the next thing in portable gaming systems, but there is no way this will be 'console' class. It is basically a PS-vita with a dock.

Personally if I was going to carry around a 7" tablet device, I would just carry a real tablet that can do so much more.

Submission + - The End For Win 7/8 Users Is Near (

JustAnotherOldGuy writes: Microsoft’s Senior Product Marketing Manager Nathan Mercer just announced that, “From October 2016 onwards, Windows will release a single Monthly Rollup that addresses both security issues and reliability issues in a single update. The Monthly Rollup will be published to Windows Update (WU), WSUS, SCCM, and the Microsoft Update Catalog. Each month’s rollup will supersede the previous month’s rollup, so there will always be only one update required for your Windows PCs to get current." What this means is that individual patches will no longer be available after October 2016, and Windows 7 and Windows 8 users will now only have two choices: stop updating completely and leave your computers vulnerable to security holes, or accept everything single thing Microsoft sends you whether you want it or not. No word on whether this will include forced installs of Win 10 on existing Win 7/8 PCs.

Submission + - The $5 Onion Omega2 Gives Raspberry Pi A Run For Its Money (

An anonymous reader writes: Onion's Omega2 computer may give the Raspberry Pi a run for its money if the success of the Kickstarter campaign is any indication. The Daily Dot reports: "With an initial goal of just $15,000, over 11,560 backers have pledged the company $446,792 in hopes of getting their hands on this little wonder board. So why are thousands of people losing their minds? Simple; the Omega2 packs a ton of power into a $5 package. Billed as the world’s smallest Linux server, complete with built-in Wi-Fi, the Omega2 is perfect for building simple computers or the web connected project of your dreams. The tiny machine is roughly the size of a cherry, before expansions, and runs a full Linux operating system. For $5 you get a 580MHz CPU, 64MB memory, 16MB storage, built-in Wi-Fi and a USB 2.0 port. A $9 model is also available with 128MB of memory, 32MB of storage, and a MircoSD slot. The similarly priced Raspberry Pi Zero comes with a 1GHz Arm processor, 512MB of memory, a MicroSD slot, no onboard storage, and no built-in Wi-Fi. Omega2 supports the Ruby, C++, Python, PHP, Perl, JavaScript (Node.js), and Bash programming languages, so no matter your background in coding you should be able to figure something out."

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