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Journal FortKnox's Journal: What's your Computer's Name? 102

After reading KshGoddess' latest journal, I thought it'd be interesting to discuss the names of our computers and why we named them such.

My main gaming/WinXP box is "STEELERS" and I'm sure you can figure out where I got that name and why.
My Linux server ( is named "xerxes" after the main computer in System Shock 2 (Attention! The many demands to know what you are doing! Will you join in their harmony?).
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What's your Computer's Name?

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  • my computers are named after animals which live in the forest:

    woodpecker, mole, squirrel, ant, rabbit, deer...

    Easy. There are so many different animals, I'll never run out of names.
  • My newest install is called parasomnia. How did i get that name? Google sets [] for names related to parts used. My case is an x-dreamer, so I entered sleep related words and found the name that stuck.
  • My computer name is rd7005351.
    But thats what the IT guys at work named it.

    At home, though, I have a laptop and a desktop. I named the desktop Bubba becuase at the time I built it back in '99, it was a big beefy system. Now I shouldd probably rename it Wimpy, cause its just big and slow and the fan whines.
    My laptop's name is, of course, Slim.
  • zhivago2: Named after the movie. It is the second machine in the series, a TI Book 800MHz.

    omni: Named after the Omni Group, an iMac

    halo: Named after Halo the game by M$, was named before M$ bought Bungie, was a powerMac 7100.

    dellpi: Dell Pentium 1, an openbsd box that servers as a router/nat machine in my house.

    grendel: Named after Beowulf character, was going to be the main machine for a Beowulf cluster, an openbsd box servering my home directory at UC Physics.
  • The XP box is Guinness.
    The Linux box is Magners.

    Not terribly they both just make me crave a drink.
  • History of computer naming at work:
    1. Boss has first computer. Decides that vegetables are cool, and names his machine 'artichoke'. Apparently going to go alphabetical, as well.
    2. Next two machines are my responsibility. They becomes Macbeth and Macduff, because I am a Shakespeare nut.
    3. Machines then become (in no particular order) lear, othello, falstaff, hamlet, iago, and so on.
    4. Here's where it gets interesting. A new ops guy decides that the pattern in "macbeth" and "macduff" is "mac-" words and creates
  • My iBook: R'yleh

    My iPod: Cthulhu

  • I use train-theme names, but even sub-train-themes for differnt computer types.

    Sparcs: steam, smoke, cinder

    Linux boxen: century, hudson, caboose

    Windows: doublehead (this box has two CPUs), ok, then there are a few others with non-train names like the laptop is: laptop, etc...

    Security: tehachapi (easy to typo)

    Then I also have an IP address scheme deployed that reflects the names. You just locate the first two letters of the name on the keyboard, then move your fingers up (along the \ diagonal path) to
  • My desktop machine is "Chainsaw", and my laptop is "Angry."

    It has nothing to do with anything. Just random words.
  • My laptop is mariner and the games box is sunnycrest. My jobby-job workstation is the poetic sdg10098jt921.
  • My PC was named Talon before Farscape - no apparent reason, though.

    My PowerBook is named Frodo, because the poor bastard gets beaten up all the time. Seriously. I've stepped on it twice, dropped it several times - always in the case, though. It's lost the rubber feet that keep it from sliding around, the cover for the IR transceiver, and I've reinstalled the OS four times (mostly related to uprading pains from Mac OS X beta).
  • I've often heard it said that the names you give your computer(s) reflect your personality, and I think it's probably true. That said, my work computer, which I didn't name, is EHS-5, aka Technical, which probably reflects that my boss is an engineer. ;)

    My computers at home are Harlan (the old one) and Stephen. Future additions will probably be named things like Isaac, Cordwainer, WP, Douglas, Bruce, Zilpha, and so on. (You've probably intuited my motif already.)
    • Nonsense. The names my computers get reflect *their* personalities :)

      Dink: because the dealer sticker on the case says "DNK", and that was the obvious pronunciation. Nine years and two major upgrades later, it's still stuck with the name.

      Wedgie: ditto, per a sticker that says "WedgeTech". (Yes, it's lame. :)

      Argo: my first Win95 system, back when Win95 was still an object of suspicion due to threats of bad behaviour. Remember the old filksong, "Banned from Argo"?? :)

      Gremlin: Build system. Power up. Nothi
  • My win2K box at work is named "unit-4bly801". I hate auto-generated names like that, it makes it really hard to remember for others.

    My boxen at home-

    ATHLON ... That's my 700mhz web server. It's running win2K.

    SILVER ... That's my new athlon 2400XP running Win2K. I named it silver because it has an aluminum case that has a nice annodized finish, and ATHLON was already used :)

    My lap top was named something like "LAPTOP" or "DELL" but I sold that recently... I guess I go for the KISS principle on computer
  • Sol for the server
    Terra for the workstation
    and Luna for the laptop...

    Now it's VanGogh (pc) Monet (laptop) and the server, well, it went nova :)
    My SMB domain/workgroup is Canvas
  • Graphite iMac - Navi (should be obvious)
    PB G3 - Deus Ex Machina
    B&W G3 - Blue, because, it's blue. And white. But mostly blue.
    Intel box - Dante
    Servers - usually after things from Stephenson books. Blacksun, Ordo, Tombstone, Epiphyte, etc

    At work we had a scheme where machines were named after "fantastic places", but it got old and everyone get bitchy about what constituted "fantastic". Also, the impending risk of Star Wars/Star Trek references loomed.
  • First PC: Prometheus
    Next two: Calvin and Hobbes
    Next four (I got them in a lot, and were in varying states of disrepair): Pandora, Psyche, Persephone, and Phoenix. Keeping them in the same letter helped, as they were all PS/2 55SX systems.
    Name servers: Castor and Pollux
    Web server: Arachne
    First laptop: Peregrine
    Second laptop: Kestrel
    Current laptop: Harrier
    First Palm: Sparrow
    Replacement: Nightingale
    Second replacement: Albatross (I went from a Palm V to a Palm III which I got for free.)
    Latest Palm (Tr
    • Pandora - that's what I always name the "C" drive. At one point the C drive had been giving me lots of trouble. It turned out it was going bad and needed to be replaced under warranty. From Pandora's Box I gave it that name and now every C drive will have that. Since the D drive is for media storage and is always larger than C, I name it Chubbbybunny. Sometimes I name it Delilah after a large but cute girl I once knew. My box is called Celise for no good reason.
      • Funny... I called that box Pandora because it was a 386SX upon which I installed Windows 95.

        I figured releasing that kind of evil into my lab made for a fitting analogy.
  • The cluster I recently had the pleasure of configuring has three computers: Athos, Porthos, and Aramos. The failover cluster is Larry, Curly, and Moe.

    The computers my boss names, however, tend to have overly simple names. Our firewall, IP address, is server50. Our web server is webby. Our database is database102 (

  • During my consulting days, I had nightbird (which I later ended up stealing the name), mightymouse, and kermit. I had test bench machines with names of performers (clapton, mccartney, lennon, jagger) as well as characters from Back to the Future (mcfly, biff, marty). We named the E6500 we got in for test bench work 'nemesis'. I've seen netapps named after military bases, and root passwords based on the powerpuff girls.

    I think my choices are perfectly sensible, as I'm insane, and we're anime fans. Not freak

    • I think my choices are perfectly sensible, as I'm insane, and we're anime fans. Not freaky cosplaying sing-along-to-the-theme song anime fans. Just sensible, shelf-and-a-half mostly box sets of series we like anime fans.

      Hey! I used to cosplay and I thought I was pretty normal, it was just the people who would follow me around the con cause I was dressed like Sakura From Street Fighter Alpha 3 who were the freaks, thankyouverymuch. Btw, that was my one and only con and now my cosplay is limited to my come
      • Ok, not all cosplayers are freaks, but there's a majority of them who are, or maybe just a FREAKY minority who are very active. All of them I've met are just a little too into it.

        Normal? Normal's a setting on the washing machine. At least, that's what my mom says. ;)

        • Ok, not all cosplayers are freaks, but there's a majority of them who are, or maybe just a FREAKY minority who are very active. All of them I've met are just a little too into it.

          Agreed. I think that the not-so-invisible line is when you have a web page with CGed shots of you in your costumes made into wallpaper. Those scare me...that and the 12/13 year old camgirls.

          Normal? Normal's a setting on the washing machine. At least, that's what my mom says. ;)

          lol. I totally asked the wrong question. We ar
          • Agreed. I think that the not-so-invisible line is when you have a web page with CGed shots of you in your costumes made into wallpaper. Those scare me...that and the 12/13 year old camgirls.

            "I just talk to lonely guys who buy me stuff from my wish lists... I'm not doing anything wrong."... ick. I read some story about camgirls and the icky things that go on. They don't strip or anything, but they may 'pose'. Truly, they see nothing wrong with some middle-aged dude (probably playing with himself while wa

  • Milhouse - Daily use computer
    Krunk - File server
    Jukebox - Jukebox (it had a name but I kept getting confused so I made it simple)
    Lydia - Server
  • I only have 3 systems, but here they are.

    main desktop - decepticon
    laptop - autobot
    firewall - predacon

    I don't think there are anymore varieties of Transformers, so I will have to start using actual autobot/decepticon names.

  • Router/mail/webserver at home (old Compaq Deskpro running Linux): honeychile
    My workstation (currently at school, running Linux): tatiana
    The web-terminal in the living room (Win98SE): galore
    Mom's computer (Win98SE): domino
    Stepfather's computer (Win98): aki
    Brother's computer (WinXP): tracy
    Stepbrother's computer (Win98SE and Linux): tiffany

    Any guesses as to what the next computer to be added will be? ;o)

  • My computer names are nearly always places in Middle Earth. For domains/workgroups I use things like 'Shire' and 'Gondor'. For the computers I name them for cities/places/landmarks in the domain they belong to, like 'Hobbiton'.
    • I use Hobbit names as well, although I haven't gotten into the Workgroup naming convention. (Hope you don't mind if I steal that idea.)
      Since I only have two machines at home, they are Bilbo and Frodo. I guess the third old machine that is dead is 'Old Took'.
      My work machine is the inharmonious: phlwljmoran. Very pretty, huh? Just rolls off the tongue.
  • First computer: Asimov
    Second computer: Heinlein (a pattern here? naw...)
    Third computer: little (it had a smaller hard drive than Heinlen)
    Fourth computer: big (wow... I'm brilliant. It was bigger than Heinlen)
    Fifth(first work comp): joescomp
    Sixth (first linux box): testserver
    Seventh (second linux box): countzero
    Eighth (current only home comp): athlon
    Ninth (current work comp): FH11 (I didn't get to choose)

    Ok, so I'm boring. So sure me :)

  • At work, my computer is named after my work ID. At home, I mushed the two names of my children together.

  • Network at parents, domain "Jungle":
    • Mowgly, P166/128MB 9GB SCSI -- OpenBSD 3.2
    • Akela, AMD-K2-333/384MB 30GB IDE - Windows 2000, MS DOS 6.22, Linux (1)
    • Raksha, P-III 800/256MB 20GB IDE (Dell Laptop) -- Windows 2000, Linux (2)
    • Baloo, P-III 800/786MB 40GB IDE -- Windows 2000 (3)

    Network at apartment, domain "Sharks":

    • Mako, P166/256MB 20GB IDE + 1.5GB IDE -- OpenBSD 3.2
    • Tiger, Dual AMD Athlon 2400+/1GB 80GB + 80GB IDE -- Windows 2000, Linux, FreeBSD
    • Bagheera, P120/32MB 1.5GB (Toshiba laptop) -
    • Mowgly, P166/128MB 9GB SCSI -- OpenBSD 3.2

      should be

      Mowgly, P166/128MB 18GB SCSI -- OpenBSD 3.2

      That 9 gigger is laying somewhere here in the apartment, but I think it's broken. I don't trust it anymore.

  • ...first PowerMac 6100/66 was named "Jonas". You could set a sound to play upon startup (or write scritps, etc) and I had it play the very beginning lyrics of "My Name Is Jonas" by Weezer (blue album, if you're even remotely interested).

    Next, in 1998 when I finally upgraded, my 8600/300 (refurb) was called "space", I think simply because it came with a 4GB drive instead of the puny 1GB that I had upgraded my 6100 to. I even had it play a soundbit from the song "Space (I Believe In)" by the Pixies (Trompe

    • Ah, someone else who thinks sounds played should match the moment!

      Argo (my Win95 box) has two distinctive sounds:

      Critical stop: "No no no, yer doin' it all wrong!" (Yosemite Sam, I think)

      Shutdown: "Where's the kaboom? there was supposed to be an earthshattering kaboom!" (Marvin)

  • Names (Score:3, Funny)

    by Dephex Twin ( 416238 ) on Wednesday April 23, 2003 @12:59PM (#5790924) Homepage
    My tower: Reeperbahn
    My laptop: Homestar
    My iPod: Satellite of Love

    My computer at work... RTI-ADC4 *sigh*
  • At home, my suitably geeky naming convention is Max Headroom.

    • Desktop: Dual-boot. Edison for XP, Max for Linux
    • Laptop: Theora
    • XBox: ZikZak
    • Server: (When it's done) BlankReg
  • Current generation:

    WinXP box is DragonDemon
    Lin box is paladin
    laptop is Orko/OrkoLinux
    mail server at work is bard
    file server at work is nsbmf (Not So Bad Mother Fucker. So named after the previous incarnation, 'Bad Mother Fucker' ate its discs.)

    Last set was mostly macs:
    Power Battery
    Power Ring

    Before that:
    Big Geek
    Little Geek
    (Bonus points to the person who knows the movie reference)
  • but I should have my first computer in my apartment running tonight.

    I think I'll call it HiveMind, or perhaps The_Lair after my webpage. Not too sure yet.

    My laptop currently uses the corporate naming standards though, so it's not as fun.

  • mirror: my dual G4 mac
    timeii: work provided w2k laptop

    Past name's I've used at work (at current employment we have strict naming conventions) were:

    ipfreely: linux dns server
    tesla: linux DB application server (NOT the band, dork)
    alien: a series of workstations (all mine), starting off with a tatung sun clone, ending with a linux machine
    cerberus: a linux mail server
    alpha1: a linux shell server

    Of course "ipfreely" was my favorite name. :)
  • My present comp is MAGI (blatently stolen from Neon Genesis Evangelion, which stole it from another popular source)

    When I had three drives (all three died and now I am working with an as-yet-unnamed replacement) their names were Melchior, Gaspar, and Balthazar. This can either be interpreted as from Eva again, Chrono Trigger, or the bible. In reality, I just liked the names. When I get new hard drives, I will institute a new naming scheme after places I used to live (the smallest drive will be Sackville
  • The first PC I built is named Alpha.

    My G4, after I put in the giant (at the time) 60GB HD became Leviathan.

  • Since I have a black case for one and a white/beige for another they are "blackbox" and "whitebox" respectively.
  • Mine is just called Jeff
  • My main home XP Pro machine is NEUTRONSTAR
    The drives are named GROG and WEMADEIT

    My 2000 Pro laptops are:
  • At home, our 2 systems are Valhalla and Brierfrost.

    At work, since I've been involved in setting up the systems, we just concentrated on naming the servers, not the workstations.

    We have: AS-400 is Shorty, NT servers are Junior & Groucho, original POS polling server is Midget, Voicemail system is Abbot & Costello, newer POS polling servers are Pixie & Dixie, servers in WA are Pebbles & Bam-Bam, servers in IL are Curly & Moe.

    A bit of a mixture.

  • My PCs have the dumbest names. I can never think of anythin creative when I am looking at the computer name: screen.

    My Windows Server: CORONA - I had a Corona in my hand at the moment.

    My Linux laptop: TPLINUX - TP for ThinkPad, Linux, well because it's running Linux.

    My XP Desktop: EGGMAN - my "old" Alter-ego online gaming name.

    And of course my machine at work, K000140DSF.

    I have worked in small companies, and in labs where systems had creative names.

    One company I worked at named all the servers aft
  • HiroProtagonist: Win2k partition, gaming

    Hackworth: same machine, linux boot, where everything else I do happens.

    server is named cro, just because it happens to server, an name that means nothing, but is kinda short. I should really make my main domain name now that I own it.
  • ...due to lack of creativity.

    I used to have a firewall called ew0 [if I recall correctly]. The others were called ew1, ew2, ew3, etc. according to where they were sitting on the floor. ew5, used to be the name of this computer, but is now just ew because it is the only computer that I really use. The "newest" member of the family is ew486 because I don't expect that there will be many other 486 computers in my collection. Any others will be named according to function.

    Like I said, "...due to lack of creat
  • My computers are named after lady friends of mine, so here's the list:
  • And I thought I was so creative. I've seen some neat naming schemes here.

    As for me, I won't mention work - just as boring as others here.

    At home, I've always used workgroup name STARWARS, and my computernames have always been Star Wars characters. I can remember using Yoda, Han, Lea, and Obiwan. My favorite was a system set up to dual boot between Linux/Win9x. As a Linux box it was "Anakin" and as a Windows box it was "Vader" - and this was before Episode I. ;)

    My current machine is Qui-Gon (built dur
  • Sportwagon, Riviera, Electra225, LeSabre, Regal, and Roadmaster.
  • Mostly from whatever I am reading or listening to at the time.

    PII 350: dissonance
    P 120: originalfire (redhat 6.2)
    Duron 900: tirpitz
    Duron 900: frankenbox (you should see the AGP slot i cobbled back together)(dual boot with Win98)
    Dual Pentium Pro 200: kos-mos
    Athlon 1800+ XP: puddleglum *wifes box*
    IBM ThinkPad 600E: have-blue (former "shortbus")
    Pentium 133: crap (very lame motherboard)(win95)
    Pentium 133: submarine (DOS gaming box)

    i also still have a 486dx4 running mandrake 5.2 (which it had installed when i
  • i had a machine named electro, changed it to 3l3k7r0 when i was feeling obnoxious. it's start-up sound was the "i am electro" sample from the beginning of the DHS mix of "original control." then it changed to demian because it runs win2k, thus making it obviously the spawn of the evil one. demian died, but rose from his ashes with mostly new components. currently i have...

    Demian - windows box for 3d, sonar/project5, and gaming. use this one most of the time. as mentioned before, named mostly for the
  • I name mine after planets. This has been going on for years now.

    Win2K Workstation: saturn
    Linux server/router: mercury

    I used to have another workstation named earth.

    Way back in the day I had a little 486-33 running Linux named neptune. It got hacked one day and the guy added a user account named uranus. What a smartass :-)

    It's a pretty limiting scheme, but I can't imagine having more than nine comps at one time. If I ever do, maybe I'll stretch it a bit and start using moon names or something.
  • My first real computer was in a big case and totally kicked ass, P166 with 32, count'em, 32 megs of ram! So it was obviously called Beast.

    But my Linux firewall had to be smart so it's Xavier.

    And my laptop is cute but pretty much useless, Jubilee.

    Any extra computers that kick around are either Cyclops or Magneto.

    This all started pre movie.

  • by turg ( 19864 )
    my home PC is named "broken"
  • my computer is named after cartoon caracters:

    wallace -- the firewall (we thought it was clever)
    etc, etc

  • Main system is always Ch0k3r
    business pc is workinman
    linux box 1 is always eldorado
    Kids pc is amazingly named kids
    Other names are derived from blaxploitation film characters as needed.
  • My computers get named from charecters or items from the Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy. When I got my P3/866 it was the fastest, nicest and biggest (HD) computer I had. Thus, it was called Deepthought. Which means if I ever do a significant upgrade to the linux box, it's new name will be "Earth". My Win2k laptop is called "Heart of Gold". There is a reason for this, but I decline to comment why as I might incriminate myself. :) My old Win2k workstation was Zaphod.

    I've been using The Guide as a s
    • I knew I couldn't be the only person who did this. Great minds think alike.

      Server: Marvin

      Laptop: Heartofgold

      Gaming machine: Arthur

      Entertainment machine: Eccentrica

      Test box: Slartibartfast

      DeepThought was the name of my root account on my old Win2k server. Happy to report that it's gone the way of the dodo (Win2k, that is).

      Ford, Trillian, and Zaphod have had their moments, but didn't last too long. I'll have to decide on something new when my girlfriend moves in and brings her comptuer... Wha

      • Random!

        I've had a box named Trillian before. Nothing named Marvin or Ford, yet. Might have had a machine named Arthur, though I can't recall for sure. Slartibartfast was my old Linux box, a P2/233.
  • My G4 tower is named Zaranth and my Thinkpad 600 is named Lamanth.

    My parents' spaceship iMac is called Ruth.

    Now, who knows where I got those names?
    • Anne McCaffrey's Pern, they're dragon's names.
      • Ding Ding. Yup, I love Pern and I've tried to give my computers name apporpiate to their personalities.

        Zaranth is speedy, quick and young. Lamanth takes all the abuse I can give him and is forever loyal. Ruth is white and freakish looking.

        Currently I'm building a windows game box. I'll name it Ramoth because I suspect it will be needy and require alot of mantinence.
  • My computers follow a simple naming scheme... they use the names of main character females of Xanth...
    Os I've got Ivy(needs Os repair), Nada, Metria, Jenny(obsolete), Dawn, Eve, Electra(dead -- magic smoke got let out), Chlorine, and I used to call my 486 Humphrey, because it was a dialout router, and I hadn't adopted the all female portion of the naming scheme then.
    So noone asks the specs are as follows:
    Jenny: P120 laptop, 10.4" psudo 16-bit color screen, 1.2GB HD, 48MB RAM, Floppy, no CD-rom.
    Metria: old,
  • My bedroom game/dev box is twofish, and my laptop is blowfish. Yeah, I'm a total crypto nut. The linux boxen are named freedom, liberty, and justice, after what I think are the most important values promoted by the use of OSS software.
  • My main system is called Bermuda, and my secondary system is called Prague.

    Both are named after two fantastic holidays that were both extremely enjoyable and memorable for me and my other half.

    I'm not easily swayed by the quiet life - I was born, raised and have lived all of my life in London - but Bermuda is like paradise. Life there is so much simpler in so many ways that I can't begin to do it justice with a few sentences here. Suffice to say that I'd pack up my bags and live there tomorrow if it were
    • I was responsible for the software testing network, so I got to pick the naming convention. As I had a server and five workstations to manage, I thought a NASA-themed convention would work pretty well, with the "shuttles" talking to "mission control".

      Accordingly, the server was named Houston and the individual test workstations were called Atlantis, Columbia, Challenger, Discovery and Endeavour. There was talk about adding another machine, which would have been called Enterprise (the name given to the non-
  • I named my parent's computer Billiebob
    It still has that label on the C: drive. I had some strange conversation about this once it turned up to be a wierd coincidence. I don't think I've labeled my laptop's hard drive yet. No plans. I guess it needs something fitting.
  • I've got the Norse thing going on with my network.

    Odin - Uniprocessor Linux server. One processor, one eye sort of thing. Keeps a bunch of my files and is the most communicated to box on my network. So it gets the big name.

    Thor - My desktop. Before my motherboard went this was a dual Pentium 3 system, and was for a while the only other machine on my network besides Odin. With two processors Thor was the powerhouse, so it made sense. Now Thor is a Pentium 4 which is still my most powerful machine, so it ke
  • ...all our computers at work are names after either the person they belong to, or their function. So my PC is ALAN, and our Small Business Server is (wait for it) SERVER.

    On the brighter side, this means that all my creative energies are conserved for when I'm posting to Slashdot. *grin*
  • Back in 1996, during the beginning of my 2nd year at college, some k-rad kool guy set up a machine on the resnet called "Warez Shack". The Warez Shack contained TONS of illegal WaReZ for Fr33 d0wn104d, including a HaX0r3d sol.exe (Solitaire) with NAKED WOMEN on the backs of cards, the shareware version of Quake, etc.

    It was just lame, and not sad, until you found the warezshack.txt file - where the owner droned on about what a f*cking k001 hax0r he was and how WarezShack was going to take over the world o
  • Gateway/Firewall : axiom (OpenBSD 3.2 current)
    Server 1 (file/print): archetype (debian woody)
    Server 2 (development): philodox (netbsd 1.5.2)
    HTPC box: cine (xandros, works nicely)
    My Rig: paradigm (dualboot 2K/FreeBSD)
    My Laptop: paradox (dualboot 2K/NetBSD)

    the only reason for the dualboots are to go between work and play
  • I name all mine after Babylon 5 characters.

    WinXP-Home/RH9 Dual booter: Ivanova
    Mandrake8.2 Server: GKar
    Gamer PC with XP Home: Londo
    XP-Pro/RH9 Dual Boot laptop: Sinclair
    Win2K IBM Thinkpad laptop: Kosh
  • Started with Comic Books:

    Linux box was Arkham
    Win 2000 box was Asylum

    Then I got lazy, now they're all some kind of description:

    LinShuttle (My new Linux box running on a Shuttle SN41G2 - tasty)
    WinShuttle (guess)
    VaioLaptop (guess again)
    Kitchen (yep - it sits opposite the breakfast bar :)
    Arkham is now a Win2K box in work
    Asylum is another Win2K box in work

    I think I'll keep with the descriptive ones - just easier to remember which is which :)

  • Bluefire is my desktop. It's sorta temperamental. And I thought it sounded cool at the time.

    Deadhead is my older machine. It had a dead hard drive.

    Dashnine is my router. It never reboots, but sometimes I have to do a kill -9 :)

    Laminarflow is the parents' machine. No idea why it's named that, win2k isn't a particularly slick OS :)

    Dreamy is the Dreamcast when it's running Linux.

    The jPAQ is my Linux-running iPAQ. Obviously named - I'm Joshua, and it's an iPAQ.

    In addition, I have a friend on IRC who
  • In the early 90s, a co-worker (this guy wasn't an orker of cows, trust me) set up a nettrek server. Most folks just used their login names, but on a whim I signed in as "MadDog".
    I'm several jobs down the road since then, but when I got the laptop for my current job, I named it MadDog.
    Then the hard drive died, and I was sad.
    Then the hard drive came back to life, so Dell couldn't RMA it. I wasn't so sad, but I was a bit nervous to travel with this particular machine. I got another laptop (shrinking comp
  • I name my computers after elements of the periodic table in order. The last octet of the ip assigned to the computer is it's atomic number. For example Hydrogen=
  • Server: Dante (reference to multiple level upon reaching hell... err.. internet
    Workstation: Michelangelo
    Laptop: Da-Vinci
    I name 'em after nice people long ago, that meant something for society/litature/science...
  • Well, my sole machine is called Motherbrain, in reference to the great game, Metroid.
  • My machine's name is faraday. And don't you forget it!
  • by Chacham ( 981 )
    My computer is MatzohMeal
    Gaming: Venison
    Neighbor: Grapejuice

    I just go with a food scheme. It's strange and fun.

  • SPR202750 :-p

    We don't get to name our computers here. *sigh*
    At my last job, I got to name all the machines on the network and I chose an Elric theme :-D

    At home, I use a Marillion theme (mostly from Misplaced Childhood).
  • tc[n], where [n] = the number of the PC. Yes, we have no imagination :/. /me is typing this from TC20 via the filtering proxy on TC11 and using SSH to use some remote X apps on TC4. My gateway is TC8.

The only possible interpretation of any research whatever in the `social sciences' is: some do, some don't. -- Ernest Rutherford