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Comment Re:Troubleshooting skills (Score 1) 299

I was wondering when any former nukes would respond. I was a submarine nuke electrician. In the nuke world they can drop a dump truck full of knowledge on you quickly and most nukes can retain and use it. Also, the troubleshooting that I learned and used has really helped me. I use a loose version of the six step troubleshooting procedure I learned in "A" school when I approach a broken system.

Comment Bleachbit can't be responsible for (Score 1) 305

So it looks like the problem that Piriform has stems from a article that details how to export information from CCLeaner and import it to Bleachbit. It violates ccleaner's TOS. That's great and all, but Bleachbit never agreed to the ccleaner TOS. Maybe Piriform can go after ghacks, but I don't see how exporting your CCleaner into the winapp2.ini format (which Piriform does not control) and importing that winapp2.ini to Bleachbit is Bleachbit's problem. That would be like someone writing an article about how to export an Excel spreadsheet to CSV and then using it in LibreOffice Calc. Then Microsoft going after LibreOffice.

Comment Check in a gun (Score 5, Interesting) 293

Having a gun, any gun, even a starter pistol, subjects your luggage to tighter security. For instance, when I checked a rifle for a hunting trip, the TSA walked me back to a room, made sure the rifle was unloaded and watched me lock the case. Then they handed me a receipt. They pay extra attention to that piece of luggage. When my plane landed, someone escorted my locked case out to me, matched the tag on the on the case with my receipt, checked my ID and gave me my case. There is no way they would have lost that piece of luggage. I bet if my case had been lost or stolen, there would have been a lockdown and search. Lifehacker detailed that same thing, I guess professional photographers pick up a $20 starter pistol just for this purpose.

Submission + - The Facebook Toll Booth (

Presto Vivace writes: "Facebook charges you to talk to more than 15% of your "friends"

According to Facebook's own advertising department, on the average, about 15% of the folks you imagine are getting your stuff are getting it. The other 80 or 85%..... not. That's one in five if you're lucky, one in seven if you're not. Ever wondered what that “promote” button at the bottom of your posts is? That's the doorway to talking to ALL your followers or friends or fans. It's the ONLY doorway, and it's a toll booth. This is not a bug, it's a feature.


Submission + - Unveiling Slashdot Mobile for Tablets

gkuchhal writes: "Slashdot Mobile has finally made it out of the gates for tablets as well as phones. The Mobile site for phones launched some weeks back, but now you can take advantage of the changes we've made to read Slashdot easier to read through touch-screen devices on tablets as well as phones. That includes features we've folded in to the mobile version from the desktop-browser view of the site, so you can scan user profiles, sip from the Firehose, and keep up with notifications. See this blog post for more details, and keep the feedback coming. If you see a problem, tell us about it!"

Comment Re:I could see it (Score 1) 886

I learned the six step troubleshooting process back in Navy Electrician "A" School. Once you make it a habit to employ these steps you can apply these principles to help solve any technical problem.

Comment Really bad if the battery catches fire (Score 4, Informative) 228

There is a 250 volt battery with a huge amount of potential energy. You have basically a medium size bedroom full of batteries that are 6 feet tall.

The battery can keep the lights running for about 1.5 hours while also supplying power to move it through the water and power the reactor plant to do a restart.

We calculated one time that if all the energy in the battery was released at once (not possible, we knew that), it would blow the sub 1.5 miles into the air.


When Should I Buy an Android Tablet? 396

jpyeck writes "I've deliberately avoided the smartphone craze, due to the fact I've never utilized any phone (landline or otherwise) enough to justify the monthly fees. But the geek in me craves the 'smart' part of the equation, especially since I got a bonus this year-end that is burning a hole in my pocket. The iPad is out of the question because I need a bit more hack-ability in my gadgets. I am drooling over the Android Honeycomb demo from the CES. I've had my eye on the Galaxy Tab, though it sounds like it won't support Honeycomb. The Xoom looks great, but who knows when it will come out? The consensus seems to be 'wait a few months for Honeycomb.' If you were me, with limited patience, would you buy an Android tablet now? If so, which?"

Comment One low tech easy way to break this (Score 1) 151

That will work great, until someone cuts the phone and cable lines to your house and your modem goes dead.

When I used to work on security systems we would bring along a shovel for installs. We would bury the phone line and move the phone box inside to the basement. Made it inconvenient for the home owners if they needed changes to their service (they would have to be home to let the phone guy in), but gave them a heck of a lot more security.

For my own place I put up a dummy box with some wires running into it. If they cut the wire it set off the alarm.

Comment Flash forces McAfee on you (Score 4, Informative) 78

The Flash updater annoyed me the last time I ran it. The last update I applied snuck some Mcafee software on to my machine.

The flash updater now has the checkbox checked by default for mcafee security scan plus, and they moved the checkbox so you don't notice it when you are glancing at the installer.

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