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Comment Re:What Employee Works Without Pay? (Score 4, Informative) 120

She moved to California for this job. There's a certain amount of sunk costs involved in moving that makes the calculus a little trickier than just move back to Texas over a missed paycheck.

Hindsight shows that it was a bad move, but there are counterexamples of people who have gotten their paychecks a little bit late and had a satisfying time at their company.

Comment Re:Why deposit? (Score 1) 217

Escrow is going to be for the entirety of the purchase. Not all buyers are buying $50 at a time. Some people are buying ounces of cocaine or kilograms of MDMA. Not all vendors will accept escrow on the especially large orders, but they won't have their finger on the withdraw button either. In general, exit scams are harder on the vendors than the buyers because vendors could have dozens of open orders at any time.

Comment Re:New rule (Score 1) 113

Many slashdotters are opposed to being scrubs. Most house rules are an attempt to make a game more fun by cutting off higher level play. You don't think it's fair that someone learned more 2 letter words than you, so you made up a way to temporarily prevent him from using them after the game started.

You could have found counters, but you didn't, because you're a scrub.

Comment Re:Why do I want to upgrade? (Score 1) 437

It fixed the dialer bugs that KitKat has. The first time I pull up the keypad, it's offset such that keys other than 1-3 are hidden. I have to hit back and then pull up the keypad again to get access to all numbers.

It fixed the bug where if I type in a long pin on KitKat, the screen stops accepting input. I have to slowdown. My pin is 9 characters.

There are many UI regressions though, particularly switching to silent/vibrate and back. I hate that every number in my pin gets a huge circle revealing where I pressed. Inconvenient for paranoid people like me.

I'm going to see if CyanogenMod 12 fixes these regressions when a stable release is available for my phone.

Comment Re:Tell me again... (Score 1) 372

The proper abbreviation for Doctors without Borders is MSF (Medicines san Frontiers). They have employees who get paid! It is not a volunteer organization! The burnout rate is already high. If you told all of their workers that their vacation would be spent in house arrest for the entirety of their break between missions, there'd be far fewer workers. Protip: significantly reducing the amount of workers willing to treat infectious diseases is not a good way to reduce outbreak of infectious diseases.

Lysol would be plenty for disinfecting a bowling alley. Similar surfaces were found to disinfect themselves after a few hours in the dark!

Sagripanti, J-L., Rom, A.M., Holland, L.E. (2010) Persistence in darkness of virulent alphaviruses, Ebola virus, and Lass virus deposited on solid surfaces. Arch Virol. 155: 2035-9.

My friend is a logistician, not a medical doctor. AFAIK, there is no oath for logisticians.

I have seen no evidence of any health workers ignoring symptoms. The doctor in the parent article followed all the MSF guidelines.

Comment Re:Tell me again... (Score 1) 372

I have a close friend who works for Doctors Without Borders. She doesn't get a lot of vacation. If she had a 3 week quarantine (where would they quarantine her?), her friends and family would see her far less often. Her vacations mid-mission would have to be spent in the country she was working in.

I'm sorry the owner of the bowling alley will need a few cans of lysol because we didn't have ebola camps for humanitarian doctors.

Comment Re:The spying isn't the biggest issue (Score 1) 306

GSM encryption is terrible, TLS is terrible (Mac-then-encrypt, terrible cipher suites, rollback attacks, GCM implemented incorrectly), IPSec is incredibly convoluted and offers many broken modes (encrypt-only), NIST suite B ECC has fishy constants, AES has horrible side channel attacks in software that allow key recovery from other virtual machines, SHA-3 will have a reduced security level compared to the standard for the sake of 'efficiency'...

Don't think that just because Dual EC-DRBG is obviously bad that all attempts to weaken cryptography will be equally obvious.

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