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Large Caves Found on the Surface of Mars 191

David DelMonte writes " is reporting on the discovery of seven dark spots near the Equator on Mars. The thinking is that these are cave openings. The openings are the size of football fields, and one of them is thought to extend approximately 400 feet below the surface.'The researchers hope the discovery will lead to more focused spelunking on Mars. "Caves on Mars could become habitats for future explorers or could be the only structures that preserve evidence of past or present microbial life ," said Glenn Cushing of Northern Arizona University, who first spotted the black areas in the photographs.'"
United States

Submission + - meltdown at jetBlue ..

rs232 writes: "'JetBlue attempted to recover from the Feb. 14 ice storm by selectively canceling flights on Feb. 15 and Feb. 16. But those moves still didn't do the trick because JetBlue couldn't line up well rested pilots and flight attendants with planes'

'Eric Brinker, spokesman for JetBlue, said one reason the system was overwhelmed is that it lacked a better system to track crew members in an adverse situation'

'During the storm, the company relied on a manual system-essentially pen and paper-that didn't centralize the information for everyone to see'"

Submission + - French Train Sets World Rail Speed Record

Anonymous writes: In eastern France today, an Alstom TGV (TRAIN A GRANDE VITESSE) smashed the world rail speed record, by attaining a top speed of 574.8 km/h (357 mph). The previous record of 515.3 km/h (320 mph) was also held by a TGV, going back to 1990. Alstom hopes to boost sales following this €30 million staged event.

Submission + - James Doohan's Remains NOT to be Beamed Up

SixFactor writes: The ashes of James Doohan, who played the beloved "miracle worker" engineer on the starship USS Enterprise, will be shot into space. His remains will be in good company, as Gordon "Gordo" Cooper's ashes will also be along for the ride. Gordon Cooper was one of the pioneer Mercury astronauts, and was featured in the movie "The Right Stuff." The two will reach the final frontier in a SpaceLoft XL rocket. "A rocket... how quaint," was faintly heard from Doohan's urn. f_To_Space.html
Portables (Apple)

Journal Journal: Apple Introduces iPhone!

Looks like the much anticipated iPhone is official. It currently works with AT&T/Cingular networks. Cost not known yet... "Apple Computer Inc. Chief Executive Steve Jobs on Tuesday introduced an eagerly-anticipated Apple-branded mobile phone with a touch-screen that combines features from the company's popular iPod music player. Jobs did not give immediate details on the pr

Brightest Comet In Decades Now Visible 35

mlimber writes "Comet McNaught (C/2006 P1), the brightest comet in decades, is currently visible to the naked eye in the early evening and early morning sky for the northern hemisphere. The northern latitudes have the best view, but it can be seen even in the southern hemisphere during the day with the right equipment. Another image is available as NASA's astronomy picture of the day." Here is a graphic of the comet's evening location from 40 degrees north latitude.

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