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Comment Jay should have a choice shouldnt he? (Score 1) 267

start by lowering full time hours / making OT cost alot.

Why should jay have to work 60-80+ hours a week doing the work of 3 people for the pay of 1?

When we can fill that job with 3 people working about 30 hours each?

Jay wants to work extra hours for extra money. If Jay didn't do the job the company would pay more money for more people to do the work. Or perhaps not, perhaps they would continue to hire more and more Jays failing each time. Maybe they would hire Jay back at a higher rate with better benefits because he's a good worker. No matter what way, the Market should handle the circumstance and reward workers and companies who take care of workers. The answer is not having Government agencies regulating Joe out of a job.

Socialism and Communism don't promote or incentivize job performance. Hence why even Russia and China went to a partial market economy.

Overall UBI won't work. The only way to pay people to do nothing is to take money from people who do. You see how well that's working for Venezuela right now right? Some places can play games for a while to make things appear better, but ask France, Greece, Spain, Italy, etc.. how that is working out for them. Before you say "but.. Germany" remember that Germany is not only a Market economy, but collecting shit-tons of interest from all of the nations in the EU who had to take out loans. (See the list of countries in the previous sentence).

Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 141

Not an exaggeration at all, you just need to do some hunting for information. Drones generally don't lead to fatalities, but lost limbs and mangled body parts. I gave one you can look for, but plenty of articles on damage from accidental drone collisions with bystanders. It's not usually the hobbyist pilots getting hurt.

Comment Especially when (Score 2) 53

You travel overseas. AT&T makes this very simple and has deals with local phone companies in ever country I, and people I know, have traveled. It took all of 2 minutes to enable, and while perhaps a few bucks more than some of the other methods required nothing extra. No hardware swapping, no hassle.

Prices have come down recently, which made me happy. Price was my only knock against AT&T, and I have been a customer since the iPhone 3 which had no choice but AT&T.

Comment Re:Good Idea (Score 1) 38

If systemd causes problems, use a non-systemd distribution. Devuan was on the front page yesterday, but Gentoo is optionally systemd free (well, so is Debian for now), and Slackware is free of systemd. There are other choices. (I don't consider Gentoo acceptable unless you have multiple computers on your desk, as the install instructions are on multiple html pages, and needing to print those out is unreasonable.)

As for Firefox, I haven't experienced the problems you are reporting. I'm using the Debian default install with Adblock Plus, and just about no installed add-ons. I commonly leave several windows with multiple tabs open for days. But I do generally forbid the use of Javascript. Usually if I allow it, it's only a temporary permission, which I soon cancel. So I'm guessing that you have a flaky add-on installed, for which it's not proper to blame Mozilla.

Comment Re:But.... (Score 1) 69

what if it causes autism?

We had malaria on the ropes and nearly wiped out. Then the propaganda piece "Silent Spring" with a bunch of bad science, bad data, outright lies, and heartstring-plucking was published and picked up by environmental groups who screamed at the government to "do something!", and so they did. They worked to ban the use of DDT as widely as possible and gave malaria a reprieve. The DDT ban was based on lies and those lies and the ones who knowingly used those lies in their political/ideological causes anyway are responsible for all the deaths, suffering, and economic losses from malaria since then.


Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 141

I see myself more as a realist than altruist, but the latter has to be somewhat true for the former to be true. *shrug* I'm simply being realistic about this product. It's not a car, and I don't find any appeal at all other than "I can afford it". Which will as they show will sell to someone who can afford to sit in a boat on an empty mountain lake. It won't address any of the problems with SF, or LA (I live in SF and know the suckass commute first hand). With all the pedestrians in SF they would not (and should not) be allowed on a road without massive safety improvements. It won't get you home any safer or faster than a car, and without luggage space you can't even bring home your groceries. I see this as yet another "start-up" hyping up for cash, and soon to fizzle.

Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 2) 141

You need to null out idiots. They're everywhere as part of the noise, and cannot be eliminated.

You can't null the idiots, which is why we have to have so many regulations on roads and vehicles. Once you add safety features the flying lawn mower, they lose the ability to fly. I'm sure you understand the basics of physics and weight limitations for lift.

Wind gusts-- yep, need stabilizers. But we deal with black ice, snow, and have to dodge stuff with cars, like the dog that ran out into the road in front of me, this morning.

These flying lawn mowers are skimming 10-15 ft above surface, reaction time in wind requires a hell of a lot more than simple stabilizers. 0 for 2 on Science, lets see how bad you really are.

Your Edward Scissors-Hand thinking is a bit goofy. In urban environments, we're running out of space close to ground, because we can't convince people to take public transportation, although much of public transportation lacks convenience.

And you won't convince many people that an open deck flying platform with little to no weight bearing capability is better than the bus. These things will cost huge amounts of money to "drive", get insanely poor mileage, and be extremely expensive to insure. This is not the car we see in the Movies, this is a small flying drone with humans as the casualty. In terms of Science, you just struck out.

Will stuff fall out of the sky? Probably. Will we sue the living hell out of people that do this? Yep.

As mentioned above, they would have to have insurance. Insurance for these would be insanely high. This is a product that few people could afford to use, let alone would bother using.

The early adopters will be the super-rich. If you look at SillyCon Valley, they pay jaw-dropping amounts of money for simple housing, so a flying drone car that gets them over the 101 to their offices filled with barristas and pool tables is a no-brainer.

Yeah, and it'll stay that way until we have an actual flying car (which this is not). Reality. You should see if you can find some.

Comment Re:It has its uses (Score 2) 369

Functional languages are a bit more difficult to think about, but that may be a combination of my inexperience and the implementations I've seen. OTOH, some problems do not deal with with lack of state. I'd really like to use Erlang, e.g., but I need mutable state. You can do it in Erlang, but you've got to fight the system to do it.

Note: I don't need externally visible mutable state. That's clearly dangerous in a concurrent system. I need internally mutable state. In Erlang that means either storing things in a hash table, a database, or a block of uninterpreted bytes. All ways that are clumsy to handle (and, I presume, slow). That Erlang allows this indicates that it is seen as something that is concurrently safe. But the difficulty in doing this shows that the designers of Erlang didn't see this as anything important for their use cases.

Now it's a good question whether or not you consider immutability a part of the definition of functional programming. Lisp allows mutable state, so does Scheme. So does Erlang. But they all discourage it and make it difficult to use. It's my contention that the definition should restrict itself to shared mutable state, but I'm not sure that this is the consensus.

Comment Re:Flying Law Mower (Score 1) 141

You never heard of gusting winds, mechanical failure, or plain old human idiocy?

Are all of the current accidents with drones intentional? There are thousands of medical emergencies with current little shit drones. Everything from a nose being cut off at TGI Fridays to fingers, heads, and hands.

In your tiny little mind, it's okay to make flying lawn mowers because we have accidents with cars. That is called a false equivalency to the normal mind.

Comment Agreemsg (Score 1) 141

It's more of a flying motorcycle, except without any of the advantages of a motorcycle. Presumably the advantages of being able to fly outweigh them, but if you're only allowed to operate over water, you'd probably be better served by a boat. It's a toy. The only time it seems like it would have any actual utility is if you live in some place where you're not allowed to move quickly on the water, but they'd still allow you to operate one of these. Which I suppose could exist... somewhere?

Comment Re:Hubris Much? (Score 1, Flamebait) 92

So your proposal is... do nothing?

Since coral polyps are one of the hardiest creatures on the planet, having survived over millions of years through both tropical and ice ages, yes. "Nothing" is the logical and scientifically-sound action to be taken.

Of course, "nothing" doesn't get scientists and universities grants, get corporations government contracts, nor gain politicians more money and power, so expect a massive government-funded program that wastes obscene amounts of people's tax money while accomplishing little, possibly even causing additional problems that the government and scientists can spend even more of your money on.


Comment Yet another ignorant troll (Score 1, Insightful) 196

Well, except for that idiotic electoral college

Once again, a leftist/communist/progressive demonstrating a complete irrational ignorance of history. The reason for the Senate and Electoral college is to protect against tyranny by a minority of states with a higher population against a majority of states with less population. Why do you idiots continue to repeat propaganda when it's so easily disproved? Crack a damn history book instead of smoking it!

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