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Comment Re:MacOS Preview (Score 1) 89

Most likely because, traditionally, Macs are used by graphic artist types who already have near-literal arsenals of graphics/CG applications. Even though I only do grpahics/art for fun, my own Mac has GIMP, DAZ Studio, Maya, Carrara, Modo, Poser, and a zillion smaller applications that support all of those (Iray, Reality, LuxRender, UV Mapping utilities, various image/video viewers, etc). Pretty certain that the pros have way more stuff installed, and they installed them the same day they unboxed the computer.

A simple paint-type program would just sit around useless, yanno?

Comment Re:Would prefer a seperate app (Score 2) 89

Ugh. No, no it does not.

Okay, that's probably the artist in me talking, but seriously - outside of some really non-professional home stuff (or the occasional semi-dank meme that makes fun of childish actions), MS Paint falls way, way, way short for illustration. No, really... I'd rather masturbate with a handful of glass shards than use MS Paint for *anything* work-related... and no, I'm not a professional artist.

Comment Re:About time! (Score 4, Interesting) 89

Actually, Microsoft did try to take a stab at Photoshop back in 1998-1999 or so, using (IIRC) the same name - "Paint 3D". They included an application CDs in their TechNet subscription packages for awhile; it stopped showing up in 2000-ish.

The interface blew goats, it was slow and occasionally quite buggy (at least on NT 4), but it did have some ideas in it worth exploring; I think it most likely died a quiet death due to the monopoly lawsuit...

Comment Re: Why even have elections? (Score 1) 432

So you prefer Kang over Kodos, then?

Seriously - they both suck, and are singularly unqualified for the job. Most of us with more than two working neurons know this.

The problem is two-fold:
1) There is a huge mass of low-information sheep who don't really bother with politics (either by ignorance, stupidity, or laziness), but will nonetheless do whatever they're told by their ideological 'betters', mostly to look good in the eyes of their social peers - hell, there's even a satchel of soundbites and pre-digested 'debate' techniques that are supplied to them.

2) There are also two masses of howling hyper-partisan ideologues who each abandon logic and reason in order to 'win' at all costs.

The sad part is, the aforementioned masses comprise the majority of our populace. I'm certain that the US isn't the only country that has this affliction, but as the US is among (if not atop the list of all) world leaders, what happens here will affect the rest of the planet one way or the other. I fear that no matter who gets it, it will be to the detriment of us all.

I know on my part? I happily voted third-party (yes, I'm that disgusted with both the major candidates), but I live in a state where the outcome is pretty much predestined (thanks to the hivemind living in Portland, Salem, and Bend), so I could have written in my dog as President, and no one will notice here.

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 192

If Apple was truly concerned they would issue a spec for free.

Why bother releasing a spec for what is essentially a glorified rectifier? Fuck sakes, any *competent* EE student can make a clone-off charger from a working genuine one.

The problem arises when you get cheap fly-by-night little Chinese "shops" that pop up on Alibaba selling untested and shoddily-produced (and barely 'designed') crap for like $1/lb. Sure, occasionally someone shuts one down, but three more will await you the next morning. Buy a big box of the ones that look passably genuine, sell them on Amazon for $20/ea... profit!

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1) 652

Allow me to introduce you to the concept of professional liability. When you, as a trained professional in a field, give false or misleading information - you're employer can be held liable for any harm that results.

Then it is up to the employer (and/or jury if it gets that far) to make that determination and set liability... and not government edict.

Comment Re:About time. (Score 1, Insightful) 652

They can do. Just not while they're pretending to be health care professionals.

So you think there is to be only one government-approved guide to all healthcare decisions, right?

Mind, I'm not an "anti-vaxxer", but I am pro-speech. The vaccination controversy, no matter how well/poorly-founded, does exist, and trying to end it by government force is not only a stupid tactic, but sets a very, very, VERY bad precedent.

(also, Nurses *are* health care professionals, for fuck sakes... you don't get to disqualify them as such just because you don't like what they say.)

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