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Comment Re:Here's a business idea (Score 1) 186

What's that you say? You do not have a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account yet? But you don't want to look like you're trying to hide something in your next job interview or your next trip abroad? No worries, we will provide you with a complete profile, either with a persona you choose or one that we create for you. Choose from a wide range of hobbies and volunteer activities that should impress any boss dishonest enough to snoop in your private area. We offer a variety of community services you can claim to be part of, ranging from religious to communal.

For an extra fee, we will adjust your profile to fit the profile of a prospective employer to make you more appealing to the person who will lead the interview! Some limitations apply (i.e. if you're a lardball, don't try to claim you're participating in Ironman, there's even limits to what we can fake).

Comment Here's a business idea (Score 2) 186

Are you worried that law enforcement, border control or even the prospective in-laws could want to take a look at your Facebook, your Twitter, your Instagram? We have the solution for you!

We whitewash your official social media pages, keep them updated with goodie-two-shoes stories (your choice how much saccharine is to be added) to make it look active and not a fake profile, while you open up your very own, private social media account where you can be yourself all you want. Your future mother-in-law wants to get access to your private Facebook pages, locked from public viewing? Your future employer wants to violate your privacy and demands you hand over your Facebook details? Now you can show them what they want to see. And decide what they should see.

We can even make it appear that you're friends with key people in your business, our SEO-professionals are standing by!

Comment Re:Digital Rights? (Score 1) 226

But by alienating your customer base more and more you only drive more and more of them into piracy. Allow me to use an, admittedly, anecdote example, but it illustrates well what's going on.

A person, let's call him Peter, likes computer games. He's by no means a geek, but he enjoys playing games. So he goes and buys them. Because that's what you do to get them. Peter doesn't know much about torrents or copying or even cracking, and he doesn't really care that much. Sure, 60 bucks a game is quite an amount of money, but Peter thinks that's fine. He gets quite a bit of entertainment out of it, so the price is justified.

Peter buys a game. He installs it, and then he notices that it doesn't run because the server he has to be connected all the time to play the game is overloaded. Maybe he can play for a few minutes before the connection breaks down and closes the game, frustrating Peter because he couldn't save his game. He may not even know (or care) about the always online thing, what he does know is that the game crashes every 10 minutes.

He talks with his friend Fred, who is a geek. Fred has the game too, but he didn't pay for it. He torrented it, along with the crack. And Fred tells Peter that he has no problem playing the game, it works great. He also shows Peter how to download it and crack it. And Peter realizes that, hey, that's easy. And cheaper. And most of all, it works.

And Peter joins the ranks of those that don't buy and instead copy.

Respect is not given freely. It is earned. I have exactly zero respect left for EA, UBIsoft and the like. My solution is to simply not buy their crap. I switched to other games, mostly from Indie developers who actually respect me enough to consider me a business partner instead of a potential criminal, or simply accusing me of being one without any reason other than "I want more money from you for nothing at all".

Comment Re:So now we need warning labels on jobs??? (Score 1) 457

The problem is the race to the bottom. Given enough pressure, you'll get people working for less than it costs them to recover the cost, working for just enough money to cover running costs but not cover for the investment (i.e. their car in this example). Any businessman working like this WILL go out of business eventually when his machines break down and he only tried to recover running costs but never fixed costs.

People do not know that. And even if they do they cannot afford to take it into consideration because according to your model, they only have the choice between accepting that they will be starving in 2 years when their car breaks down and they cannot replace it or starve today by not accepting it.

Comment A way better solution (Score 5, Informative) 231

The maybe best solution ever I've seen in Austria. Here is a quick comparison between US vs. Austrian traffic lights.

Basically, their lights flash green 5 times before they go to yellow, giving you ample time to know that the green period ends. Also, before switching to green, it shows red and yellow for about a second or two to give you an idea that you should put your car into gear and prepare to accelerate, thus improving the reaction time of people and improving the usage of the green phase.

All in all, a WAY better solution. Of course their law also says that there is ZERO grace period for entering with a red light. You have ample time to know it's going red. Actually, I don't even know whether there isn't already some kind of provision that you're supposed to not enter when it goes yellow.

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