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Comment Better than facebook (Score 5, Informative) 1223

This google+ thing is much better than facebook in my opinion.

It's like going from hotmail to gmail back when it launched.
It's sleek, doesn't get in the way, lets you do things easily. You manage your "friends" easily.

Hell, it's one service I wouldn't have any issue adding my boss and co-workers to, unlike facebook.

As a bonus, I don't get people posting asinine idiocies on my wall. Sure they can get me to eyeball their crap by mentionning me in their posts, but at least it won't bother everyone else who reads the things I write.

A negative side, not for me but for others, would be the lack of games, but we'll see...

Comment Re:Intended Reaction? (Score 2, Insightful) 724

Yes, we do go back and buy.

You have bought a legitimate license for EVERY SINGLE GAME you've ever downloaded/copied illegally?

Oh, the nice fallacy of the indivisible middle... "we do go back and buy", he said, not "we do go back and buy EVERY SINGLE TIME".

Now, if you're interested as to when, there's crap games, there's "meh" games not worth the money they're sold for and there's nice games. Those are the ones that are gone back for...

Comment Re:No engineering? (Score 1) 542

"You can put whatever you want on it, front or back."

Hmmm.... it's a good thing he didn't say "and", or if I was the instructor I would have said "Nice try, but logically your exam assistant can't be on the front *and* the back of the paper at the same time".

Simply fold the paper in a moebius strip (or, more simply, fold back 2cms)

Comment Re:Physicist speaking (Score 1) 284

As a physicist, I do get a bit annoyed at the constant attacks on string theory in public media.

Let me just state a few points please:

If you complain at string theory, then PLEASE state what you are proposing. What is the use in complaining when you have no alternative?

What kind of scientist are you? It doesn't matter if I can offer an alternative suggestion or not.

The use of "complaining" is to determine the validity of the theory. You can't test it, you can't determine if it's true. Simple enough for you?

If I were to say that invisible pink unicorns like small massive objects, you'd have every right to tear my suggestion apart without having to offer an alternative, that's the way it works...

Comment Re:Ob (Score 1) 676

Celvin, Really? Its Kelvin dumb ass. At least spell it right if you want to be a smart ass lol.

I have not the words. I think the only appropriate reaction is to give you a condenscenting backpat and walk away without a word.

It's "condescending", dumb ass (now where's my backpat?) ;-)


Submission + - EVE Online channels in-game donations to Haiti ( 1

PurpleCarrot writes: Players in the MMORPG EVE Online have been encouraged to convert their virtual income into real monetary help for the Red Cross efforts in Haiti through donations of PLEXes, or game-time extensions. CCP, the developer of EVE Online, will forward 100% of the proceeds generated from donations to support Haiti. PLEXes (which extend a player's subscription for 30 days) are sold in batches of two for $34.99 in the United States, and are freely traded in the game's marketplace for ISK, the in-game currency.

Comment Re:Actual damages are 35 cents per work (Score 1) 390

What about the distribution part?

There was no evidence of her acting as a distributor. That would have required proof that she -disseminated copies -to the public -by sale or other transfer of ownership, or by a rental, lease or lending. There was no proof of any of those.

That's not what I was asking. I haven't checked the case, my question was wether there's a limit to monies awarded for the distribution.

The fact that the jury found her guilty of that despite the absence of proof really sucks, however the summary says the monies were awarded "for stealing and illegally distributing", hence my question.

Comment Re:Actual damages are 35 cents per work (Score 1) 390

The maximum actual damages is ~35 cents per infringed work, since the wholesale price is ~70 cents and the expenses are around ~35 cents. Under constitutional principles, the statutory damages awarded should not have exceeded $1.40 per infringed work, or a total of $33.60. Even the reduced award is 6428 times the actual damages, a grossly excessive amount.

What about the distribution part? I don't agree with the principle that unwillingly distributing (as is the case with P2P technologies) should be grounds for extra payment since it wasn't the person's objective, but since the money is for obtaining AND distributing, there should be something there as well, don't you think? Is there some kind of constitutional limit to that as well?

As a side note, where I live (belgium) we now have a "tax" on hard drives, recordable CDs/DVDs and all forms of storage to pay for the piracy going on, no matter what that storage device is going to be used for :-/
The upside is that I now have no moral issue whatsoever with downloading other's copyrighted works to my heart's content. I pay for it, I'm going to use it.

The Almighty Buck

Virtual Bank Woes 127

bobmorning writes "EVE Online's largest player-controlled virtual bank, Ebank, just can't seem to catch a break these days. A few months after it was revealed that the company had been defrauded of a staggering amount of virtual cash, it turns out that the institution's digital vaults are far more barren than many realized, leading to an in-game freezing of accounts for any individual or organization that happened to have invested any InterStellar Kredits (ISK) with the bank. Early this summer, it came to light that a veteran EVE player (known only as 'Ricdic') had embezzled — and then sold in the real world — over 200 billion ISK from Ebank, causing a run on the virtual financial institution. However, this was just the beginning of the problems for the player-owned bank. Recently-installed Ebank Chairman Ray McCormack admitted that the bank had been mismanaged, and rules, safeguards, and controls were not enforced. As a result, it's been revealed that Ebank is 380 billion ISK poorer thanks to a number of defaulted loans. Because of the aforementioned mismanagement, it apparently took the bank's new officers a while to figure out just how far in the red their institution is."

Comment Re:I've recently started playing EVE (Score 1) 89

War is all about waiting and dicking around and about 10 minutes of fighting. WoW had to introduce the battlegrounds to give players a way to play PvP at no cost. Even Wintergrasp limits you to every few hours to make sure enough people join up so its "fun" There were no wars in Ultima Online, just a few assassins once in a while. Even major battles in EVE lasts only about 30 minutes.

That's not entirely true. Battles are short only if the number of people involved is small or one side overpowers the other. I've faught battles that have lasted between 2 and 6 hours. And once a whole week-end, with constant skirmishes faught over this gate or that, that POS or that one (there were a few).

Just my 2 cents

Comment Re:Can they do anything else (Score 2, Insightful) 793

Oh trust me, I have the highest contempt for the courts right now.

This verdict will be the cause of derision internationally, and will provide endless fodder for those who are fond of laughing in their beer at the USA. Unfortunately, they will have a pretty irrefutable point.

Actually, I believe most of us chose to laugh at selected parts of the USA, this is just some extra fodder. It's not necessarily that we're fond of it, it's that you're definately not helping.

Your "justice" system has been a laughing stock for a looong time, as have your executive branch (come on, electing Bush, TWICE!), your televangelists, your puritans (omg, a boob on telly!), your failed healthcare and educational system, etc.

However, there's lots of good stuff in the people of the United States, most of it is the drive, the belief that you can accomplish things. Too bad it's dwarfed by everything else...

Comment Re:Obscuring justice? (Score 1) 306

So the idea is to make some kind of legal argument limiting the capability of the defendant to defend themselves?

Yes. Because, if she were permitted to defend herself, there's a possibility that, like.......she might win.

This is getting really ludicrous, mind boggling. I mean... What the HELL?

Doesn't the lawyer attempting that kind of idiotic stuff know that he's basically kissing his carreer goodbye? Surely every lawyer who hears about this is laughing...

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