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Comment Re: Question (Score 1) 282

Why is playing games 'not useful'?

- why, sure, if you can find somebody to pay you money so that you can play games then it's useful to that somebody. Unless they are *forced* to pay you money for playing games, then it's not useful, it's useless and worse, it's oppressive.

By participating in consumption and consumption only and by not producing while consuming, your life is not in any way helpful to those, who are producing whatever you are consuming.

Let's make it easy for you: 100 people on an island. 10 are producing every single thing needed for the 100 to survive. Unless the 90 are providing sexual or other types of favours, they are not producing anything of any value to provide the 10 with a meaningful exchange for their production.

However if the 90 gang up against the 10 and the 10 do not have enough weapons to take out the 90 without dying themselves, the 90 can force the 10 to be the slaves of the 90.

The 90 then would be eating, drinking, living in houses, using energy and every resource and good produced by the 10.

You can say: without the 90, the 10 would have nothing to do. Of-course that's pure nonsense. Without the 90 the 10 would have more leasure and less worries as they only have to produce for the 10. The 90 are adding nothing except for the effort that needs to go into feeding the 90.

Comment Re:You lost me at "full gold" (Score 1) 282

I assume you mean a currency backed by gold. A modern economy can't do that. There isn't enough gold to back the currency needed for us to keep track of all the transactions we're doing.

- 100% *wrong*. Today gold is money in a much more convenient way than ever before in the history of human existence.

It is government propaganda and brainwashing that created the ignorant believes that you and the vast majority of you are spewing here.

Communism doesn't work and will never work because it has to use force, that's the only reason it cannot work - it must use force to take from some and to deliver to many.

Comment Re:All the worlds's a stage (Score 1) 89

Really? We have to take our shoes off because of Richard Reid, why our belts? When underwear boy lit his crotch ablaze, that justified now suddenly spending billions on scanners some of which to this day haven't had a conclusive radiation health study about their effects. No fluids brought through because of supposed threat by terrorists in Britain. Shit, all these terror morons have to do is come up with a viable scheme and millions of air traveling passengers have to be subjected extra security for the sake of feeling safe. We need to look at how the Israelis handle Airport security because let's be honest they have a much more effective and pragmatic way of screening passengers. I'm all for trying to make sure a terrorist never gets on another flight but lets be honest here the knee jerk stupidity of the DHS overwhelms logic and reason. Let's also not forget that when their budget gets cut there's a sudden lack of screening staff even though that wasn't part of the targeted budget reductions. When Texas threatened to get rid of the TSA in lieu of another state agency handling screening, suddenly DHS says "we won't allow flights into the US from Texas." Coercion, Brow beating and a huge budget with more than it's fair share of criminal activity they sound more like the IRS than a Homeland Security agency. The DHS is now another piggy at the trough in DC coming up with new and innovative ways to make us all hate air travel even more.

Comment Off-shore Off-shore Off-shore (Score 1) 227

Those who claim the US benefits by draining the best and the brightest from around the world are doing two things wrong:

1) They bad liars. Everyone knows they just want cheap labor. Just cut the noise already and accept the fact that they may have to send some mangers overseas.
2) Even if they happen to get someone particularly gifted to leave their native land and work cheap in the US, they're ignoring the negative impact this has on those -- usually developing -- economies which need their best and brightest in order to grow their economies to become importers of US goods and services.

Comment The political machine rewards its own ... (Score 1) 316

... it has to piss Bernie Sanders supporters off ...

Well, maybe because he's part of the political machine that rigged things in favor of Hillary and now he gets his reward for doing so. From the summary:
"Kaine was an early supporter of Clinton's, appearing at a "Ready for Hillary" breakfast in May 2014 where he urged her to enter the 2016 presidential race ... In 2009, President Obama picked Kaine to lead the Democratic National Committee."

He's just being paid for services rendered.

Comment Re:as someone who is suffering from this... (Score 0) 227

Welcome to the real world, the world that businesses had to operate in for all this time, when the scales were tipped to the other side, the side where the collectivist government was able to force businesses whatever the mob wanted.

I build my own products and services and also on a side I provide outsourcing services. Guess what, companies are looking for relief. When I say 'companies' I am talking about small and medium sized businesses that work with me, not giant corporations, they have their own outsourcing solutions and they are unapproachable. But they are not the only ones who understand that the American system of government made the American worker so unproductive as to basically turn him or her unemployable.

Comment Re:No backup, artist must consider it unimportant (Score 1) 465

Better! The artist's experiment with a new medium has revealed that it is ephemeral, as are all things in life. While you might think you are working digital marble, like the sculptors of the ancients, the cyber medium is more akin to shifting sand.

I threw up in my mouth a little writing that.

I think you should put that into a federal grant application. :-)

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 1) 158

$35? Why not $30? Or $25? How many starving children in Africa are you willing to sacrifice for your kicks? You'll start sounding like this exchange between Milo and Opus in Bloom County back in the 1980s.

Milo: I understand that my opponent supports the 55 M.P.H. speed limit.
Opus: Saves 500 lives a year! I fully support saving lives.
Milo: Then he'd support the saving of another 10,000 lives by lowering the limit to 40 M.P.H.
Opus: 40?
Milo: Or to 20 ... Saving 30,000 lives a year.
Opus: Gee... 20 is pretty slow.
Milo: Apparently my opponent would send 30,000 men, women, and children to fiery, mangled deaths just so he can zoom along to his manicurist at 55

Comment Re:Hater's Gonna Hate... (Score 2) 158

Is this what progressives have devolved to? We point out the FACT that when a rich person-- any person-- buys something, it is a voluntary transaction that benefits both parties. Your response is, "HAH REGAN WAS TEH SEENILE TRICKLE DOWN ARGLEBARGLE". If a rich person saves the money, you complain "SCROOGE MACDUCK TAX WEALTH PUT IT BACK IN TEH ECONOMEE ARGLEBARGLE". Basically, rich people are supposed to put every dollar they earn into "charity" (read: taxes for government social programs that have about a 10% return) and then magically do it again next year, even though they have no capital or liquidity to put at risk anymore.

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