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Comment Cui Bono? (Score 1, Insightful) 112

There's lots of senseless finger-pointing going around. Anonymous doesn't get anything by shutting down Netflix (Americans aren't going to pressure the State Dept. over it to restore Julian's internet). So, who benefits by shutting down Twitter while Wikileaks is rolling out anti-Clinton hits and the Twitterverse is trying to work out what the leaks mean? North Korea? Only if they're doing it for the lulz. Or promises of favorable treatment under a Clinton administration.

Comment Re:in other news (Score 2, Insightful) 73

And I don't have to buy them from Tesla â" there are plenty of other sellers out there.

Yeah, but if you have a Tesla roof, Powerwall, and Model 3, then it'll handle the credits for you among the reverse net metering, the panel, and your charge-ups at the SuperChargers.

If you put ten Teslets in at home yesterday, you can take ten Teslets out at the SuperCharger today.

Solar City, on its own, had to make up all of the finance costs from net-metering only. As part of Tesla, they can give you flexibility on how to handle the charges. If you consume way more than your production in your cars, and go past the finance costs for your roof, then they can charge that difference to your credit card. But before that, it's much more economically efficient to keep all the charges in-system.

If you have a non-integrated stack then you can do all the same things, but it's necessarily going to cost more because of transaction costs.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 546

Facts are not biased, facts are facts. Read the definition of the word. Opinions are biased. Opinions based on a lack of facts is dangerous. The videos I pointed you to are a presentation with bullet point facts. Even lacking bullet points, with a reasonable amount of intelligence and knowledge you can listen to a person speak and discern fact from opinion. Perhaps a 3rd grade language skill is all that is required for basics. So there is good news, bad news, and worse news.

Good news. A person can read and educate themselves to become more intelligent.

Bad news. You will still be hindered by a natural rate. If you truly believe what you said, you are so foolish you actually believe you are smart. This is at best a low 80s IQ so you will cap out in the 90s if you worked at it.

Worse news. You are self righteous about your ignorance which means you won't do the work necessary to become smarter. Playing call of duty, or warcraft, or whatever it is you do won't improve you. Broadening your intelligence by reading Plato, Shakespeare, Rand, Aquinas, and yes even Coulter and Friedman is hard work. You won't pursue any endeavor to improve because you already think you have smarts.

Society has played a joke on you, and there is no point in further replies to someone so content with their idiocy.

Comment Re:It'd ne worth next to nothing now (Score -1) 66

It's interesting to see that for all of the talk about money not being end all be all by the left (I am not saying that you are necessarily on the 'left', but I have seen many similar comments from people who clearly are) the moment a story like this comes out so many people bash the person who decided not to sell out on his ideas and dreams for admittedly an enormous amount of cash.

Why are people so enormously hypocritical?

Comment Re:Unless you've put your entire life savings into (Score 1) 49

There is a massive amount of business between the two ends of the spectrum. Save the appeals to emotion because I agree with the premise, but not the statement that everyone justifies (or can justify) the costs. There is no legal requirement in almost all cases for them to do so, so they don't.

Comment Re:Weird... (Score 2) 66

Well yes and no. With 24 billion in your pocket you are just another rich guy. Running an influential tech company you are a celebrity.

Like you say with that kind of cash you can certainly try some other ideas out. The thing is you can try those ideas out if your the CEO and major stock holder of a huge company too. The only difference is rather than starting a new company you start a new department. If the idea is successful you can spin off the department into its own company, that you also run. If its a flop you move onto something else, and if any good technology etc came out of it ownership by the existing entity is clear and it can be use elsewhere.

Provided Mark diversified a little by selling some facebook stock and buying some other assets, should something unthinkable happen; he has more influence, and more opportunity to try out crazy schemes like rural internet service via miniature dirigibles, than he does with money alone.

There is no reason to 'take the money and run' in this case.

Comment Money does not match (Score 1) 49

Sure, people like you and I can save companies money. The problem is that companies don't pay millions to fix bugs, and don't generally pay penalties for bugs. Large companies can look at the trade off and see ROI and even immediate value to adding security staff to all phases of development, but small companies don't get the same bang for the buck as it were. Established companies have a potential to lose millions in revenue, small companies don't have the same amount of risk and startups have virtually none.

Comment Re:6.8 Billion (Score 1) 331

Solar thermal, and offshore wind cost more that nuclear, while PV solar and onshore wind power cost a little less. You can pay about half the cost of nuclear for onshore wind, but I think you're going to need way more real estate (yes, even considering the nuclear exclusion zone) to meet the same KW generation. And you still won't have base load; you're going to need to use batteries, flywheels, water pumps, or some other method of storage if you don't want to waste excess generation.

Comment Re:Further (Score 1) 352

There is plenty of evidence, back when Wikileaks started to leak the Chelsey Manning dumps they wanted him and several claimed he should be killed. You can say it's political speak, but those talking points have merit. The UK police wanting to arrest him as soon as he leaves the embassy is another clue.

Comment Re:Minefield (Score 1) 546

You have not looked at the facts the person presents because of an appearance. How shallow do you have to be to omit information based on that? Do you enjoy Milo or do you hide from the uncomfortable? There are no facts without an opinion, none, at least that you will find on the Internet for free and easy consumption. Ann Coulter is an exceptional writer who lists literally thousands of references in her books. "She looks like." is a shallow excuse not to expand your horizons. Yet that is a common leftist statement. She's a **** but no complaints about her facts or her opinion.

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