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Comment Re:The fix is in (Score 1) 176

It was already clear at the time of the Democrat candidate debates that the "fix was in". Anyone who didn't realize it was just not paying attention. It was (and is) less clear that the Democrats have done more to "fix" the election than have the Republicans, though they have both been clearly seen to be doing it.

Comment Re:It's not money... not unlike US green back (Score 4, Insightful) 80

Which isn't saying much, as that ten dollar bill is fiat money, and is good only so long as the government's credibility holds up (which for the US government is ... well, not very well.)

Every country in the world is trying to put their wealth in dollars. US government credibility (or rather, the credibility of the US treasury and the Fed) is pretty goddamn high.

Comment Re:Ok, so what? (Score 1) 176

It's not clear that "the network effect" is sufficient to cause them to be considered a monopoly. And that's the only grounds that I see for calling them a monopoly. Facebook is more like a "public accommodation". The laws regarding that are different from those regarding monopolies, and I don't understand them, but they *do* exist.

Comment Re:Servants (Score 2) 245

Yes... Unfortunately, not increasing the minimum wage only delays the automation by a year or so, as the cost of automation keeps falling.

Defending the status quo in minimum wages is a losing game, because the other side isn't standing still no matter what you do. Even if you cut the minimum wage automation will continue increasing, because there are some jobs that can already be done for considerably less than a person can live on that haven't yet been automated.

Comment Re:Free time (Score 1) 245

The "cheap community college" has also gone away...or at least become a lot less cheap. When I went to college the community college cost $2/semester, currently the same college costs $31/unit. That means a 12 unit load costs $62. but now the cost is per quarter rather than per semester. So that means it what was $4 is now $186. That's a bit of a steep increase, though it's not as bad as the university increase.

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