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Comment Re:So, what you're saying... (Score 1) 238

Generally it is due to women valuing their life more than men. A woman gets to about thirty and wonders why she is spending so much time in the office. Men are more competitive and will work much longer hours and strive to progress while the women think "fuck that" and settle for easier life with more happy time.

Comment Re:Common Sense calling - Women have babies (Score 4, Insightful) 238

If you look at it objectively the men are unfairly discriminated against as it would totally destroy a man's career if he took as much time off. I can speak from some experience as I was a male single parent but I went into teaching at that point as it was the only way to remain working and get the support I needed. If I had stayed in the private sector I would quite simply have been sacked.

Comment Fallacy (Score 5, Insightful) 575

"Empty seats cost airlines money" not if those seats are already paid for. This total BS. If the seat is paid for then less weight saves them money. Overbooking is pure greed. They know the average percentage of people who will miss the flight and they overbook to make more money but sometimes the people do not miss the flight and they do not have enough seats. It is pure greed and lies. If I have paid for a seat it should not be theirs to sell again as what they normally do is just get more strict about the check in time to reject people if they are going to have a problem. You arrive at check in a minute late (I was rejected 3 minutes late once) and they get hard arsed because they already have someone sitting in your seat. They have sold it and made money from something they had already sold to you.

Comment Re:$93.8M of my tax dollars (Score 1) 755

You start your post with a stream of childish abuse yet call me the troll. You then go on to quote Wikipedia who also publish several other stories of the same incident with different views. You are a troll no matter what you say about me. Your post is almost completely ad hominem so there is little point replying. There is a lot of evidence from objective, intelligent sources like Seymour Hersh or Denis O’Brien that raise plenty of questions but to attempt to enter into dialogue with delusional troll would be pointless. To be honest, I envy your ignorance. It must be relaxing to be so oblivious.

Comment Re:$93.8M of my tax dollars (Score 1) 755

Are you really stupid or do you just make illogical comments to provoke an argument? That is called being a troll. There is no documented evidence of Assad using chemical weapons. You may believe Fox news but that is just stupid. In 2013 the MSM made a song and dance about chemical weapons but on investigation it turned out to be Al Nusra that had made the attack, the people that Assad was attacking this time. It is beyond stupid to think that there is a reason to believe that it was Assad this time. He has no record of having used chemical weapons but the US terrorists do have.

Comment Re:$93.8M of my tax dollars (Score 1) 755

Are you actually replying to my comment? The comment was tongue in cheek but I accept that humour may be above your intellect. That said of course I am not as stupid as you and I know that there is no reason yet to believe that Assad caused this but regardless your reply is illogical. If he did flagrantly use WMDs then that would still be non of your business without the backing of the UN but until there is a reason to believe he did then most of the world are unlikely to be stupid enough to see a reason. This is war just for the sake of war. I realise that this may seem difficult but have you ever heard of due process?

Comment Re:More US warmongering (Score 1) 755

"experts from the US, Britain, Israel, Turkey" You have got to be having a laugh! The Russians say that it was a terrorist ammo dump that was hit. It is of course equally possible that the terrorists did it to get the response it got. There are lots of past accusations regarding Assad just as there were lots of accusations about Saddam Hussein and Col. Qaddafi. It does not mean that the evidence is even remotely plausible but you can guarantee that those you listed will recite it even long after it is totally discredited. There is plenty of evidence of the US fabricating such evidence so the evidence is discredited by its own logic. Here we have evidence which is as believable as the nurse saying that Iraqi soldiers took babies out of their incubators and Iraq had WMDs i.e. not believable.

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