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Comment Politically correct madness (Score 1) 221

I am a supporter of alternative fuels but currently there is no choice. It will take time to introduce choice. Electric sounds great but it is totally impractical for many people who need their car for work. Who wants to stop for 2 hours to recharge every 2 hours while on a 6 hour drive? Not everybody has a garage where they can charge their car, most people just park in the street. Petrol does have some advantages over diesel but diesel also has many advantages over petrol. Hydrogen etc. are far too new to talk about. I hope that we will continue to advance but often these moves are counter productive. Currently the best option for most people that actually do have a garage is a hybrid which still uses fuel. Diesel prolongs the life of the vehicle and is not a fire hazard which makes it a better option in a hybrid. The electric BMW i3 has a petrol generator to double the range, would that be banned? I think that these ideas are jumping the gun and we should all calm down and start taking baby steps toward a better future in order to avoid throwing the baby out with the bath water.

Comment There is only fake news (Score 2) 327

I used to turn to BBC for reliable news but once they became embedded during the Iraq war they never extricated themselves and are no longer a reliable news source. I turned to Al Jazeera who always reported both sides and went out of their way to help me understand the other side of the story but the US military actually targeted them and arrested them so they stopped printing the truth. There is only fake news left. I now read a variety of sources like Russia Today as well as western news and judge the truth to be somewhere in the middle of the two lies.

Comment Who wrote the code? (Score 1) 111

Reading the story it does sound like M$ are blaming Russia for their shitty work. M$ did not do a good job and as a result the product is bad. Nothing new there. A hacking group exploited the bad code. Nothing new there. For no valid reason they are linked to Russia. This is just propaganda. Of course Russia uses hackers whereas the US has whole divisions of in house hackers. The US is still the number one cyber terrorist and Russia has much less interest in the US than the US imagines. The US wants to go out and hurt everyone but the rest of the world is far more interested in enjoying their own lives. Russia is far more interested in Russia and has very little interest in the scary clown or the witch.

Comment Re:You Can Help (Score 1) 90

TOR quite simply does not work in China. I find it hard to understand why so many people here cannot see how easy it is to recognise protocols connected with TOR, VPN, Proxies, etc. and block any user that uses any forbidden protocol. None of these things work, not because they block the hubs or the addresses but because the they block the protocols.

Comment Re:Why (Score 3, Insightful) 333

For someone that already has XP, the cost has already been paid and there is no future cost. If you try to force such a user to upgrade they will quite understandably object. Very few people who are being coerced feel a loyalty to the person (or company) that is coercing them and would rather go down the market and get a copy...

Comment Re:Sure... (Score 1) 399

The Taliban, the government that we overthrew, still have offices, still exist, are still there to talk to, and will take over again as soon as we leave, and we will leave one day. There is no option. I do not like to get into these discussions because I do not like to defend the Taliban. I oppose all they stand for but we invaded their country and they defended bravely. I hope that I would be as brave if my country was invaded. We then dropped leaflets that said "if you surrender, you will be sent home". And those that were stupid enough to surrender were sent to Guantanamo along with lots of other poor unfortunates who got sold out because the CIA offered bounties to anyone that could inform on a terrorist, so every bent policeman in Yemen and Pakistan etc. gave the name of someone they did not like and received $1000.

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