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Journal DaedalusHKX's Journal: Has anyone noticed?? 5

There have been 3 mass shootings in the last week (at least the ones being reported by the press)... what is being debated on the back pages??? The Supreme Court is debating whether "the People's right to keep and bear arms" actually means "the People's right to keep and bear arms" or if it means "the Government's Goons right to bear arms and keep them from the People."

Its just like it happened before the Democrat Congress sweep. It looked like the Iraq war alone might not get all the Demoncrats elected... so there were a good half dozen UGLY shootings right before the elections, ramped up and cut off RIGHT before the elections. Democrats went in, and we never heard another shooting again.

Also, is it not curious how all these "Cho Seung Hui" types tend to always follow the proper formula from The Manchurian Candidate? They shoot someone or a bunch of someones and then they give the gun a blowjob? The few that do not, end up vanishing or being "murdered" while in prison. Always before they can talk... remember McVeigh? Remember Oswald?

This shit is becoming so predictable it is amazing that nobody's noticing in the media and that the masses are still so easy to sway when the pattern is so blatantly obvious (it is yet more scary since so many geeks and hacker types who normally oppose government abuse, miss this thing and continue to support socialists and gun control, no differently than the freedom types continue to support organized religion and authoritarian armed forces, whether they be police or armies.)

I predict that if HR 1022 goes up for vote (the massive gun ban proposed last year and brought up for debate) there will be a rash of shootings that will make Columbine and Virginia Tech look like a paintball tourney. And I can pretty much bet 1:100 odds that the authorities will A, be late, and B, find a way to NOT get near the shooter until AFTER the color corrected damage has been done and filmed. Afterwards, the gun control measure will be rammed down the throat of the People, by Congress and regardless of how the results turn out, I can guarantee that no matter where those shootings take place, it will be in a "gun free zone" and yet NOBODY among the cattle will so much as notice.

WTF? Why do these things NEVER occur at shooting ranges or military facilities or even cop shops?

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Has anyone noticed??

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  • "Freedom wasn't won with registered guns"
    I'm with Bill Hicks on this issue: If you absolutely *must* grab a gun and start killing, show some taste! Show some discrimination and judgment, please. I wonder how deeply they'll try to bury the numbers concerning how these shootings only occur in places where draconian gun control laws are already in effect, whereas open carry states like AZ have some of the lowest per capita gun related crime percentages in the world.
  • The liberals have been kidnapping young college students, brainwashing them, giving them guns, and then when an election comes the operative's phone rings, the words "The woods are lovely, dark and deep/But I have promises to keep/Miles to go before we sleep"* are spoken, and next moment, carnage.

    And to imagine there are people out there who still think that we live in an incredibly diverse population with a few people who simply aren't that stable. What idiots!

    * Ok, different movie, but you get the id

    • Then explain why there's so many of these occurring (even by record, not just media attention) ONLY when such important bills are on the table OR when an election is close? Why then and not some other time? Why is it that the moment something happens, there is a fully drafted, 700 page gun ban or restriction legislation already printed and with copies? How the hell do they "respond" to a shooting with such long bills unless they were premeditated, pre drafted and pre printed, and were just waiting for th
      • Then explain why there's so many of these occurring (even by record, not just media attention) ONLY when such important bills are on the table OR when an election is close?

        So many? These seem to occur once every year or two, I'm not noticing any sudden increase in the number of late. And given Presidential electioneering starts about two years before the actual election, every time someone goes postal there's a 50% chance of it occurring "when an election is close". As discussions about gun-control haven

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