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The Courts

Journal DaedalusHKX's Journal: Read it and weep. L.NeilSmith's take on Omaha's mall issue. 1

"Men cannot be governed and remain men. Domesticate the wolf and he changes both physically and mentally. His muzzle shrinks, his teeth diminish, he loses size, speed, and strength, He grows spots. His ears flop. His brain withers. He becomes a dog. Men are on the verge of becoming dogs -- the changes are underway already -- unless we do something to stop it."

The article is about something else, and remarkably accurate. I've said it before, and I'll say it again... the majority of mankind has been domesticated, but a few remain free and are the only hope the great herd has, that what man once rarely was, what man rarely is, and what man likely forever will merely "rarely" be, is free, and able to achieve his own potential. The rest aren't even worthy of being called dogs, because at least dogs can survive on their own, and can often recognize a hostile individual. Domesticated man, cannot even do that much.

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Read it and weep. L.NeilSmith's take on Omaha's mall issue.

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