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S2pidiT Ars Centurion said:

Linus explained on the GitHub link:

This is an ancient bug that was actually attempted to be fixed once (badly) by me eleven years ago in commit 4ceb5db9757a ("Fix get_user_pages() race for write access") but that was then undone due to problems on s390 by commit f33ea7f404e5 ("fix get_user_pages bug").

In the meantime, the s390 situation has long been fixed, and we can now fix it by checking the pte_dirty() bit properly (and do it better). The s390 dirty bit was implemented in abf09bed3cce ("s390/mm: implement software dirty bits") which made it into v3.9. Earlier kernels will have to look at the page state itself.

Also, the VM has become more scalable, and what used a purely theoretical race back then has become easier to trigger.

To fix it, we introduce a new internal FOLL_COW flag to mark the "yes, we already did a COW" rather than play racy games with FOLL_WRITE that is very fundamental, and then use the pte dirty flag to validate that the FOLL_COW flag is still valid.

So there was an attempt to fix the race condition over a decade ago, but it got undone.

Comment Re:You just explained why Macs cost less (Score 1) 465

Bullshit. I've spent at least as much time trying to "upgrade" 4 Macs, (MacBook Pro's, MacBook, and iMac) from Snow Leopard, get RAM to actually work, and "attempt" to make the OS (it never would) send the right keycodes for Home/End/PgUp/Dn for a Logitech Mac keyboard, than everything I've had to do for all of my Windows and Linux Laptops and Desktops -- including multiple desktops built and repaired for family.

Support from the Mac "Geniuses" is a freaking joke. The wife was told, "well if you had Apple Care (~$500), you would save $50 on the ($500) motherboard replacement. Yeah. NO. We got a USB Audio adapter for $25.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 4, Informative) 465

We have both in our household. I've bought two laptops ($450 HP, used for ~4 years; $750 lenovo), replaced my desktop monitor ($200), upgraded the desktop CPU ($150), upgraded the desktop GPU ($150), replaced the desktop motherboard ($100), added more harddrives ($225)...Totalling $2025.

Yep still cost less than the wife's 2007-2008 macBook Pro ~$2300.
Within 2 years, the MacPro's headphone line went out. According to Apple, fixing that requires... wait for it... a new motherboard: $500. Anectdotal of course, but three different members of the family have taken Macs in for inspection|repair, and every damned time are told "motherboard" $500+ to fix. In one case all that was *actually* required was a new power supply.

Comment Re:Just say no. (Score 2) 104

When the real-name policy was in effect, you needed to put a name on the account in order to use Hangouts. It took a bit of finaggling, but it finally accepted: Crash N. Burn.

Although apps wanting ALL information is egregious. Hell even OperaMax (data utilization|optimization tool) wants "location, and contacts" in it's most recent update. I'm skipping that update until I root my phone and start feeding bogus crap to such apps.

Comment An ErgoDox of questionable quality (Score 1) 159

Maybe you want the ErgoDox - fully programmable keyboard (open source) with multiple "layers". Although for $240 the the non-cherry switches were too fragile, and super-cheap key-caps that cost $35 feels like a major rip-off in what should be a premium keyboard from end to end.

No "J" was harmed in producing this post.

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