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Comment some kind of VOIP facility (Score 3, Informative) 76

"I wonder if it includes some kind of VOIP facility so the D&D session can be established without everyone being in the same room."

This has been possible for almost 2 decades, there are several programs and websites dedicated to running games over the internet. Wizards of the Coast already directly support Fantasy Grounds and Roll20.

Comment Re:Ubuntu makes to much decisions for me... (Score 0) 137

I agree, Windows is a better desktop OS than Linux and it always will be. Windows was built to be first and foremost a desktop OS and that is what it does best. Linux is not and never will be specifically a desktop OS, Linux is a development platform and one of the many things we happen to use it for is a desktop OS.

Comment Re:I prefer arbitration, lawsuits suck. Google pay (Score 1) 89

You left out a MAJOR point.... The arbitrator is picked by the company. No arbitrator is going to bite the hand that feeds them.

This is an excellent point. If Google gets to pick the arbitrator, do I have veto power? Can I ask the arbitrator for references? Can I ask the arbitrator for a list of all the people they ruled against in the last two years, so I can pick say three of them and ask if they felt they got a fair shake? I think all of these things are fair asks.

Comment Re:Prime Scalia - "Words no longer having meaning" (Score 1) 591

This rebel flag being a symbol of oppression, racism or hate is a VERY RECENT thing....if you think otherwise, you are not a very old person and have not grown up with the experience of it and knowing it of the past 50+ years.

The denial is powerful in this one. Okay, I will bite, if it was not a symbol of racial hatred, why was it chosen as a symbol by the KKK? Why was it chosen by Segregationists as a symbol of their cause? This was not an accident, both groups chose it knowing full well the black population would get the message. It should not be a source of pride, it should be a source of shame. The Civil War was not a romantic adventure of a rebel alliance, it was the last gasp of a dying culture steeped in hatred, greed and evil.

Comment Re:Prime Scalia - "Words no longer having meaning" (Score 1) 591

We've seen the Rebel flag suddenly become a horrible symbol of oppression, and hate and vilified all of a sudden and yanked even from online stores and private individual sales on ebay.

It has always been a horrible symbol of racism, oppression and hate. What surprises me is there are still people pretending it not.

Comment Re:I guess I will take these in order.... (Score 1) 508

I beleive ID must be held to the same standard as the theory of evolution. We can discuss the theory of evolution for days without ever bringing up ID. If ID is to be taken seriously, it must stand on its own, advocates of ID must be able make thier arguments without any discussion of the theory of evolution.

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