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Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 47

Global network.

10,000 chargers.

That's one every 5750 (ish) square miles.

Well done.

Did you seriously just divide Earth's total land area by the number of chargers? Great to know that I can pop over to a Tesla supercharger when I'm in the middle of Antarctica, Greenland or the Sahara.

Tesla Superchargers are only found in:
  * The US (not including Alaska)
  * Southern Canada (and not all of southern Canada)
  * Europe
  * Israel
  * UAE
  * Southeast coastal Australia (plus one in the west, and a couple in NZ)
  * Japan
  * South Korea
  * East China

In the US, Superchargers are spaced 50-100 miles apart along all but a handful of interstates (the latter to be added by the expansion), as well as smaller highways in more densely populated areas (many more to be added by the coming expansion). Which is more than enough to drive cross country. Note that we're only talking about superchargers; there are also many more slower chargers in place.

Comparing it to gas stations is a stupid comparison, firstly because there are vastly more cars on the road, and thus vastly more gas stations needed. But beyond that is the more basic point: EVs don't do most of their charging at superchargers. Gas vehicles must fill up at gas stations. EVs overwhelmingly don't fill up at superchargers. Superchargers are for trips.

Comment Re:Couldn't the battery be replaced instead? (Score 1) 47

Exactly this. The concept of "battery swapping" is at least as difficult as the concept of "engine swapping" (for someone else's engine, at that). It can be done, but you're dealing with a very large, heavy component critical to vehicle structure, with sensitive connections, and very high value, which high stockpiling requirements - multiplied by the number of batteries on the market. And mandating that everyone use the same battery pack will never fly - not out of stubbornness, but because different vehicles represent entirely different capacity needs, power needs, form factors, price ranges, etc, and the technology is a constantly moving target. The sort of battery you're going to put in a 2wd luxury sedan is not the sort of battery you're going to put in an electric jeep, which is not the same sort of battery you're going to put in in a sports car, which is not the same sort of battery you're going to put in a delivery truck, which is not the same sort of battery you're going to put in a motorcycle... (continues ad nauseum).

Battery swap is fun to prototype, but it's not at all practical. Faster and faster charging is the way forward. Which BTW comes inherently with increased capacity. If you go from a 100kW pack made of cells that can charge in half an hour to a 200kW pack made of cells that can charge in half an hour**, then you're going from charging at 200kW to 400kW, and doubling the kilometers-range-per-hour-spent-charging.

** - Pretending that charging is linear, rather than fast in the beginning and slow at the end, for simplicity's sake. ;)

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 47

Freed patents are by definition not "proprietary".

Perhaps you mean "non-standard". But again, it's hard to declare Tesla to not be standard when there's more Tesla superchargers than others. And while there's a single widely accepted standard for lower rate charging (J1772 - which Tesla supports), there's a number of competing fast-charging "standards" for fast charging, so again it's hard to declare one arbitrary other standard to be "the" standard.

I'd also argue that Tesla's standard for fast charging is the best one. High peak power, compact footprint, broadly adaptable, etc.

Comment Re:Okay, but... (Score 1) 47

A lot of it simply comes down to battery size. As cells charge in parallel, then for a given cell chemistry and format, the rate you can safely charge is proportional to the vehicle's capacity. And Teslas have huge capacities compared to most other EVs (for example, the Ioniq is only 28kWh).

Now, of course, that's conditional on vehicles using the same types of cells. For example, if one vehicle is using cobalt-based 18650s and another is using, say LiPo or high-rate spinel cells, then the latter can take a much higher power for a given amount of capacity.

Obviously the charger can limit your rate. But in general the charger will be designed to max out at the maximum capability of the pack.

Comment Re:Before anybody tries UBI I'd like to solve trap (Score 1) 353

Well it takes between 4 and 9 years to get into low income housing in most of Canada. It's around 4-5 years here in Ontario, programs like section 8 don't exist in Canada in the same general terms either. There are "generational welfare" families in Canada without a doubt, but then there's also the people who don't want anything to do with it. You'll see a lot of seasonal people who work in eastern canada(fisheries/crab/lobster/etc), who work the other half year in Alberta's oil patch or in the potash mines in SK or MB. ~10-20 years ago before the war on coal was kicked into high gear, those people would work seasonally in the eastern canada coal mines. Lot of people would spend half a year or more on welfare because of that, it actually got worse and crime exploded in eastern canada when those mines shut down. Then it was compounded when the paper mills shut down because of environmental groups throwing a hissyfit. Huge drug abuse explosion from all of this as well. People like to think that solutions for this stuff is simple, but when you throw 10k people out of work things get desperate quick.

Comment Re:After care may be needed (Score 1) 353

In Ontario, if you're living on your own and you're not in the GTA(Toronto). And all that you can live very well on $17k/year. Keep in mind that in Ontario, disability pays $9600-14k/year and you're expected to be able to survive on $9600 which is 1/3 the poverty rate. Now you can apply for welfare, there's some programs which give $200/mo to help for rent and so on. For someone who's on disability though? This would be a serious windfall, the smart people who already scrape day-by-day will likely bank all of the money.

Comment Re:Online ? Authors never shopped in real life (Score 1) 68

Online is much better, actually. As well as clearing cookies and using different browsers/VPNs, just abandoning your shopping cart often generates a discount coupon. Search engines and price comparison sites are more efficient than going to 20 different physical shops. You can Google for coupon codes too.

If I could do grocery shopping online reasonably well I would rarely go to town any more. Unfortunately groceries kind of suck online in the UK.

Comment Okay, but... (Score 2) 47

It would be nice if Tesla included charging for other vehicles. There are only so many sites on major routes where you can connect a megawatt or two of chargers to the grid, and Tesla has been fighting other networks to get them.

It would just kind of suck if all the best spots were Tesla only. I say that as someone who plans to buy a Model 3.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 480

Go watch the video. The point loss/recovery perfectly balances out.

Which is entirely unimportant for the point being made.

By the way, no response from /. about our debate. Any ideas? How about debate.org? Formal style, you make arguments and rebuttals, and other members of the site then vote.

I'm up for it. You can pick the first topic.

Comment Re:Nothing to do with Hollywood (Score 1) 480

Yes, that bit. In her talk she addresses the claim directly by pointing out that although you lose 100 points when you murder the innocent strippers, you get 100 points back as soon as you hide their corpses in the convenient chests placed right behind them.

You mean the: Killing civilians is an automatic -250 pt loss, it's -350 if you don't hide the body. Seriously, you're just digging yourself into a hole. In other words, she was wrong, you were wrong and she's lying out her ass. That's not even touching on the non-studies that she presents as factual. The DiGRA ones are among the worst, and anyone who's had a paper publish can tell that. Especially since the content of them are written with a conclusion first, and even when evidence is presented in the opposite direction and contradicts the main thesis it's ignored out of hand.

Comment Re: who knew (Score 1) 228

Sounds like you're showing your ignorance and making assumptions. Good job. Especially since I just flew back from Alberta, such a hard life. Don't worry, you can come to Ontario take my place and I'll just move back out west. Watch out for the economic crash that's just around the corner and just a useful tip: If you're want to buy a house? Don't. Housing prices here have jumped 70% in less then a year.

Comment Re: Ontario, largest subnational debtor on the pla (Score 1) 353

Too bad, Ontario's Liberal Party under Wynne has decided that "blue collar" work is bad. That the service industry is fine. High electricity prices are great, and they're fine without having any industry at all. The liberals over the last 15 years have fucked up this province more then any party before it, and fucked it up so badly that if the NDP and Progressive Conservatives ran pet rocks as leaders of their parties, they would win, and the Liberal Party would be a non-party at the end of the election.

At this point, I'm not sure what the hell their game plan is besides fucking everything up so badly that the entire province crashes.

Comment Re:What's changed? (Score 1) 279

Using terms like "regressive" and "SJW" is just poisoning the well. Both are just ludicrous extremes that no one in real life lives up to. The only way you get there is by distorting people's positions deliberately.

That's why my sig quotes that AC. The moment you call me an SJW I know you aren't actually listening or making a genuine attempt to respond to my argument, you are just ranting at some imaginary degenerate.

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