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Comment Re:sorry, it's not that simple (Score 1) 162

Greenie here. We need fusion and should develop it. What I object to is it being used as an excuse to delay transitioning to clean energy. Eventually it will work and be great for special applications like spacecraft and some kind of role on the electrical grid, but realistically even if we had a working design today most of the world wouldn't be able to build and operate it, not to mention the yet to be determined cost.

There are similar safety issues to fission, mostly to do with managing and storing waste, but they are lessened by the fact that you don't need a limitless supply of water and can thus build the plant in a safer location. Still needs massive regulation and oversight of course.

Comment Re:radiation was detected (Score 2) 76

Renewables are cheaper than nuclear since years.

You're pushing pure bullshit. In some cases the cost of wind and solar are even worse. The 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gen costs of wind and solar are between 0.32kWh and 1.5kWh(that's $1.50kWh aka one dollar and fifty-cents per kilowatt hour) depending on where it is and who's getting the payment. Installation wise, per GW nuclear is still cheaper. Hell I live a literal stones throw from the 2nd largest nuclear generating station in the world.

This is the exact same thing that's happening in US states like Illinois and Minnesota as well. "Green energy" is not cheap, is damned expensive. Around here it's drive the "peak energy" costs from 0.07kWh to 0.18kWh in less then a decade.

Comment Re:Enforcing rights (Score 1) 90

No, the issue is not even free speech really, it's that everyone should have access to some kind of platform in healthy democracy.

Even publicly owned spaces usually have limits on behaviour and speech, which are necessary for everyone to enjoy them. Even if you could day what you liked in any public space, you wouldn't because freedom of speech is not freedom from consequences.

Fortunately there are places like 8chan where pretty much anything goes. You might be frustrated that the most popular platforms don't allow your particular speech (although Twitter will tolerate pretty much anything other than harassment and child pornography) but you are not being silenced. Also remember that no one has to listen to you either.

Comment Re:Who's to say? (Score 3, Insightful) 76

If it were true that long-term low level radiation were unquestionably harmful, you'd expect to find a clear negative trend.

No, that's not what we'd expect to find at all.

We'd expect to find at the high end a certain level of radiation that is absolutely lethal, and as the dose is reduced, the impact would drop down steadily, until a zone where life expectancy is reduced. However, that life expectancy is more or less on an absolute scale, and must be compared to the life expectancy of the species being exposed. An insect may survive high doses of radiation simply because it wouldn't normally live long enough to exhibit symptoms, while a longer-lived animal like a human will likely survive long enough to get cancer that ultimately causes death.

At a very low dose, the chances of having any noticeable symptom from radiation is unlikely enough that it could equally likely be caused by millions of other factors, so usually nobody cares. There is still a negative trend in survivability, but it's dwarfed by all of the other fatal conditions.

Too little radiation and the species dies due to inability to keep pace with changing environmental conditions.

Radiation isn't the only mechanism for mutation, though. Rather, it's the fast and cheap way to make a lot of mutations really fast, usually in places that cannot possibly contribute to evolution.

In order to change the species, an offspring's DNA must be mutated. That's dependent on a few thousand cells out of the trillions in a human body. Those particular cells are the ones involved in meiosis, splitting and reassembling the DNA that will become half of the offspring. During that reassembly process is where most mutations happen, usually by random chemical processes rather than any radiation. This enzyme doesn't successfully react with that protein, so a gene gets skipped or altered or inserted... It is extremely rare that a gene is altered by radiation during the process.

Once an offspring's development begins, though, the effects of mutations become more pronounced. If radiation mutates a single cell during early stages of growth, that fetus will develop with a cluster of mutated cells. Unless those cells are destined to become a gonad, however, the mutation will die with that generation, and the species will not change.

Similarly, radiation affecting a mature individual is is unlikely to have any positive effect, as the mutation is almost always either destructive or irrelevant. The proper functioning of a human body requires millions of interactions between tens of thousands of proteins, so randomly changing one protein is more likely to break something than to add new functionality. Of course, as before, even breaking something is only going to affect the species if it happens to occur in a cell involved in reproduction.

It is important to remember that evolution is never towards anything. It is away from an inability to reproduce (usually due to death). As an illustration, you must realize that you are the result of an unbroken line of millions of ancestors dating back millions of years, and every single one of those millions of ancestors were fertile and successful in mating. There is no scorecard in evolution. Either you pass on your genes, or you don't. It doesn't matter if your changing environment caused you severe illness or discomfort. As long as you manage to find a mate and make a child, you've won the natural selection game.

In short, radiation is a purely random occurrence with purely random effects, and the odds of any particular radiation-caused mutation being beneficial are so absurdly small that it is absolutely safe to say that overall, there is no safe dose.

Comment Re:radiation was detected (Score 0) 76

And YES we DO need to develop renewables to replace fossil AND nuclear, but nuclear is in fact the safest of all our current options.

Renewable will never replace nuclear(both fission and fusion) as a reliable source until it costs pennies per kWh. And right now, the cost if it is nearly $1kWh for it. That in turn will likely never happen unless there is a gigantic solar ring around the earth.

Comment Re:Welcome to the Trump future... (Score 1) 459

That proves your stupidity. Those are core values of all religions Abraham. That would be Jews Christians and Muslims all have the same core beliefs and foster a us versus them attitude.
Seriously Christians believe women should be fully covered though they replace burkas with bonnets.

Sorry, you're proving your stupidity. They *were* core religious beliefs of Abraham religions. Both Jews and Christians have for the most part moved far from those. You want to show outside of the samll and I do mean very small minority who believe that they should even wear bonnets? I'll wait. Because that group is smaller then even moderate muslims.

Please actually look up your Christian beliefs some day. You might be depressed to know that woman rights are secondary to men. That slaves are allowed from neighboring countries and a few other things these are not just Islamist but fundamental beliefs of all religions of Abraham. Since they all share parts of the same book it makes sense. Yes the Koran and the Bible borrow and are heavily influenced by the Torah and other Jewish teachings.

Sorry, I don't *have* Christian beliefs. It might surprise you to know though, that in the West which uses several of the main tenets of Christian and Judaic beliefs as foundational law--this is untrue. Unlike your muslim ones(see how easily I did that?). But now we can get to the good part. Between Christiand and Muslims and Jews, which out of the three still openly advocates the keeping of slaves and holds under tenet of law that a womens worth is less then a man.

If you answered anything other than Islam, you know far less of the world then you realize. FYI: Don't take a job in the UAE -- slavery is still legal there.

Comment Re:She won (Score 1) 454

The real problem is winner-takes-all politics. Half the people who voted didn't want Trump or his policies, but the other half gets to dictate for the next four years. Same with Brexit, 48% of people voted to stay in the EU, but some of the 52% of voted to leave seem to think that they have the right to force a "hard" exit.

It's pretty bad in both cases, because the normal balances that ensure everyone has a say and some kind of consensus is reached have failed. The Republicans control both houses and soon the Supreme Court. The Tories dominate UK politics.

Comment Re: She won (Score 1) 454

I honestly can't tell which side you are talking about now. Conservatives have started a list of professors that hurt their feelings recently, and often demand others be silenced so that they can speak free from consequences. They like to put restrictions on other people, especially other people's bodies.

Republican policies have made US healthcare some of the most expensive in the world... Is that what you were referring to?

Comment Re:shameful (Score 1) 90

It's more like following people as they move around in public, i.e. surveillance. I guess the author just confused spying and surveillance, and to be fair they are often one and the same these days.

Just like if you started following and photographing people in a public space you might be asked to leave by the owner of that space, Twitter has decided to boot these guys out.

Comment Re:Relevant xkcd (Score 1) 187

How about being stuck on a road in a snowstorm without communication?

You're right - if you're stuck in a snowstorm a fire can save your life! Good thinking, Samsung

CAPTCHA: accuracy

If you can't start a fire with the typical objects in a modern automobile, you need to go watch a couple of reruns of McGyver or something. Talk about portable bombs.....

Comment Re:Trump lost by millions (Score 1) 454

So far he's picking up votes in every state where there is a recount. I guess that's working out well. Then again, if you're against the electoral college you're basically saying "fuck you" to everyone who doesn't live in a major city. Brilliant plan of course for the people who support that, that's how revolutions happen.

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