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Comment Re:Double Standard (Score 4, Insightful) 380

Considering that there was only one left-leaning organization in that entire group and when it came to light, they were approved forthwith. But those tea party groups were still waiting, some are. And the IRS is still refusing to comply with lawful orders to turn over evidence. On top of that Thiel isn't a racist, he has opinions you don't like. And like many on the left, you use whatever label is convenient to smear people because you think it'll hurt their image. Too bad you've(along with the radical left) been using that shit for so long now that people believe all you've done is cry wolf. Just like the whining about how everything is sexist, or against women or some other inane bullshit.

Comment Re:1Million People (Score 1) 487

Do these [] look like Mar's rovers to you?

No, and:

1) ... nor would you have the payload capacity to send something like that
2) ... nor would something like that survive the Martian environment (dust, radiation, cold, pressures low enough for outgassing, difficulty with radiating excessive heat, etc)
3) ... nor can you use that sort of power source on Mars
4) ... nor do you have people there to do the (extreme) sort of maintenance such a vehicle requires
5) ... nor do they do the most complex operations, only doing the (proportionally very simple) ferrying operations
6) ... nor do they have to avoid risk at all cost due to the lack of people there to fix it if it goes awry and hits something
6) ... nor do they have to avoid risk at all cost due to the lack of people there to fix *whatever it might run into* if it goes awry and hits something. ... and about fifty other things.

The ISS is just floating there doing nothing.

Deflection. The question was, in construction and research on ISS, do they use the available human labour, or do they send robots to do it? Of course robots are used where there aren't humans, but that's not the topic of discussion; we're talking about a world where there's a human settlement on Mars. You're arguing that robots outcompete humans in a space environment where humans are. Well, we have precisely one space environment where humans are - ISS. Where are all of the robots outcompeting them?

I'll reiterate:

It's certainly an arguable point as to whether it's worth the cost sending humans in the first place - but once they're there, there's no debate at all about whether it's cheaper to use their labour or to engineer, build, and send robots to do the same task.

Comment Re:Poorly config'd server's existence is proof (Score 1) 380

While you have a point, consider the relative magnitude of this incompetence compared to the alternative option. Consider Trump University alone, and remembering that Trump claimed to have personally vetted each and every teaching staff member, the ratio of incompetent hiring from that alone is what, 100:1 or worse?

Comment Re:Double Standard (Score -1, Troll) 380

The IRS targets individuals because they don't follow the correct political views.
Peter Thiel is investigated by department of Labor because he supports Trump.

Occams's Razor time. What is more likely, a massive political conspiracy to use tax and labour laws to oppress political opponents, something that would likely be quickly discovered or leaked by their supporters in those organizations, or that such investigations are simply the result of those people's behaviour?

Remember that Thiel is an outspoken racist, and that Trump considers tax dodging to be the "smart" thing to do so tends to get support from other people who similarly feel that it's their job to avoid paying the IRS anything as best they can.

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 0, Troll) 380

Her opponents will never, ever let this go because it's pretty much the only non-conspiracy-theory legitimate complaint they have. Benghazi was investigated multiple times, there isn't much there. Everything else, the list of people she is supposed to have killed, the speculation about her health, the claim she was the original birther, all the stuff about Bill and his affairs, the fear of having a woman/feminist in the White House, it's all just bullshit that doesn't fly with most voters.

Don't get me wrong, a lot of people find her basically unlikable or disagree with her policies, but they need something to make her look as bad as Trump. This an a bunch of memes and shitposts is all they have.

Comment Re:Passing the buck? (Score 1) 128

CloudFlare makes pages load faster by distributing content from servers that are closer to the client. If the site is hosted in the US but the client is in Europe and the site has CloudFlare, some of the content will be served from a European Cloudflare server.

They also provide additional services like DDOS protection, spam protection, Tor user blocking etc.

If they withdrew services from allegedly infringing sites, those sites would load a bit slower for some users and might have to spend money on additional servers or bandwidth to handle some additional load. They could also just use a different CDN.

CloudFlare are right. It's the same with the hosting providers that give rack space and network connectivity to these sites. Even if they didn't, someone else would and the sites would stay up. Look at all the attacks on The Pirate Bay, and after 13 years it's still going strong.

Comment Re:Real CDNs have "Terms Of Serivce" (Score 1) 128

They are too smart to get into the TOS enforcement quagmire. The moment they begin stopping service for copyright infringement, they become copyright investigators. Random takedown request comes in, now they have to verify if it is genuine, if the person/robot sending it owns copyright on the material, if the site really does hold that content, and if the site really doesn't have permission to hold it. Screw up any of these checks and one side or the other will rightly blame them and publicly complain about it.

And all for what, so that some sites can load a bit slower? I don't blame them for wanting to avoid this pointless responsibility.

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