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Comment Re:No need for backdoors (Score 4, Insightful) 221

Of course the problem there was not lack of always-on monitoring of everyone in the off chance the police nothing something.
The problem was not encryption of private information.

The problem was leftist control of a council where them hamstrung themselves so tightly that they were ignoring child rape
cases in case they offended a minority group, some of whom were actively raping children..
And yet not one single one of those in positions of power who let this continue to happen are in prison, nor ever likely will be.
Because, you know, they are 'sorry', for allowing children to keep being violently raped.

But no, what we need is more cameras, less privacy, more government control - who cares what they DO with it.

Comment US protectionism. (Score 2) 249

Because this is purely a move by the US to give competitive advantage to their own carriers through several heavily used travel hubs.

The correct move is for these hubs to impose an outgoing bad of the same items on US carriers - which they of course could do.

The UK is just bootlicking the US as usual, because their government gave up caring about their own people quite some time ago
and has demonstrated they will do anything to punish people for not doing what the government told them in the BREXIT vote.

Sad and pathetic really.

Comment Re:$1000 for a parka?! (Score 2) 52

Actually, Canada Goose make gear for arctic (and antarctic, the ones I have seen) use, and they ARE the real deal.
However, yes, many of their items look like fashion accessories for people with more money than sense.

The larger issue here is going to be when they REFUSE a claim, based on some fuzzy AI probabilistic interpretation
of how someone acted during the claim. THAT aint going to hold up quite so well. Accepted claims are the EASY part.

I suspect they are actually relying on people making less false claimed because they are afraid of the 'all knowing AI'

Good luck with that.

Comment Re:Morons are running the USA (Score 5, Insightful) 648

What we have here, other than a failure to communicate, is a budget that simply represents what the average American wants.

Americans love money, and growth, and power. hence the need for a business friendly budget.
Americans are terrified of the rest of the world, hence more insane defense spending.
Americans make a lot of noise about the environment, but don't actually do anything about it, hence cutting spending on such projects.

So Americans, go look in the mirror and consider that this budget, as a nation, reflects you. Maybe not the individual you, but the group.

And not just the right, or the left. Not just Dems or reps. This is how the whole world sees you all, as a nation.

Sad perhaps, but true.

But don't worry, you will all forget it as soon as the next football game kicks off, the next Hollywood personality splashes some opinion piece, or you decide to 'peace keep' another country into the dirt.

It will pass, because really, you don't care.

Comment Re:Weighs what? (Score 4, Informative) 112

Then I suggest you learn English properly.
Weighs can also mean considers the importance of different parts of a decision.. IE. Weighs the factors in a decision.
As it clearly does here smart arse.

More importantly.. Perhaps someone should tell them actual tests of these modified mosquitoes have failed, as not surprisingly it turns out that the changes mutate out again very quickly as survival is actually dominant.
Who would have thought.

Comment You need to get a clue. (Score 4, Insightful) 87

FFS you moron.

'These scams are extensive, they all use phone calls, both cellular and land line, Blocking peoples access to the phone system is the only way to get the phone companies to sit the fuck up and listen and do something about it'

'These scams are extensive, they all target Windows users, Making the home use of Windows illegal is the only way to get Microsoft to sit the fuck up and listen and do something about it'

Probably over your head, but getting the idea?

Teamviewer is NOT the problem here - the problem appears to be that the ISP has had account data stolen, that is then being used to scam their members - and they are reacting by blaming one of the tools being used, almost certainly to cloud their own responsibility.

Yes, these scams are common and ugly. The ISP however could EASILY be blocking IP ranges of teamviewer, not just all access - ESPECIALLY as in this case it appears the scammers have data the ISP has lost.....

Comment Australia is (mostly..) flat.. (Score 1) 270

You need to go and look at a topo map of the area.

Due to pipe flow losses, you actually need quite a significant height advantage for gravity fed water to work, and australia is pretty much flat, impressively flat in general.

Plus the infrastructure costs would be LARGE, farmers run on small margins and are cash poor. There is no venture capital swill-trough or 'investment angels' in outback farming.

Comment But terrible reporting as usual... (Score 5, Insightful) 457

What is it with the quality of reporting now?

No, this does NOT make signal, etc completely insecure - this means they need to specifically target one end of the conversation, before
it happens - why is always likely to be possible.

What is DOES NOT mean is that they can auto-vacuum up all the conversations for later 'analysis', as they can do with just about every
other form of internet base communication. THAT is a critical difference. What it means is when you get on the wrong side of an ever
expanding range of government bureaucrats, they can trawl through less of your life to look for a suitable 'punishment'.

Of course they would LOVE everyone to think encrypted communication is useless, because they more people wouldn't bother......

Bears a close resemblance to a false flag reporters.....

And no, I dont need to post that AC, because being sensible about your personal communications is sensible, not illegal.

Comment Close.. (Score 5, Insightful) 391

Too much Fa(r)cebook.

Seriously, the number of people who spend all their relaxation time buried in that pile of steaming shite
and ignoring their partner is just astounding, no wonder no intimacy happens....

Especially, I have to say it sorry, women. Many seem to spend much of their lives following all the other
women they know, and thinking that everyone else lives a better life than them (while also themselves
only posting the highlights of their own lives there, as glamorized as possible..).

Ignoring the usual 'no one on slashdot actually has physical relations' jokes, that really is the problem,
people are just becoming emotionally detached through not enough face to face time, so is anyone
actually surprised they are having less sex?

Trying to explain it to someone caught up in that BS though is like pulling the pin on a hand grenade, then
deciding its juggling time.. They will violently claim they dont spend 'that much' time on there, and that
anyway its only to keep in touch with their friends, and that it has no impact on their happiness or relationship.

That much denial is a scary thing...

Comment Stop repeating BS and learn something.. (Score 1) 469

That would be because they were fucking idiots.

They specifically tested models of bikes that took no considerations at ALL for either efficiency or pollution, and there is strong evidence that they
actually jiggered them up a bit to make it even worse (people subsequently ran tests on similar bikes, and got WAY WAY lower numbers).
And even when you took their numbers, they were talking percentages. when you took simple 'pollution per mile' even their messed with bikes were
better than a car!

Good old politics, got to love it.

Now, look at the figures for a modern commuter bike.
Take a Honda Grom 125 (yes, stupid name). 105MPG. Scooters regularly get 150-200MPG.
Hell, a CBR 250R, a small SPORTS bike, gets towards 70..
There are plenty of 'California spec' bikes with catalytic converters, etc - although at those fuel economies its almost irrelevant as absolution emissions are so low.

Comment Re:Or politicians can go back to basic services (Score 1) 469


No one uses them. Why should the government be sponsoring the hobby of a tiny minority of the population?
Really, go and count the users on one during peak commute time - it wont be difficult.

What these are is not an investment in transportation, it is buying votes from a small but vocal pressure group, while
at the same time lining the pockets of the infrastructure building companies, who are creaming it from such projects,
and who just happen to be VERY generous campaign contributors.

I have nothing against cyclists, but cycle paths, cycle lanes, etc that significantly impact normal traffic flow, or
public funds in a major way are a terrible TERRIBLE idea, as they detract from transport efficiency, not add to it.

The funniest part I find is that in most countries roadside cycle lanes are not usable by scooters/motorcyclists - a form
of transport that CAN actually have a positively impact in commuting, but who are not 'fashionable' enough to be
given consideration, so instead they must ride in the traffic, which is much more dangerous, and thus people avoid

Comment Re:Or politicians can go back to basic services (Score 1) 469

So.. You are telling me that there are no special bus lanes that could otherwise be carrying cars? That the buses don't have very high fuel (and therefore pollution) footprints, and that they don't cost the city huge amounts in subsidies for those special few who can use them?

I wonder what color the sky is in your world..

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