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Comment Re:Compre to Boston's Big Dig (Score 0) 408

I think its about time for you to declare your interest, dont you think?
As you are quite obviously an involved party..

Now, just to correct your statement:
- years of studies by many different groups who stand to profit by this, that all suggest the project will be feasible and useful and very very highly profitable...' -

Sorry, but we all know how these things run now. Defense of them makes you either a card carrying moron, or financially advantaged by them.

Comment Re:Well, duh. Mass transportation is a slush fund. (Score 4, Informative) 408

No, what is needed is a PUNISHMENT for not completing the project as they specified.
Do this a couple of times, and believe me, the problem will be solved.

Just go and have a look at how the Chinese government gets work done. Hint: NO contractors get to overcharge, or walk away folding the company 1 week after 'completion', etc. THEY ARE HELP ACCOUNTABLE.

Such construction has long been another slush-fund for politicians to line the pockets of their backroom funders.
Almost all public construction in the west is not so completely corrupt that the 'organisations' running it make vice and drug gangs look straight..

Comment Real Math.. (Score 1) 1

I would suggest that dumping common core mathematics and going back to teaching actual maths would be much MUCH more important.

Because with this common core bs it wont matter if they try and learn any CS (which would most likely end up being 'how to use msoft office' anyway) as they wont be able to add two 4 digit numbers.

Priorities, people.

Comment Shocked? (Score 1) 1

So, parents followed what is quite obviously stupid advice, and then are stunned?
Who would have thought that kids bodies need to be exposed to things to develop a tolerance, really.

Of course, its a great pity for the kids involved, and hard for the parents also.
But come on, critical thinking people!
It certainly wasnt a blanked opinion to avoid back then either, in fact quite the opposite - at least around here.

Pretty much the same as the 'oh no, avoid all germs and use anti-bacterial wipes everywhere!' disaster.

I am dreading (well, at least expecting..) for the explosion in celiac disease from all the parents keeping their kids off 'gluten' since that seems to be the new 'good parenting fad' du jour right now.

Comment The lawn is still growing.. (Score 1) 495

Not really. There are PhDs in biosciences who are doing similar things right now, and of course other areas.

The fact of the matter, which you forgot to mention, is that that is perfect possible for the 0.01% who happen to fall on the right path.
Of course it never happens for the average, because, quite obviously, it cannot.

And anyone who cannot understand that, wont be part of those 0.01% (or top 1%, or probably 10%..) sorry.

Comment Re:An awful lot of hating on colleges here. (Score 1) 495

Previously, there was some (sensible) funding, to allow the brightest end of kids to go further, and get degrees - this was good.

Then everyone wanted a degree for their little darlings, so they could be the next head of marketing living in a big house and driving a porsche.
So government, who want votes from the idiocracy (yes, thats you, voters) , made a nice big fat slushpool of cash to allow that to happen, at least the degree part.
Then the colleges, looking at this slushpool, did what any good red blooded american does, and worked out how to drain it.
They did this by making sure that ANY kids, no matter how stupified by their own education system, could get a degree, and therefore contribute to the profitability of the college.
They did this by making sure THEY rated as one of the highest 'party colleges', so more kids would want to go there.
They did this by getting rid of any teachers who tried to make kids actually learn, and replacing them with teachers who would rubber stamp ANY lesson plan.

So, no kids were left behind - all of them got to be financially drained in return for a piss poor 'education' that would have insulted a first year student 20 year ago..

Everyone carefully ignored the simple economics that cleary showed:
1 - only the top few percent of your kids should EVER go to college - these are the ones who should be creating the new ideas. These people often dont actually make much money - but they tend not to be money focused.
2 - the majority should be going to trade colleges, vocational training, or just getting a damn job. These people actually do the work (often for damn good pay).

But no, the system is now well and truly fucked. Most of the good teachers have either left or been pushed out. Anyone who doesnt get a degree is labeled (and self labels) as a failure before they begin, and so much money is flowing that the powers that be DARE not rock the boat, because $$$$.

What we are seeing now is just the start of the repercussions, sorry.

Comment Re:you mean capitalism works? (Score 1) 372

No, Regulatory Capture is however a thing.

And its the new 'capitalism' in the US, in case you wondered why costs of things a spiraling up, while the cost of such things in China have crashed.
They will happily tell you its for your own good. You NEED to be protected from paying value based prices for things, and instead gouged to support
'American Jobs' which are really just a few people getting VERY rich from the difference (because, American base manufacturing? dream on....).

Of course the Chinese dont generally pay a huge office building full of management, marketing, HR, etc - they just have a few people doing actual work.
They dont employ a bunch of very expensive people on capitol hill to stuff money into the right critters pockets to protect their positions, either.
But no, we still believe its slave labour, and the REAL cost of things is actually this high..

Get with it people, consumerism was used as a weapon again the middle classes. Much the same as low interest rates combined with hidden inflation
is being used as a weapon again the middle classes.
Your job is to work hard, spend everything, and keep your heads down.
Otherwise, you could actually start thinking, and realise that the morons in control are morons, who are only in control because you are playing their game.
Stop borrowing.
Stop spending on the latest slick marketing compaign that will 'make you a complete person'.
Start enjoying the nice things in life that are actually mostly FREE.
Turn off the television, stay out of the malls, stop worrying if the neighbor has a newer car or nicer sofa, or newer iphone.

But no, apparently that would 'destroy the economy'. You know why? because the rape of the middle class is whats keeping everyone else going.
Sheep to the slaughter.

Comment Re: Thank you LG! (Score 1) 376

You realise that they will actually be using it to find out how they can make the device cheaper and therefore optimiser profitability, as in their perfect world all parts fail together about one week past end of warrantee?

I just had the fun of removing the pump on my lg front loader washing machine. They claim it's non serviceable and must be replaced if it leaks.
The fact of the matter is that there are readily replaceable o-rings, however lg installs them without any grease, and uses under sized o-rings with almost no compression. Basically designed to fail.
The cost of a whole pump? Nicely enough to make it worth considering a new machine instead.. What a coincidence.
The cost of a new third party o-ring? 25 cents.
Of course this is not just lg. This is all modern manufacturers.

If you think anything other than growth of profitability matters, then you are living in a fantasy land.

IoT is lining up to be the new forced obsolescence. Can you not see manufacturers and governments working together to make it illegal to use devices that don't have current security patches? Don't worry.. They will patch then until end of warrantee.. You will junk them and buy the new 'secure' model like a good little consumer.

Comment Ground impact (Score 4, Insightful) 78

Actually, the damage pattern looks almost exactly consistent with a ground impact.
It is reasonably clear from the images that the impact came from the front right, not straight on, and any
drone moving fast enough to create that impact vector at approach speed would have punched straight through,
not made the distributed damage we see - this was quite clearly a low speed impact.

The pilots 'reporting a loud bang' on approach makes it sound like a good dose of arse-covering, something
endemic in Africa when costly damage happens.

You will note there is no evidence given of drone remains, etc. Something that would most certainly have been
chased down immediately if this was actually a drone strike.
A bird strike (which would do less damage that a drone of the size they are claiming) looks like this:

Very VERY different.

Comment Re:Glasses (Score 4, Interesting) 435

Not just glasses, but COST of glasses.

Around here, an extra pair of active glasses cost around 5-15% of the cost of the original TV set.. which back then was not cheap.
You got one or two sets free, the rest were stupid prices.

And they are of course easily broken, misplaced, etc..

Glasses were bad, but EXPENSIVE glasses were much worse.
If they wanted adoption so much, then they should have made the glasses nearly free - would have been cheaper than all the marketing efforts.

Comment Re: Who would ever guess that password, though? (Score 3, Funny) 72

More to the point.. Shouldn't they be getting an award for helping the NSA etal in their battle against the global terrorist threat by providing such open access to people's privacy?

After all.. If you have nothing to hide...

Isn't this just a company protectively complying with upcoming surveillance requirements that governments are claiming they need to keep us safe from ourselves?

Isn't any form of privacy protection a form of communism?

Or they can only be given the award in the UK just yet.. Other backwards governments havn't made such positions against their own people official.. Yet..

Comment Re: GPU Improvements (Score 2) 293


Uncompressed 4k video takes about 720mbits of bandwidth even to move..
That's in one direction. So double it for real-time processing (in and out).

Care to price up both ends of a low latency 1.5gbit network just to get to your remote 'cloud computing' server?

And then of course you don't need the Mac pro in the first place.. Since a low end machine will do the job as it's just a display server.

So. No. You going have a clue.

The only reason for such workstation machines is heavy local work, and the Mac pro has been so far behind the pack for about 2 years that is lost most of the medium market share it once had.

No one doing serious workstation work uses apple any more.. They threw away a market as they used to be quite heavily used in video especially.

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