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Comment I assume you mean unions? (Score 2) 822

I can only assume by 'this' you mean the HUNDREDS of millions USD of union members uniontax being given to the Dems?
I dont support either side, as I can watch from a long long way away, but really, the Dems complaining about anyone at this point rather than desperately trying to clean up their own back yard is laughable.

Vote Cthulhu! but he is no longer the most evil (in fact, compared to the two clowns running to control the 'most powerful country in the world' he may be the least evil option).

Who really cares, your control was reduced to pure spin some time ago.. Can you not see that?

Comment Re: Who'da-Thunk It? (Score 1) 86

BMW. Their cars were shown to pass the required tests, making the claims that passing the tests without modifications were impossible a little odd..

However.. The thing people seem to ignore is that the actual requirements are insanely tight.. And have been getting tighter and tighter at a fast rate.. To the point where diesel vehicles are now required to be significantly cleaner than petrol in many ways... I will give you exactly over guess who is pushing for this (hint.. Selling petrol is significantly more profitable than selling diesel..)

Comment Re: (Score 2) 240

Quite correct

You should give a shit about who finds/owns and what their motives are.
And if you think it is the betterment of children then you are not thinking critically. is about to things.. Ownership of hearts and minds as early as possible, and the attempt to reduce software development/software engineering to a blue collar function.
This is quite clear by the mutual ego stroking of the members over their proprietary closed 'solutions' for education rather than a focus on simpler and freely available solutions that already exist.

Comment Re: like what? (Score 1) 530


Really? So you consider the moved by windows ten to track, analyse, and control computer users throughout the world is warm and fuzzy do you?
Tying security updates to allowing yourself to be tracked?
Microsoft having a list of your applications as well as remote ability to block then from running?
Practically forcing this 'upgrade' on users who were trying to avoid it?

Yes. Seems so much more friendly to me..

At to the original and very stupid idea of this whole discussion... Just imagine the world without satellites, undersea cables, advanced medicine (in fact almost all medicine), and many more things.
Technology (or tech. The user if which kind of indicates the childishness of the original complaint) in pretty much a label for progress. The industrial age was 'just tech'. So was the iron age, etc etc.
Feel free to go back to a cave and know nothing outside your valley if you want.. I'll stick with tech.

Comment Re: This is worthless. (Score 1) 539


Basically this is the equivalent of McDonald's saying yes.. They checked.. Big Mac's really are great for us all.. Time to change your diets!!

Except if course it uses the common American trick of hiding behind impressive sounding organisations who stand up to almost no scrutiny but usually don't have to because an uneducated public swallow their bs hook line and sinker.

The real follow the money moment here is there has to be a reason they are trying to push this pile of bs.. And as usual it looks like, as if often the case, it is because they are making personal profit from the idiots who believe this rubbish.

Yes folks.. There were have the truth of the goodness of organised religion (as separate from personal religion which, as long as it is kept personal is a very different thing). Money and power for the few at the top. Usually at the direct cost of the people who 'believe'.

Good be with you indeed. He better be because the church leaders certainly ain't.

Comment WTF is it with you people? (Score 1) 459

Do you actually realize that voting for the winner gains you exactly zero?

Americans really do scare me, its as if being on the 'side' of a winner makes you a winner in some way.
Really, no matter who wins, they will give exactly zero shits about who YOU voted for, and will do exactly what they want.

A vote 'for the winner because I guessed they were going to be the winner' achieves exactly one thing, it marks you as a failed sycophant.
You would be better staying at home.

Comment Re:Let's talk about the meat of the matter. (Score 2, Informative) 150

You really REALLY think that people eating less meat would reduce farming scale in any way?
Thats just... so cute (being kind here).

Hint: high value land use for livestock is very small compared to total farming, and also tends to be concentrated on poorer land.
Hence, if you want to save your wilderness (which, if it is forests, is usually on better quality land), then time to stop eating
those grains and vegetables! they use far FAR more land area, and are the primary cause of deforestation.

Yes, I know that doesnt fit in with you 'I'm a vegetarian, so *I* am saving the planet!' worldview, but suck it up - its the simple
facts of farming. Livestock farming is much lower impact that crop farming.

So yes, thinking about what you eat - and avoid most of the vegetarian diet if you actually want to make an impact on the scale
of farm land use..

Oh, and by the way, water use is also much lower for livestock compared to dietary value (hint: they dont CONSUME water, they
drink it, and believe it or not they then return it to the paddock, helpfully converted to a farm that helps the grass grow - amazing aint

Perhaps if you spent a little time actually on farms, this would all be clear - however I suspect your inner city apartment is much more
your speed, right? VeganCyclist? I thought so. wouldnt want to get dirty now would we.

Comment Violates Apples rules. (Score 1) 311

Pity it violates the Apple standard for the Lightning connector..
Without supplying external power you are specifically NOT allowed to provide an additional lightning connector.
I am sure it works, but Apple may or may not end up allowing it.

My bet is they will just quietly demand their 'cut' behind the scenes, and they will have their own version soon.
Its a joke they didnt have enough consideration for their users to know this would be a requirement for a lot of people.

Comment And Beats.. Really? (Score 5, Informative) 311

And the most impressive part is how completely, utterly terrible Beats headphones actually are!
Really, go and try some reasonable Sennheiser, Koss, AKG, Pioneer, hell even Sony...

Beats are just plain out terrible, especially for the money.
But then owners are not buying sound are they, ts all about a stylized 'b' on the ears...

The number of people I have donated older Sennheiser phones to who have then given away their
much more expensive Beats amazes me. PX200 for travel, HD280Pro for home. both cheap 2nd hand.

But, yes the move by apple is rather transparent.
#1, take attention off the lack of other improvements in the 7 by doing something controversial.
#2, improve Beats/Apple profit by gouging the fanbase even more.

It seems thats what passes for innovation these days - that and crying over un(fairly)paid tax being called in.
Sad, really.

Comment Re:Only the tip of the iceberg (Score 0) 42

Come on Bruce, you are better than that...

Its almost as if they should do something about it. Perhaps some kind of recall?
Oh look! they must have been listening.. Sure, they haven't quite got it sorted out yet - I would imagine it takes a bit of time to get
guaranteed good new phones flowing in the pipeline..

I assume you are recommending the same thing for Sony and HP laptops?
I mean, its not even Sonys first time!

And please, before you go squawking about batteries, perhaps go and learn a bit more about them?
I suggest LiFePO4 batteries are a good start. here is an example, these are 'cheap and nasty' chinese cells:

You are normally much more thorough and balanced Bruce, why not this time?

Comment You just noticed the Koolaid drinkers? (Score 2) 42

On Slashdot? Have you just arrived on the planet or something?

Have you not noticed that there are a whole 'type' of people out there for whom, if it competes with
an Apple product, it must be stopped? I think we just identified a group within the FAA.
Interesting that they were not trying to ban Sony etc laptops back in the days where their much larger
batteries were catching fire ;)

The Samsung batteries are behaving badly, and unlike Apple with their touchscreens, etc Samsung are
doing the right thing, and actually replacing them all (the whole phone) even though it is a small %age
- good on them.

I would be quite astounded if it had not been standard on aircraft for quite a long time to carry a fireproof
containment bag for just such situations, because as you say, many types of LiIon batteries can catch
fire for a number of reasons. I am surprised we are allowed them on planes at all - because TERRORISTS!
After all, they cause a major fire if you hammer a nail in to one, and some laptops have big batteries.

Buy hey, since Apples 'hey, look no headphone socket! dont think about the lack of other innovation!' 7
release, they need something to pick up sales.

Comment only 73% of the market cares.. (Score 0) 75

The 23% of the market (and dropping) still on iPhone probably already dont care.
However the 74% and growing of the market who are not busy drinking the ex-Jobs coolaid of propping up excessive profits for Apple probably do care.

I wonder what android features Apple will clone in this round? Or is it only the masterful stroke of removing the headphone socket
so as to improve profits through a new Apple-only (apparently) hifi wireless standard? I guess they have to try and turn around the
disaster that beats(tm) is somehow.

Pretty simple really, aint it.

Comment You are missing the opportunity! (Score 1) 178

While the chances of them being able to SEE more than 15% of the contents of my fridge around, you know, all the other stuff in it, no matter how many cameras there are....

I can see a great opportunity to livestream the constant evolution of internal lifeforms as a new reality TV show - their daily trials and tribulations, the constant ebb and flow of bacterial and viral battle.

Just dont ever open the door - never ever open the door. I tried that once. ONCE.

Comment Re: The idiocy of the reporting (Score 1) 178

Really? Mind Blown?
I have seen these things all over the world - Hell - I have seen them in New Zealand, where hobbits roam the mountains.

And, of course, none of it needs 'networked sensors and signs' in any IoT way, its good old sensors and a controller somewhere - probably a per floor controller.
There are often road signs around the cities telling you how many spaces are left in which buildings.
Nice solid 1980s tech, nothing to see here. No IoT required.

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