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Comment You have missed the critical point here (Score 1, Funny) 55

A clickbait headline!

I mean, after all a NUCEAR REACTOR has been HIT!!! by ATTACKERS!!!

Carefully ignore the fact that it probably means some script kiddie accidentally run a scan against
a poorly configured break room web terminal used to access ebay during lunchtimes..


FLEE for your LIVES! and its CYBER, thats even worse! next YOUR reactor will be hit! there is no ESCAPE!

Sigh. Welcome to the death of actual journalism (or at least the rape of its long dead corpse)

Comment Reds under the Bed. (Score 1) 396

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

But for the youth of today..
Looks like they are winding up to repeat McCarthyism

I guess the great terrorist threat is starting to run thin with the general public, time to buff off that good old standby.

After all, you have to keep the unwashes masses worried that SOME evil is looming over them, and only more government power and secrecy can protect them!

Its not like we have not seen it all before.

Comment European car corps certainly do get it. (Score 1) 296

Perhaps you had better tell BMW, Citroen, Fiat, Ford Europe, Mercedes, Renault, Smart, Volkswagen, Porsche, Ferraro, and probably more.

Because every single one of them offer at least one commercial electric vehicle right now (yes, not all of those are German....)

Is it any surprise that the home of one of the leaders in car manufacture in Europe is pushing for new regulations to support the
car industry? or do you think these changes are not going to benefit them? Oh you innocent little kitten.

Any such regulation will come with nice fat tax breaks and incentives for the 'poor car makers', along with bumps in sales as people
buy 'the new thing', increased turnover in new vehicles (batteries have this nice short well defined lifespan, unlike those pesky
internal combustion engines, that despite efforts keep getting repaired by owners and lasting too damn long!)

Comment He is dead right for PCs, Dead wrong for embedded. (Score 5, Insightful) 149

As usual Linus is talking 'general' but thinking focused.
What he is actually talking about is high level computers (which these days includes smartphones, tablets, etc however there is a little
more crossover there).
Where he has no knowledge, understanding, or consideration is lower level applications - ie :embedded.
Arms flexibility, and tendency to closely integrate hardware at the low level makes it is fantastic micro CONTROLLER implementation in general.
The STM32 series are a great example of this, and it is an area that Intel seems to have lost the plot on. Despite Intels gushing money from time
to time into such areas, very very few would touch them with a barge pole. Their IO infrastructure is just TOO complex and unnecessary for such
applications (no one there uses PCIe, etc. Even USB tends to emulate a serial device).

In the mid range - ie: cellphone, tablet, etc ARM Chip sellers integration is great, however their documentation is TERRIBLE, and they do not seem to understand that open hardware specifications are gold (I am looking at you allwinner, rockchip, amlogic, himedia, mediatek, etal) and who dont seem to realise that sharing that knowledge gets a LOT more developers on side (or possibly hide it because of IP fears... who can be sure). There are vendors without
such problems however (generally but not exclusively the non-chinese chip makers).

In the high end - PCs, Servers, etc. well, thats a mess right now. Perhaps AMD etc will help sort it out, or perhaps not.

In the end, ARM makes sense in a whole lot of niches, however not really those Linux focuses on - his primary focus has always been large server and workstation hardware, an area ARM is only just starting to overlap into in a small way.

So, what he says is factual in one area, but that area is a niche to arm, and a stronghold of Intel, so is it really a surprise?

Comment Re:Well duh (Score 0) 446

So, what you are saying is that if they pick up a feature that has been available on other phones for, let me thing,
a good solid ten years. *innovation*.

btw, if the 650kbps of BLE4.2 low power is not enough to stream your music to an active device (hint: one that can decode a compressed stream)
then I suggest something is wrong, although you could always then use the 2.1mbps of the normal mode (not ultra low power), which, in case you
are not counting, is more than enough for uncompressed CD quality..

Of course most BT headphone makers have been lazy and stuck to old high compatibility modes, but hey - thats because there are very VERY few
high quality headphones that use a digital RF link.

W1 is good marketing, Apples usual 'different is better because our users are not technical enough to work it out' market approach.

Comment Re:Sigh not more of this bullshit (Score 3, Insightful) 446

Yes, because watching a movie on a long flight while having your phone plugged in to keep it charged NEVER happens.
Or are we ALL supposed to 'baaaa' when corps tell us to jump?

Just another reason to pick up a Chinese phone for half the price, which delivers 90% of the functionality.

but no, macs4all, I can see that your actual motivation is to defend the retarded choice YOUR religion has already forced on you.
I suggest you get over it - some of the rest of the world prefers choice..

Comment Re:If you are into that (Score 1) 474

I assume by 'Thrive' you mean accidentally not die while doing demonstrably stupid things? Because that seems to be what your story mainly consists of.
Yes, there are people who are willing to take large personal risks for the furtherment of themselves or others.

This does not sound like one of them, it sounds like someone who watched too many Rambo movies (yes, I know they cam out later) and wasnt smart enough to know that doesnt actually achieve much in the real world.

Lets hope that if anyone DOES go to mars, they are are a little better at critical thought.

But no, you just keep with your 'war hero' story, because thats what we need - after all, hollywood films!!

Comment Re:Clinton is above the law (Score 2) 459

No, Willfully means you were not forced, it does not mean you did it with intent.

They are two very VERY different things.

However, the US has become the land of the childish, so I do not excect that to be understood, sadly.

Pathetic, when word games are allowed to defend a person holding nearly the most important job
in the country from such things.

Comment Sounds like a smart move.. (Score 4, Insightful) 150

Giving your employer and/or health insurer access to your activity levels, location, etc..
After all, they have only your best interests at heart, right? I am sure Aetna has no hidden
profit based motives here..

I can only imagine that this will work out exactly like the vehicle monitoring from the vehicle
insurance industry - absolutely no issues there with data being used against the members...

Sign me up! a free/cheap gadget is worth giving away any amount of my personal information!

Comment Something deeper.. (Score 5, Interesting) 469

More likely some state actor is getting desperate to get some people inside.

Other than that this looks pretty normal. Anyone who deals with such placement knows that you get a flood of obviously fake, misleading, and just plain silly applications from certain Asian countries and groups which are not difficult to weed out but make the numbers look exactly as we are seeing here.
Other than that the ratio of actual placements looks pretty normal for someone not living on H1b slaves..

So.. Someone is putting a lot of work into creating this issue.. Which means either political or financial pressure.

Comment I assume you mean unions? (Score 2) 867

I can only assume by 'this' you mean the HUNDREDS of millions USD of union members uniontax being given to the Dems?
I dont support either side, as I can watch from a long long way away, but really, the Dems complaining about anyone at this point rather than desperately trying to clean up their own back yard is laughable.

Vote Cthulhu! but he is no longer the most evil (in fact, compared to the two clowns running to control the 'most powerful country in the world' he may be the least evil option).

Who really cares, your control was reduced to pure spin some time ago.. Can you not see that?

Comment Re: Who'da-Thunk It? (Score 1) 86

BMW. Their cars were shown to pass the required tests, making the claims that passing the tests without modifications were impossible a little odd..

However.. The thing people seem to ignore is that the actual requirements are insanely tight.. And have been getting tighter and tighter at a fast rate.. To the point where diesel vehicles are now required to be significantly cleaner than petrol in many ways... I will give you exactly over guess who is pushing for this (hint.. Selling petrol is significantly more profitable than selling diesel..)

Comment Re: (Score 2) 241

Quite correct

You should give a shit about who finds/owns and what their motives are.
And if you think it is the betterment of children then you are not thinking critically. is about to things.. Ownership of hearts and minds as early as possible, and the attempt to reduce software development/software engineering to a blue collar function.
This is quite clear by the mutual ego stroking of the members over their proprietary closed 'solutions' for education rather than a focus on simpler and freely available solutions that already exist.

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