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Comment Re:I don't want to see more of what I want to see. (Score 1) 97

It should be a two tier system. Click thumbs-up / thumbs-down, then pick a star rating. So you can mark it as "remember this, also remember a general bad/good" then say how much you actually liked it.

What makes me mad about Pandora is I can't mark "remember this" without changing the recommended songs given to me. I don't want to change my channel, I just want to be able to listen to it later.

Comment Re:Monopolies are bad (Score 1) 70

I get most everything except groceries from Amazon now. Once I realized it was cheaper to have two 20lbs containers of cat litter shipped directly to my door instead of driving 2 miles and buying it at Publix, it was over. (Still not sure how having that much weight shipped to me is cheaper, but it is)

Comment Re:I Knew There Was Something Fishy... (Score 2) 173

I use Plex and really like it, but I am looking for an alternative because it doesn't work unless I can login into their server. So I can't watch movies on my TV from my computer unless I can verify my username/password over the internet. Really pissed me off when hurricane Hermine came through and after I got electricity back I didn't have internet for three days, so no streaming to the TV. Of movies I own. WTF.

Cloud? Why would I add even more layers of crap between me and a movie?

Comment Sweet I can cancel Comcast! (Score 1) 92

Nice! Now I can cancel my Comcast television! And pay more for Comcast internet. And pay $10/month for Netflix, and $12/month for Hulu because I want to watch recent shows, not just seasons from two years ago (without commercials, since I can't fast forward like my DVR can), maybe another $9 if I want Showtime. And then $8.25/month for Amazon prime to fill in some gaps. And I like John Oliver and Game of Thrones so just $15 more a month. Oh! And I watch Stephen Colbert on CBS which was free for like 70 years, but now I'll pay $10/month for that too. Although I do like football so I guess I'll have to find a friend who still has cable so I can use his account to watch the games.........

Comment Re:We dont need a better private mode-- (Score 1) 126

Eternal September was the death of the internet.

I too enjoyed telneting into text worlds and using archie to pull scholarly papers. (That is not sarcasm btw).

But the Eternal September is what brought us all the kickass internet stuff we have now. Without the influx of users it would be basically useless.

Comment Re:Will be interesting (Score 1) 35

I agree with this. I'm about 80% google on my computer because I prefer chrome to Edge, but I'm 99% bing on my phone. No real difference on results, but the little extras are slightly better on bing.

My one cynical thought on this is where are all the people who always say "Microsoft just copies other people" and now here's something they've been doing for 6 years and now google is copying. And... silence?

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