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Comment Re: Next Phase (Score 1) 482

What? The penalty for burgling is death? And without due process? What king of fucked up view of "a polite society" do you have, anyway?

If you're stupid enough to burgle someone without checking to make sure that they're heavily armed?


The gene pool has enough idiocy floating to the top already. We don't need any more. And getting shot to death is a fairly effective chlorination technique.

It's the same order of stupidity as some drunk dumbass trying to be Evel Knievel and spattering himself all over every available local surface.

Comment Sorry Markie! You're a media company. (Score 1) 45

You have exactly ONE product with any real brand recognition, and its a social media platform. Everything else either hangs off that product or is a media project you've bought (like Occulus).

You can think of your company however you want. You're rich enough to mostly ignore reality all you want.
It doesn't actually CHANGE reality however.

Comment Playing on words (Score 1) 116

        : a device that steers a ship, aircraft, or spacecraft in place of a person

Note the "in place of a person".

Note also the "device that steers" (it more or less keeps a trajectory fro the plane/ship, or in the case of cars like BMW, Tesla, Mercedes-Benz, etc. it keeps a lane).

Not "device that handle entirely automatically the complete travel from point A to point B" (that would be an *AUTONOMOUS* car, like Google's, some subs in big cities, busses by other startups. Or simply horses and donkeys).

Cars' driving assistance like Tesla's Autopilot actually behave exactly like the autopilot in a plane or on a ship. You just need to actually know what an autopilot actually does.

Comment Phone typing solutions (Score 1) 482

I am actually following the "silly wire drone interceptor" discussion (a.k.a: admit you always wanted to build yourself a "Spiderman Gun" !)

If you have problems typing your story on the phone, try using a keyboard (I have an original Think Outside keyboard left from my PalmOS days, that still works perfectly with my current Jolla Phone - Nowadays, the foldable you get from Geyes on Amazon are of slightly less good quality).

externally-powered microUSB OTG hub is another solution that works with any USB keyboard you have around.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 482

The first round is for the dog, the other 10 are for the dog's owner. Haven't had to shoot one yet, but any day now . . . .

Is that because you know any decent dog owner is going to be all over you if you even think about drawing on their dog, god help you if they have a gun aswell.

Or is your plan to shoot a dog once, (does it matter if you kill it?) then go find the owner who is probably not with the dog in your ideal scenario so you can then murder them in cold blood by shooting them ten times?

Comment Re:Yay for sovereignty! (Score 1) 171

Yes, it certainly is "winning" to get nothing at all rather than a small percentage of some large number...

Now if it's costing you something, then sure that's a bad deal. But Apple is not costing governments anything the way film crews do who use loads more public services, shut down locations and streets, etc.

Comment How many ports is a lot to you? 300? (Score 1) 98

As long as you get to define "pro model" and "plenty of ports" then sure.

I guess it wasn't clear to you but the context is obviously laptops... and it seems pretty obvious a pro-model laptop IS the one with a lot of ports.

Or, duh, is called a "pro". In fact that alone would be definition enough for me, whatever laptop model Apple felt like attaching Pro to will have a lot of useful ports.

Of course, the topic was Macs, not just Mac notebooks,

The main topic was, not what I responded to. But then as we'll demonstrate in a moment you have no reading comprehension...

the current "Mac Pro" is the very definition of "not plenty of ports"

Well since you are obviously an idiot what's the point in saying anything further?

Mac pro ports:

"Designed with built-in Thunderbolt 2 (6!), USB 3 (4), Gigabit Ethernet(2), and HDMI 1.4 ports"

Who would not consider 6 thunderbolt2 ports alone "a lot of ports"?

Come back when you are substantially less retarded. I know I won't be waiting up.

Comment Re:Next Phase (Score 1) 482

How about a drone operator inform a property owner that he or she would like to fly the drone over the property, and explain why in advance?

I have a friend who has a drone he uses for photography... guess what, he does exactly that!

How many people would not yet you fly for a few beers and some cool aerial photos of their land? And even if they didn't want to let you at least you'd still have a working drone.

Comment Read Again (Score 1) 153

I didn't say anything about voting machines. A really good way to rid elections is to know who all the voters are and lots of info about them, then to vote as a lot of them...

Or if you think about it, if you have access to voting system why not insert thousands of new voters so there's no possible conflict with real voters?

Comment Seen elsewhere on the planet (Score 1) 153

So you send ballots to everyone, even those who have no desire to vote, and have not bothered to study any of the issues at all because of that. Why should they be voting if they really care so little about the process?

Surprisingly, that's exactly how things work in some democracies, specially in direct democracies where population is always voting on everything (e.g.: Switzerland).

People un-interested in voting generally throw away the ballot.
(Though probably there are few trying to find way around the - relatively simple - voter identification, and try to cast illegally an extra vote)

But such widespread diffusion of ballots is necessary in a country which votes every couple of months instead of every couple of year.

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